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Wind Band Classics

The Wind Band Classics series is devoted to presenting the best in symphonic band music, performed by international wind ensembles such as the President’s Own US Marine Band, Peabody Conservatory Wind Ensemble, and the University of Houston Wind Ensemble. The series includes world première recordings, as well as arrangements of well-known popular works from the classical repertoire. An indispensable set for collectors and fans of band music.

Album Title Catalogue No.
ALWYN, W.: Film Music (arr. for wind band) (Royal Northern College of Music Wind Orchestra, Rundell, Heron) 8.572747
Bass Trombone and Wind Band Music - NAULAIS, J. / LYS, M. / EWAZEN, E. / STECKAR, M. (Y. Bauer, Musique de l'Air, Kesmaecker) 8.570544
BENNETT, R.R.: Suite of Old American Dances / GERSHWIN, G.: Rhapsody in Blue (American Tapestry) 8.570968
BERNSTEIN, L.: Transcriptions for Wind Band - On the Waterfront Suite / On the Town / Candide (University of South Carolina Wind Ensemble, Weiss) 8.573056
BIZET / SEREBRIER: Carmen Symphony and other works 8.570727
BROTONS, S.: Symphony No. 6, "Concise" / Rebroll / Obstinacy / Glosa de l'Emigrant (Barcelona Symphonic Band, Brotons) 8.573361
CHEN, Yi: Dragon Rhyme / HIGDON, J.: Soprano Saxophone Concerto / WEILL, K.: Violin Concerto (Koffman, Miller, Hartt School Wind Ensemble, Adsit) 8.572889
CHEN, Yi: Suite for Cello and Chamber Winds / KC Capriccio / Feng / Tu (Enyeart, Texas Tech University Symphonic Wind Ensemble, McKoin) 8.572838
COLGRASS, M.: Dream Dancer / MESSIAEN, O.: Oiseaux exotiques / KUCHARZYK, H.: Some Assembly Required (Northern Winds) (Toronto Wind Orchestra, Gomes) 8.572248
COLGRASS: Winds of Nagual / DVORAK: Serenade / GILLINGHAM: No Shadow of Turning 8.570244
COLLAGE - A Celebration of the 150th Anniversary of the Peabody Institute, 1857-2007 8.570403
FLAGELLO, N.: Symphony No. 2, "Symphony of the Winds" / ROSNER, A.: Symphony No. 8, "Trinity" (University of Houston Wind Ensemble, Bertman) 8.573060
FUCHS, K.: Point of Tranquility / Christina's World / Rush / Forever Free (G. Case, The United States Coast Guard Band, A. Williamson) 8.573567
GIANNINI: Symphony No. 3 / Dedication Overture / Variations and Fugue 8.570130
GILSON, P.: Poème symphonique en forme d'ouverture / BERNIER, R.: Epitaphe (The Synthetists Revisited) (Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force, Cilissen) 9.70351
GLASS, P.: Concerto Fantasy for 2 Timpanists and Orchestra (arr. M. Lortz) / FAIROUZ, M.: Symphony No. 4 (University of Kansas Wind Ensemble, Popiel) 8.573205
GOULD, M.: Derivations / Saint Lawrence Suite / Symphony No. 4, "West Point" (University of Kansas Wind Ensemble, Weiss) 8.572629
GRAINGER, P.: Wind Band Music (Complete), Vol. 1 (Royal Norwegian Navy Band, Engeset) 8.573679
GRAINGER, P.: Wind Band Music (Complete), Vol. 2 (Royal Norwegian Navy Band, Engeset) 8.573680
GRAINGER, P.: Wind Band Music (Complete), Vol. 3 (Royal Norwegian Navy Band, Engeset) 8.573681
GRYC, S.M.: Concerto for Winds and Percussion / BOTTI, S.: Terra Cruda / TURNER, J.: Rumpelstilzchen (Raw Earth) (Hartt School Wind Ensemble, Adsit) 8.573342
GRYC, S.M.: Passaggi / ZIVKOVIC, N.J.: Tales from the Center of the Earth / SCHWANTNER, J.: Recoil (Hartt School Wind Ensemble) 8.572109
HEARSHEN, I.: Strike up the Band / Symphony on Themes by John Philip Sousa (United States Air Force Heritage of America Band, L. Graham) 8.573041
IVES: Variations on America / Old Home Days / The Alcotts 8.570559
MACKEY, J.: Strange Humors / DAUGHERTY, M.: Raise the Roof / Brooklyn Bridge / SYLER, J.: The Hound of Heaven (Rutgers Wind Ensemble, Berz) 8.572529
MACKEY: Redline Tango / MOWER: Flute Concerto / PANN: Slalom 8.570074
MEIJ, J. de: Symphonies Nos. 1, 2, 3 (Peabody Conservatory Wind Ensemble, Parker) 8.573143-44
ORFF: Carmina Burana Suite / BIRD: Serenade / REED: La fiesta mexicana 8.570242
PERSICHETTI: Divertimento / Masquerade / Parable IX 8.570123
PUTS, K. Millennium Canons / NEWMAN, J.: My Hands Are a City / HOLST, G.: Hammersmith (University of Georgia Wind Ensemble) 8.572231
ROUSE, C.: Wolf Rounds / DAUGHERTY, M.: Ladder to the Moon / MASLANKA, D.: Trombone Concerto (University of Miami Frost Wind Ensemble) 8.572439
SAINT-SAENS, C.: Introduction et rondo capriccioso / SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Overture on Russian and Kyrgyz Folk Themes / SOUSA, J.P.: Nobles of the Mystic 8.570946
SAINT-SAËNS, C.: Music for Wind Ensemble (Royal Air Force College Band, Märkl) 8.574234
SLEEPER: Trumpet Concerto / MASLANKA: Symphony No. 3 8.570465
SOUSA, J.P.: Greatest Marches (Royal Artillery Band, Brion) 8.572651-52
STAMP, J.: In this hid clearing… / COPLAND, A.: Lincoln Portrait / GERSHWIN, G.: Catfish Row (University of Missouri Symphonic Wind Ensemble) 8.572108
TICHELI, F.: Wild Nights! / ETEZADY, R.: Anahita / MACKEY, J.: Soprano Saxophone Concerto (University of Kansas Wind Ensemble, Weiss) 8.572129
TVEITT, G.: Sinfonia di soffiatori / Sinfonietta di soffiatori / Folk-tunes from Hardanger (Royal Norwegian Navy Band, Engeset) 8.572095
VAN DER ROOST, J.: Sinfonia Hungarica / From Ancient Times (Osakan Philharmonic Winds, Van der Roost) 8.573206
VAN DER ROOST, J.: Spartacus / Poeme Montagnard / Sinfonietta, "Suito Sketches" (Osakan Philharmonic Winds, Van der Roost) 8.573486
Wind Band Music - SMITH, C.T. / REED, A. / HOLST, G. / SPARKE, P. / BROUGHTON, B. (In the World of Spirits) (Emory Symphonic Winds, S.A. Stewart) 8.573002
Wind Band Music - AMARGÓS, J.A. / BERTRAN, M. / FÁBREGAS, E. (Catalan Wind Music, Vol. 2) (Camps, Barcelona Symphonic Band, Brotons) 8.573915
Wind Band Music - BRYANT, S. / PUCKETT, J. / MACKEY, J. (Shadow of Sirius) (Gedigian, University of Texas Wind Ensemble, Junkin) 9.70255
Wind Band Music - BRYANT, S. / PUCKETT, J. / MACKEY, J. (Shadow of Sirius) (Gedigian, University of Texas Wind Ensemble, Junkin) (Blu-ray Audio) NBD0048
Wind Band Music - CLARKE, N. / TURNBULL, K. / SANTANDREU, J. (Earthrise) (MTSU Wind Ensemble, Thomas) 8.573184
Wind Band Music - CRESTON, P. / SCHWARZ, G. / GRAINGER, P. / COPLAND, A. (Above and Beyond) (The President's Own United States Marine Band, Schwarz) 8.573121
Wind Band Music - DAUGHERTY, M. / BURRITT, M. / GILLINGHAM, D. (Synergy) (John B. Yeh, Columbus State University Wind Ensemble, Rumbelow) 8.572319
Wind Band Music - DOOLEY, P. / DANYEW, S. / MAGNUSON, R.D. / MCALLISTER, S. / HIGDON, J. (Point Blank) (Illinois State University Wind Symphony) 8.573334
Wind Band Music - GRANTHAM, D. / JACOB, G. / BRYANT, S. (Old Wine in New Bottles) (Youngstown State University Symphonic Wind Ensemble, S. Gage) 8.572762
Wind Band Music - HINDEMITH, P. / HOLST, G. / GRAINGER, P. / SCHWANTNER, J. (Trendsetters) (Peabody Conservatory Wind Ensemble, H.D. Parker) 8.572242
Wind Band Music - HOLST, G. / GILBERTSON, M. / TICHELI, F. / MACKEY, J. (Rest) (Ohio State University Wind Symphony, Mikkelson) 8.572980
Wind Band Music - KABALEVSKY, D. / STEVENS, J. / GRANTHAM, D. / LAURIDSEN, M. / COPLAND, A. (Southern Harmony) (Ohio State University Wind Symphony) 8.572342
Wind Band Music - MAGNUSON, R.D. / HODKINSON, S. / OGREN, J. / MARTÍNEZ GALLEGO, F.J. (Monuments) (Illinois State University Wind Symphony, Seggelke) 8.573453
Wind Band Music - MASLANKA, D. / PERRINE, A. / WALCZYK, K. (Freedom from Fear) (University of Kansas Wind Ensemble, Popiel) 8.574169
Wind Band Music - NELSON, R. / TULL, F. / BARKER, W. / BOYSEN, A. (Fanfare, Capriccio and Rhapsody) (Boyd) 8.572528
Wind Band Music - OLTRA, M. / GARRETA, J. / MORALEDA, J.L. (Catalan Wind Music, Vol. 1) (Barcelona Symphonic Band, Brotons) 8.573547
Wind Band Music - PUTS, K. / BRITTEN, B. / MAHLER, G. / BRYANT, S. (Network) (Ohio State University Wind Symphony, Mikkelson) 8.573446
Wind Band Music - REED, A. / BERNSTEIN, L. / BACH, J.S. / SMITH, C.T. / CHIANG, Chia-Ying (Armenian Dances) (Taiwan Wind Ensemble, Boyd) 8.573028
Wind Band Music - REED, H.O. / HUSA, K. / NELHYBEL, V. / SCHUMAN, W. (Fanfares and Overtures for Wind Band) (Rutgers Wind Ensemble, Berz) 8.572230
Wind Band Music - SCHWANTNER, J. / MASLANKA, D. / BRYANT, S. (Alchemize) (University of Southern Mississippi Wind Ensemble, C.A. Rand) 8.573587
Wind Band Music - THOMAS, M.T. / STRAVINSKY, I. / COPLAND, A. / VAUGHAN WILLIAMS, R. (Street Song) (University of Georgia Wind Ensemble, Lynch) 8.572917
Wind Band Music - THURSTON, R. / PUCKETT, J. / WILBY, P. / WILLIAMS, J. / EWAZEN, E. (Air Force Blue) (United States Air Force Band, L.H. Lang) 8.573405
Wind Band Music - TICHELI, F. / BASSETT, L. / BOLCOM, W. (Angels in the Architecture) (MTSU Wind Ensemble, Thomas) 8.572732
Wind Band Music - TORKE, M. / TICHELI, F. / COPLAND, A. (Landscapes) (University of Kansas Wind Ensemble, Popiel) 8.573104
Wind Band Music - TURINA, J. / BERNSTEIN, L. / BONNEY, J. / NIXON, R. / KOH, Chang Su (Converging Cultures) (Lone Star Wind Orchestra, Corporon) 8.572837
Wind Band Music (Belgian) - BRENTA, G. / BOURGUIGNON, F. de / DE JONCKER, T. (The Synthetists Revisited) (Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force) 8.579135
Wind Concertos - BOTTI, S. / TURNER, J.L. / GRYC, S.M. (Heavy Weather) (Koffman, Mendoker, M. Goldberg, Hartt Wind Ensemble, Adsit) 8.574087