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Boxed Sets

Naxos offers a wide range of themed boxed sets based on composer, repertoire, mood or occasion. This exciting range runs the gamut from the Complete Symphonies of Beethoven, to British Light Music, to Classic Romance and to Night Music. Enjoy the complete list of Naxos Boxed Sets presented below.

Title Catalogue No.
20th Century British Orchestral Masterpieces 8.505077
20th Century Classics 8.505035
A to Z Gift Pack (5 CDs) 8.554775
Adagio Boxed Set 8.504011
ALBINONI: Oboe 8.503050
ANGLAR (Angels) 8.503096
ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION (THE) - 30 CDs to Celebrate 30 Years of Naxos (30-CD Box Set) 8.503293
ARNOLD, M.: Symphonies (Complete) 8.505221
Artist Profile Series - SEREBRIER, Jose (5 CD box set) 8.505086
Artist Profile Series - SUMMERLY, Jeremy (6 CD box set) 8.506024
BACH, J.S.: Complete Orchestral Works 8.508005
BACH, J.S.: Organ Works Vol. 1 8.505024
BACH, J.S.: Organ Works Vol. 2 8.505034
BARBER, S.: Orchestral Works (Complete) (Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Alsop) (6-CD Box-set) 8.506021
Baroque Masterpieces 8.505036
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphonies, Concertos and Overtures (Complete) (12-CD Box Set) 8.501204
BEETHOVEN: Die Klavier 8.503043
BEETHOVEN: Piano Concertos Nos. 1 - 5 8.503001
BEETHOVEN: Piano Sonatas, Vol. 1 (Complete) 8.505002
BEETHOVEN: Piano Sonatas, Vol. 2 (Complete) 8.505003
BEETHOVEN: Symphonies Nos. 1-9 8.505001
BERNSTEIN, L.: Orchestral Music (Complete Naxos Recordings) (Baltimore Symphony, Bournemouth Symphony, Sao Paulo Symphony, Alsop) (8-CD Box Set) 8.508018
BRAHMS: Complete Works for Piano 8.501201
BRAHMS: Symphonies (Complete) 8.504001
British Light Music 8.505147
BRUCKNER, A.: Symphonies (Complete) (Tintner) (12-CD Boxed Set) 8.501205
BUXTEHUDE: Cembalowerke / Kammermusik / Geistliche Kantaten 8.503087
CARTER, E.: String Quartets (Complete) / 100th Anniversary Release (3CD+1DVD Box Set Release) 8.503225
Celebration of Christmas 8.503003
CHILDREN'S CLASSICS - CD Story Box 8.507007
CHOPIN : Complete Piano Music Vol. 2 8.505015
CHOPIN : Complete Piano Music Vol. 3 8.505016
CHOPIN: Complete Piano Music 8.501501
CHOPIN: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 1 8.505014
Christmas Boxed Set 8.505023
Christmas Carols From Around the World 8.503109
CHRISTMAS Danske Julesalmer og Sange (Danish Christmas Hymns) (Musica Ficta, Holten) (2CD box set) 8.502001
CINEMA CLASSICS BOX I (Vols. 1-5) 8.505019
CINEMA CLASSICS BOX II (Vols. 6-10) 8.505027
Classic Bouquet 8.505080
Classic Romance 8.506004
CLASSICAL MOMENTS 1-3: Vakna, Karlek, Koppla av 8.503161
COATES, G.: String Quartets Nos. 1-9 (Kreutzer Quartet) (3-CD Box Set) 8.503240
DE LYSE NAETTER - Stemningsfuld musik pa 3 CD'er (The Light Nights - Evocative Music on 3 CDs) 8.503148DK
DEBUSSY, C.: Orchestral Works (Complete) (Markl) (9-CD Box Set) 8.509002
Die Orgel: Konigin 8.503057
Die schoensten Cellokonzerte 8.503047
Die schoensten Serenaden 8.503056
DOWLAND, J.: Lute Music (Complete) (North) 8.504016
DOWLAND: Songs of Tears, Dreams and Spirits 8.503188
DVORAK, A.: Published Orchestral Works (Complete) (17 CD Box-Set) 8.501702
DVORAK: Complete Solo Piano Music 8.505205
DVORAK: Symphonies Nos. 1-9 8.506001
Early English Choral Music 8.505079
Early Music Collection 8.503005
Elegie - Relaxing with the Composers 8.505092
ELGAR: Major Orchestral Works 8.505076
ELGAR: Symphonies (Complete) 8.503187
English Choral Music 8.501007
Enjoy the Classics (Best of Naxos 1-4) 8.504003
ENKELIN AANIN (Angel's Voices) 8.503147
Ensemble Unicorn: Early Music Recordings, Vol. 1 (5-CD Box Set) 8.505230
Faszination Alte Music 8.505075
Festliche Barocktrompete 8.503041
FINZI, G.: Finzi Anthology (A) (8-CD Box Set) 8.508017
GLASS, P.: Of Beauty and Light (International Version) (3 CD Box Set) 8.503202
GLASS, P.: Of Beauty and Light (US Version) (4 CD Box Set) 8.504040
GLIÈRE, R.: Symphonies Nos. 1-3 (Slovak Radio Symphony, Slovak Philharmonic, Clark, Gunzenhauser, Johanos) 8.503280
GÓRECKI, H.: Antoni Wit conducts Henryk Górecki (3-CD Boxed Set) 8.503268
GOULD, M.: American Legend (3-CD Box Set) 8.503259
GRANADOS, E.: Orchestral Works (Barcelona Symphony and Catalonia National Orchestra, González) (3-CD Box Set) 8.503295
GREAT BALLET (10-CD Box Set) 8.501055
GREAT CHAMBER MUSIC (10-CD Box Set) 8.501064
Great Classical Symphonies 8.505037
GREAT OPERA (10-CD Box set) 8.501054
GREAT PIANO CONCERTOS (10-CD Box Set) 8.501056
GRIEG (The Best of) 8.503137
GRIEG, E.: Masterpieces 8.503186
GRIEG, E.: Orchestral Works (Complete) (Engeset) (8-CD Boxed Set) 8.508015
GRIEG: Complete Piano Music 8.501401
HAYDN, J.: Concertos (Complete) (Cologne Chamber Orchestra, Muller-Bruhl) (6 CD Box set) 8.506019
HAYDN, J.: Oratorios (The) (7 CD Box set) 8.507008
HAYDN, J.: Piano Sonatas (Complete) (Jando) (10 CD Box set) 8.501042
HAYDN, J.: String Quartets (Complete) (Kodaly Quartet) (25 CD Box set) 8.502400
HAYDN, J.: Symphonies (Complete) (34 CD Box set) 8.503400
HAYDN: 15 Famous String Quartets 8.505007
HAYDN: Ausgewahlte Meisterwerke (5-CD box set) 8.505218
HAYDN: Complete String Quartets 8.502301
HAYDN: String Quartets, Vol. 2 8.505018
HAYDN: String Quartets, Vol. 3 8.505033
HAYDN: Symphonies, Box 1 (Vols. 1-5) 8.505006
HAYDN: Symphonies, Box 2 (Vols. 6-10) 8.505030
HAYDN: Symphonies, Box 3 (Vols. 11-15) 8.505031
HINDEMITH, P.: String Quartets (Complete) (Amar Quartet) 8.503290
JULEHØYTID - Tradisjonelle og klassiske julefavoritter (CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS - Traditional and Classic Christmas Favourites) (3-CD Box Set) 8.503111N
JULESTEMNING (Christmas Spirit) 8.503182
Juletid - Julens favoritter fra Danmark (Christmas Favourites from Denmark) 8.503159
Klassiska Favoriter Guld - Det bästa av det bästa ur Klassiska Favoriter (Gold Classical Favorites) 8.503129
KLASSISKA FAVORITER: OPERA (Classical Favourites: Opera) 8.503021
Komm Czigan! Die Welt der Operette 8.503046
Lamenti Barocchi (3-CD Box Set) 8.503241
LISZT: Annees de Pelerinage 8.503004
LISZT: Beethoven Symphonies Nos. 1-9 (Transcriptions) 8.505219
MAHLER, G.: Symphonies (Complete) (15CD Box Set) 8.501502
MAXWELL DAVIES, P.: Naxos Quartets Nos. 1-10 (Maggini Quartet) (5 CD Box Set) 8.505225
MEDITATION (8CD box set) 8.508010
MEDITATION (Swedish Edition) (3CD box set) 8.503163
MOZART - Fran underbarn till mastare 8.503181
MOZART : Serenades and Divertimenti 8.505010
MOZART, Vol. 1: Great Symphonies 8.503165
MOZART, Vol. 10: Opera Highlights 8.503174
MOZART, Vol. 2: Violin Concertos 8.503166
MOZART, Vol. 3: Wind Concertos 8.503167
MOZART, Vol. 4: Piano Concertos 8.503168
MOZART, Vol. 5: Chamber Music 8.503169
MOZART, Vol. 6: Serenades 8.503170
MOZART, Vol. 7: Overtures 8.503171
MOZART, Vol. 8: Piano Works 8.503172
MOZART, Vol. 9: Sacred Works 8.503173
MOZART, W.A.: 15 Famous Symphonies 8.505004
MOZART, W.A.: Symphonies (Complete) (11-CD Box-Set) 8.501109
MOZART, W.A.: Violin Concertos Nos. 1-5 / Sinfonia Concertante (Takako Nishizaki, Kyselak, Capella Istropolitana, Gunzenhauser, Wildner) 8.503002
MOZART: Die Violinkonzerte 8.503044
MOZART: Piano Concertos, Vol. 1 (Complete) 8.505011
MOZART: Piano Concertos, Vol. 2 (Complete) 8.506002
MOZART: Piano Sonatas (Complete) 8.505012
My First Classical Albums (9-CD Box Set) 8.509003
NESSUN DORMA! - Beruhmte Arien und Duette aus italienischen Opern 8.503085
NIELSEN: Symphonies 8.503006
Night Music 8.503049
NIGHT MUSIC 3 (3 CD Box set) 8.503086
Night Music Vol. 1 8.505008
Night Music Vol. 2 8.505009
Night Music Vol. 3 8.505025
Night Music Vol. 4 8.505026
NORDISKA KLASSISKA FAVORITER (Nordic Classical Favourites) 8.504037
OPERA BOX 8.503203
PANDA CLASSICS - Issue Nos. 1-3 (3CD box set) 8.503204
PART: Silence of Being (The) (6 CD Box set) 8.506015
PENDERECKI, K.: Choral Works (Masterpieces of the 20th Century) (5CD Box Set) 8.505224
PENDERECKI, K.: Symphonies Nos. 1-5, 7, 8 / Orchestral Works (Wit) (5-CD Box Set) 8.505231
POULENC: Complete Chamber Works (The) 8.505222
PUCCINI, G.: Operas, Vol. 1 - Manon Lescaut / La Bohème / Tosca (6-CD Box Set) 8.506028
RACHMANINOV: Complete Piano Works (Idil Biret) 8.501005
REGER, M.: Organ Works (Complete) (16-CD Box Set) 8.501601
Romantic Symphonies 8.505039
Romantiques, Les 8.505059
ROREM, N.: The Art of Sound - Serebrier Conducts Rorem 8.505229
ROSSINI, G.: Overtures (Complete) (Prague Sinfonia, Benda) (4-CD Box Set) 8.504048
ROUSSEL, A.: Symphonies (Complete) (Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Deneve) (4-CD box-set) 8.504017
Sacred Masterpieces of the Renaissance 8.505020
SAEVERUD: Piano Music (Complete) 8.506103
SAINTS AND SINNERS - The Music of Medieval and Renaissance Europe [10 CD Boxed Set] 8.501067
SARASATE, P. de: Violin and Orchestra Music (Complete) (Tianwa Yang, Navarre Symphony, Martínez Izquierdo) 8.504046
SCHOENBERG, A.: Works, Vol. 1 (Craft) (5 CD Box Set) 8.505223
SCHOENBERG, A.: Works, Vol. 2 (Craft) (6 CD Box Set) 8.506023
SCHUBERT: Chamber Music Masterpieces 8.505021
SCHUBERT: Symphonies (Complete) 8.505032
SCHUMAN, W.: Symphonies (Seattle Symphony, Schwarz) (5-CD box-set) 8.505228
SEASONS (The) 8.504038
Serenades and Divertimenti 8.505038
SHOSTAKOVICH : Symphonies (Complete) Vol. 1 8.505017
SHOSTAKOVICH : Symphonies (Complete) Vol. 2 8.506003
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Symphonies (Complete) (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Choir and Orchestra, Petrenko) (11-CD Box Set) 8.501111
SIBELIUS : Symphonies Nos. 1 - 7 8.504002
SIBELIUS: Symphonies (Complete) 8.504039
SOMMER 8.503045
STEINER: King Kong - SALTER / SKINNER: Monster Music (Special Edition Set) 8.557949-50
STOR MUSIK FOR SMA ORON (Big Music for Little Ears) - Children's Music Compilation 8.503156
STRAUSS II, J.: 100 of His Best Compositions 8.501004
STRAUSS II, J.: Orchestral Edition (Complete) (52 CD Box Set) 8.505226
STRAUSS II, JOHANN: Famous Waltzes / Polkas / Marches 8.505005
STRAVINSKY, I.: Ballets (The) (Craft) (6 CD Box set) 8.506009
SVENSKA SOMMARFAVORITER (Swedish Summer Favourites) 8.503123
SVERIGEBOXEN - Filharmoni och folkton 8.503185
TAVENER, J.: Essential John Tavener (The) (5-CD Box Set) 8.505239
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Ballets (The) (7 CD Box set) 8.507009
TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphonies Nos. 1- 6 8.505022
TELEMANN: Tafelmusik (Complete) 8.504022
VARMA RODA STUNDER - Romantisk Klassisk Musik (Warm Red Hours - Romantic Classical Music) (3CD set) 8.503038
VERDI: Overtures and Opera Choruses 8.503042
VERY BEST OF (THE) (20-CD box set) 8.502020
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: Guitar Manuscripts (Complete) (Bissoli, Minas Gerais Philharmonic, Mechetti) (3-CD box set) 8.503289
VILLA-LOBOS, H.: Piano Music (Rubinsky) (8CD set) 8.508013
VIVALDI: Favourite Concertos 8.505013
Voices of Angels 8.503071
Welt der Oper, Die 8.503061
Zauber der Klassischen Gitarre 8.503060


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