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  1. Install a podcatcher or a podcast reader software application in your computer.
    • you can download a free podcast reader from any provider websites such as the samples given below: (Juice Podcast Receiver 2.2.) (Apple iTunes)
    • select the podcast reader program suitable to your operating system.
    • follow given instructions from the selected website on how to download and install the program in your computer.
  2. Go to On the homepage, click the "NAXOS.COM PODCASTS" button located on the lower right portion of the sidebar.
    • upon clicking the podcasts button you will be directed to "PODCASTS" page.
    • select and click from the list of available podcasts.
    • copy the selected URL address given in the "Podcast Feed URL". To copy URL, right click on the selected URL and click "Copy Shortcut".
  3. Open the podcast reader application installed in your computer.
  4. Follow the instructions below on how to download the podcasts to your podcast reader.

Apple iTunes
Step-by-step instructions
Juice Podcast Receiver
Step-by-step instructions

  Apple iTunes

1.  Open Apple iTunes software application and click 'Advanced' from the main menu and choose 'Subscribe to Podcast'.

2.  Paste the copied URL of the podcast to provided field in the ‘Subscribe to Podcast’ window then click ok.

3.  The downloaded podcast Title is displayed on the podcast viewer. To view the podcast files, click the arrow beside the podcast title, and by default the first file has the complete download status indicated by the checkbox.

To complete the download of the remaining podcast files, click the ‘GET ‘ button for each podcast files.

The downloaded podcast files are automatically saved in your iTunes library folder.


4.  Once finished downloading with your podcast selection files, you can now play the downloaded podcast.


  Juice Podcast Receiver

1.  Open Juice Podcast Receiver 2.2 software application, click 'Tools' from the main menu and choose 'Add a Feed’.

2.  Paste the copied podcast URL on the 'General' tab of the 'Add a Feed' window then click save.

3.  The list of files from the downloaded podcast will be loaded on the ‘Subscriptions’ tab.
4.  Click the checkbox for the selected file to download.

5.  The ‘Downloads’ tab shows the progress of your download.
6.  Once finished downloading with your podcast selection files, you can now play the downloaded podcast.





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