Altissimo! Recordings has been dedicated to the continuing production and distribution of the vast array of music from the wonderful musicians of the United States military bands, orchestras, ensembles and choruses. The Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines and the Navy are all richly represented here. View catalogue


Album Title Catalogue No.
… Just Gettin Started … 75442263372
… Just the Way We Are 75442253292
100 Famous Marches 75442201072
129th Army Band 75442261232
25 Famous Marches, Vol. 1 75442255342
25 Famous Marches, Vol. 2 75442255362
25 Famous Marches, Vol. 3 75442255382
25 Famous Marches, Vol. 4 75442255402
25 Orchestral Masterworks for Band 75442203032
50 American Patriotic Military Songs 75442263462
50 Patriotic Songs: Music for the 4th of July 75442200162
76 Trombones: Works for Trombone 75442259892
A Day in the Life of the West Point Hellcats 75442272072
A Holiday Festival 2008 75442263162
A Holiday Sampler 75442263042
A Lincoln Celebration 75442205022
A Memorial Day Tribute 75442255312
A Merry Little Christmas 75442260652
A Musical Memorial for America’s Veterans 75442255952
A Musical Memorial for America's Veterans 75442255942
A Patriotic Salute To the Military Family 75442255612
A Taste of Home 75442260812
Across the Pond 75442204012
Air Combat Command Heritage of America Band: American Originals 75442261732
Air Combat Command Heritage of America Band: Emblems 75442261782