Established in 1976, it is a goal of ARC Music to preserve the ethnic music of world cultures, and to spread traditional and original music with a positive message. The label now offers the largest selection of traditional and contemporary ethnic music from all corners of the world. 

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Album Title Catalogue No.
2010 World Cup - Welcome to South Africa! EUCD2288
AFGHANISTAN - Inside Afghanistan (Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya) EUCD2486
AFGHANISTAN - Zohreh Jooya: Afghan Music EUCD2310
AFGHANISTAN Afghan Ensemble: Songs from Afghanistan EUCD1841
AFRICA - Adzido: Musical Journey (A) EUCD2125
AFRICA - Adzido: Ritual Songs and Dances from Africa EUCD1935
AFRICA - Adzido: Traditional Songs and Dances EUCD2710
AFRICA - African Drums and Voices EUCD2297
AFRICA - African Hymns EUCD2249
AFRICA - African Journey (An) - Music from Cairo to Cape Town EUCD2811
AFRICA - Afrika Mamas: Afrika Mamas EUCD2630
AFRICA - Afrika Mamas: Ilanga - The Sun EUCD2947
AFRICA - Afrika Mamas: Iphupho EUCD2771
AFRICA - Amadaduzo: Sound of African Mbube (The) EUCD1727
AFRICA - Ancient Civilisations of Southern Africa 3 (The Tswana People) EUCD2132
AFRICA - Ancient Civilizations of Southern Africa, Vol. 4 (The Xhosa People) EUCD2203
AFRICA - Barry van Zyl: African Heartbeat EUCD2144
AFRICA - Batanai: Pan-African Music (Vibrant Acoustics Celebrating the Past and Future of African Ancestral Music) EUCD2290
AFRICA - Best of Africa EUCD2526
AFRICA - Best of African Mbube EUCD2643
AFRICA - Best of Black Umfolosi (Summertime) EUCD2386
AFRICA - Black Umfolosi: Washabalal' umhlaba (Earth Song) EUCD2913
AFRICA - Blessing Ngo Nkomo: Mbube and Gospel from Southern Africa EUCD2199
AFRICA - Bushmen of the Kalahari EUCD1995