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Romophone includes some rare gems in the field of historical recording, going back as far as 1900. Distinctive among its releases are those of particular national interest – Italian singers for Italian works, American singers for American works etc. – as well as collections of arias translated into unusual languages, capturing the early-20th-century custom of translating opera into the local vernacular. It includes such renowned names as Geraldine Farrar (the complete Victor recordings 1907–09), Amelita Galli-Curci (complete acoustic recordings 1916–1920 and complete Victor recordings 1925–8, 1930) and others, as well as La Scala recordings of Verdi’s Il trovatore and Aida, and Puccini’s Madama Butterfly made between 1928 and 1930. There is also a remarkable disc of highlights from Wagner’s Ring cycle with a variety of soloists, all singing in French.

Album Title Catalogue No.
ALDA, Frances: Victor Recordings 1909-1915 (Complete) 81034-2
AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL - Great Voices in Patriotic Song (1905-50) 87002-2
ANCONA, Mario: Victor Recordings (1907-1908) 82013-2
BATTISTINI, Mattia: Complete Recordings, Vol. 1: 1902-1911 82008-2
BORI, Lucrezia: Victor Recordings 1914-25 81016-2
BORI, Lucrezia: Victor Recordings, 1925-37 81017-2
CALVE, Emma: Complete Victor Recordings 1907-1916 81024-2
CLEMENT, Edmond: Complete Odeon (1905) and Victor (1911-13) Recordings 82002-2
CLEMENT, Edmond: Complete Pathe Recordings 1916-1925 82016-2
CULP, Julia: Complete Victor and Electrola Recordings 1930 81035-2
DESTINN, Emmy: Complete Victor Recordings 1914-1921 81002-2
EAMES, Emma: Complete Victor Recordings 1905-1911 81001-2
FARRAR, Geraldine: Complete Victor Recordings 1907-1909 81036-2
GALLI-CURCI, Amelita: Complete Acoustic Recordings, Vol. 1, 1916-20 81003-2
GALLI-CURCI, Amelita: Complete Acoustic Recordings, Vol. 2, 1920-24 81004-2
GALLI-CURCI, Amelita: Victor Recordings 1925-28 81020-2
GALLI-CURCI, Amelita: Victor Recordings 1930 81021-2
GARDEN, Mary: Complete Victor Recordings 1926-29 81008-2
HAHN, Reynaldo: Complete Recordings 82015-2
MARTINELLI, Giovanni: Complete Acoustic Recordings 1912 -1924 82012-2
MASON, Edith: Complete Brunswick Recordings 1924-1928 81009-2
MUZIO, Claudia: Complete Columbia Recordings, 1934-1935 81015-2
MUZIO, Claudia: Complete HMV (1911) and Edison (1920-25) Recordings 81005-2
MUZIO, Claudia: Complete Pathe Recordings 1917-1918 81010-2
PLANCON, Pol: Complete Victor Recordings 1903-1908 82001-2