Cedille Records, the label of Cedille Chicago, NFP, is dedicated to producing classical recordings of the highest quality featuring outstanding musicians from Chicago. Its purpose is to enhance the world’s catalogue of recorded music by documenting these musicians’ explorations of new and underrepresented compositions and their important interpretations of standard repertoire in innovative programmes. The extensive dissemination of these recordings is designed to bring these artists to a worldwide audience, thus enhancing their reputations and careers, and to benefit as great a listening public as possible.

Available for downloading and streaming worldwide. CDs not available in Australia through Naxos.

Website: www.cedillerecords.org

Album Title Catalogue No.
20th Century French Wind Trios CDR90000-040
20th Century Harpsichord Concertos CDR90000-188
A French Soiree CDR90000-129
A German Bouquet CDR90000-114
African Heritage Symphonic Series, Vol. 1 CDR90000-055
African Heritage Symphonic Series, Vol. 2 CDR90000-061
African Heritage Symphonic Series, Vol. 3 CDR90000-066
Albeniz / Soler / De Falla / Granados: Piano Espanol CDR90000-075
Alla zingarese CDR90000-179
Alone Together CDR3011
American Stories CDR90000-216
American Viola Works CDR90000-053
American Virtuosa - Tribute To Maud Powell CDR90000-097
American Works for Flute And Orchestra CDR90000-046
American Works for Organ And Orchestra CDR90000-063
American Works for Piano Duo CDR90000-069
An English Fancy CDR90000-135
An English Fancy: Bonus Track CDR3002
An Italian Sojourn CDR90000-099
Archetypes CDR90000-201
Argento: Letters From Composers / Vaughan Williams: Along the Field (Excerpts) CDR90000-029
As Dreams Fall Apart: The Golden Age of Jewish Stage and Film Music 1925–1955 CDR90000-151
As We Are CDR90000-213
Ascent CDR90000-184
Avant l'orage: French String Trios 1926–1939 CDR90000-212