This label focuses on Chinese classical and ethnic music. The catalogue comprises more than 60 titles, all recorded in China.

Album Title Catalogue No.
A: Golden Peacock / Song of Huayi / Ancient Music of the Sunny Spring / Yi Melody 82095
Beautiful Lady Hanfei 82004
Best of Chinese Oldies 82061
Chen / He: Butterfly Lovers Concerto / Zhang / Zhu: Parting of the Newly Wedded 82031
Chen / He: Butterfly Lovers Zheng Concerto (The) / Eternal Regret of Lin'An 82078
Chinese Legends And Myths 82064
Chinese Model Opera Orchestral Suites, Vol. 1 82064-67
Chinese Model Opera Orchestral Suites, Vol. 2 82068-71
Chinese Songs and Dances, Vol. 1 82015
Chinese Songs and Dances, Vol. 2 82016
Chinese Songs and Dances, Vol. 3 82017
Ding: Piano Music 82083
Dong Qiuming: Full Moon - Dizi 82008
Everlasting Chinese Folksongs 82100
Feng Yang Flower Drum 82086
Fu Ren-Chang: Cicada Dance (Yangqin) 82007
Gong: Cuckoo Mountains - Beijing Opera Symphonic Suite 82052
Gong: On the Docks (Orchestral Highlights) 82048
Gong: Raid On the White Tiger Regiment (Orchestral Highlights) 82063
Gong: Shajiabang (Orchestral Highlights) 82029
He Shu-Ying: Sunset by the River - Pipa 82018
He: Buffalo Boy's Bamboo Flute 82082
Huang, Y.: Fair Flowers Under Full Moon / North Anhui Suite / Capriccio 82085
In Praise of the Longjiang (Orchestral Highlights) 82021
In Praise of the Yimeng (Orchestral Highlights) 82023