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Created in late 2006, OUR Recordings was established as a musical showcase featuring the talents of Michala Petri, the preeminent recorder virtuoso of her generation and the visionary musical explorations of long-time-duo-partner, guitarist and lute player Lars Hannibal. As the name indicates, the releases are recordings where either Michala Petri or Lars Hannibal or both are involved.


Album Title Catalogue No.
AMARGOS: Northern Concerto / BORTZ: Pipes and Bells / STUCKY: Etudes 6.220531
ANDERSEN, H.C.: Sneglen og Rosenhaekken / Nattergalen / Sommerfulgen / Det utroligste / Svinedrengen / Det er ganske vist (Laeser) 8.226908
Arrangements for Recorder, Guitar and Percussion (Brazilian Landscapes) (Petri, M. Mazur, D. Murray) 6.220618
BACH, J.S.: Recorder Sonatas, BWV 1030-1035 (Petri, H. Perl, Esfahani) 6.220673
BORUP-JØRGENSEN, A.: Guitar Music (Floating Islands) (Larsen) 6.220672
BORUP-JØRGENSEN, A.: Marin (Film, 2017) (DVD + SACD set) (NTSC) 2.110426
BORUP-JØRGENSEN, A.: Marin / Music for Percussion and Viola / Nachtstück / Pergolato (Esfahani, Selin, Kaltoft, Søndergård, Arhus Sinfonietta, Hansen) 6.220620
BORUP-JØRGENSEN, A.: Organ Music (Christensen) 6.220617
BORUP-JØRGENSEN, A.: Percussion Universe of Axel Borup-Jørgensen (The) (G. Mortensen, Frederiksen, Petri) 6.220608
BORUP-JØRGENSEN, A.: Piano Music (Kaltoft) 6.220616
BORUP-JØRGENSEN, A.: Recorder Music (Petri, Selin) 8.226910
CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO, M.: Platero y yo: Platero and Angelus (Hannibal) 9.70897
Chamber Music (19th Century) - GIULIANI, M. / CARULLI, F. / KUFFNER, J. / BEETHOVEN, L. van / KRAHMER, E. (Cafe Vienna) (Petri, Hannibal) 6.220601
Chamber Music (Baroque) - CORELLI, A. / BACH, J.S. / HANDEL, G.F. / TELEMANN, G.P. (Corellimania) (Petri, Perl, Esfahani) 6.220682
Chamber Music for Recorder and Lute - VITALI, T.A. / TELEMANN, G.P./ BACH, J.S. / VIVALDI, A. / CORELLI, A. (Virtuoso Baroque) (Petri, Hannibal) 6.220604
Chamber Music for Xiao and Guitar (Spirits: East Meets West) (Chen Yue, Lars Hannibal) 8.226901
Chamber Music for Xiao and Recorder (Dialogue: East Meets West) (Chen Yue, Michala Petri) 6.220600
Choral Music - MARTIN, F. / MARTINŮ, B. (The Secret Mass) (Danish National Vocal Ensemble, Creed) 6.220671
Choral Music (Danish) (Årstiderne: 28 Danske Sange) (Seasons: 28 Danish Songs) (Danish National Vocal Ensemble, Holten) 8.226911
Clarinet Recital: Frølund, Jonas - BERG, G. / MESSIAEN, O. / NIELSEN, C. and M. / RUDERS, P. / SØRENSEN, B. / STRAVINSKY, I. (Solo Alone and More) 6.220681
CORELLI, A.: Violin Sonatas, Op. 5, Nos. 7-12 (arr. for recorder and harpsichord) (Petri, Esfahani) 6.220610
DISTLER, H.: Weihnachtsgeschichte (Die) (Riis, Vocal Group Concert Clemens, Seyer-Hansen) 6.220684
DROMTE MIG EN DROM - Danske Sange 8.226907
GIULIANI: Violin and Guitar Works 8.226904