Cantaloupe Music is a record label created in March 2001 by the three founders of New York’s legendary Bang on a Can Festival: composers Michael Gordon, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe, and Bang on a Can managing director Kenny Savelson. Cantaloupe Music has made a massive impact in the new music community, and been recognised by critics and fans around the globe for its adventurous sounds.

Cantaloupe Music’s goal is to provide a home for “music that slips between the cracks.”


Album Title Catalogue No.
[purgatorio] POPOPERA CA-21049
1-Bit Music CA-21042
A Ballad for Many CA-21036
ACDC CA-21030
Acoustica CA-21028
Adams: Canticles of the Holy Wind CA-21131
Adams: Ilimaq CA-21112
Adams: Inuksuit CA-21096
Adventureland CA-21098
Alyssa Pyper: Cradle CA-21180
American Dream CA-21145D
Amid the Noise CA-21039
Asphalt Orchestra CA-21066
Asphalt Orchestra Plays Pixies CA-21103
Bang on a Can All-Stars more field records CA-21136
Bang On A Can Meets Kyaw Kyaw Naing CA-21023
Bang on Can Classics CA-21010
Baroque Tardif CA-21052
Baroque Tardif: Soli CA-21051
Become Ocean CA-21101
Bermel: Canzonas Americanas CA-21088
Big Beautiful Dark and Scary CA-21074
Big Grenadilla/Mumbai CA-21081
Bobby Previte: Terminals Quartets CA-21123
Bonjour CA-21120