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The Swedish label Musica Rediviva was founded by Sven and Satoko Berger in 1978. The company initially specialised in reproducing and restoring early instruments. The first album was released in 1989 and today the catalogue has 28 titles focusing on early music.

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Album Title Catalogue No.
ALBRICI, V.: Vocal Music (Concerti sacri) (Cappella Augustana, Messori) MRCD008
BACH, J.S.: Art of Fugue (The) (Tribukait) MRSACD017
BACH, J.S.: Organ Music (Bach at Leufsta Bruk) (Fagius) MRCD016
BACH, J.S.: Organ Music (Bach Cahman Tribukait) (Tribukait) MRCD009
Chamber Music - DOMENICO, G.B. / CARA, M. / GUGLIELMO, E. (Still Smiling: From the Musical World of Leonardo da Vinci) (Convivium Musicum) MRCD006
Choral Concert: Swedish Chamber Choir - MALMFORS, A. / LIDHOLM, I. / BACK, S.-E. / PURCELL, H. / BYSTROM, B. (New Favourites) MRSACD103
CHRISTMAS MUSIC - Old and New World Christmas (Convivium Musicum Gothenburgense, Berger) MRCD007
DANCE MUSIC, 1589 - Monsieur Arbeau's School of Dancing, Vol. 2 (Convivium Musicum Gothebburgense, Berger) MRCD005
DIVINE MYSTERY (THE) - Sacred medieval chant meets saxophone improvisation (Schola Gothia, Wiskari) MRCD021
ENSEMBLE PEGASUS: Flourish of Brass (A) MRSACD019
Lute and Guitar Recital: Andersson, Tommie - SANZ, G. / NIEWERTH, H. / GAULTIER, D. / MOUTON, C. / DUBUT, P. / BARTOLOTTI, A.M. / BECHON (La Suedoise) MRCD003
Lute Recital: Sakamoto, Ryosuke - BORRONO, P.P, / CAPIROLA, V. / MARTINI, J. / MORTON, R. / RIBERA, A. de (Polyphony and Diminution) MRCD022
Lute Recital: Sakamoto, Ryosuke - MILAN, L. / MUDARRA, A. / NARVAEZ, L. de / CABEZON, A. de / MILANO, F. da (Travels with My Lute) MRCD013
MAHLER, G.: Vocal Music (Mahler Songs) (Forsstrom) MRSACD018
Marimba Recital: Berg, Daniel - NIIMI, Tokuhide / CAGE, J. / MAROS, M. / TSUBONO, Katsuhiro / MARTEN, H. / SJOBLOM, H. / BERG, D. (In a Landscape) MRCD101
Nyckelharpa and Harpsichord Recital: Nasborn, Torbjorn / Edlund, Andreas - JANSSON, O. / SAHLSROM, E. / BACH, C.P.E. (From Castle and Cottage) MRCD014
Organ Recital: Imai, Naoko - BACH, J.S. / KREBS, J.L. / KRIEGER, J. / MOZART, W.A. (7 Organs) MRCD011
Organ Recital: Tribukait, Bengt - BORISOVA-OLLAS, V. / DMITRIEV, S. / LISZT, F. / BYRD, W. / BACH, J.S. (Time Span: Live at Orgryte) MRCD010
PALMER, C.: Catharina / MAROS, M.: Gorg / STORM, S.: 3 Canti del giardino in rovina (Sounds of Transparence) (TribukaitPetterssonBerg) MRCD102
SWEDEN - Åke Wänn: Åke Wänn med vänner spelar låtar efter Vilhelm Hedlund 7350010750024
SWEDEN - Sven Berger: Music and Handicrafts MRCD104
Vocal Music (12th-15th Centuries) - BERNART DE VENTADORN / LANGE, G. / SENFL, L. / VENTO, I. de (The Time of Maying) (Ensemble Villanella) MRCD002
Vocal Music (16th and 17th Centuries) - CHARPENTIER, M.-C. / GIBBONS, O. / BYRD, W. / JOSQUIN DES PREZ (Maria Rosa Mystica) (Convivium Vocale) MRCD004
Vocal Recital: Ek, Helena - SODERSTROM, N. / ALFONSON X / JACQUE DE CAMBRAI, / DUFAY, G. / ALMQVIST, C.J.L. (Maria) MRCD015