Seventh Art Productions is one of the UK’s leading independent producers of films for cinema, TV and digital platforms. Over the past 35 years it has worked with major British and international broadcasters and shown films in almost 100 countries, specialising in creating top-quality documentaries on art, history, social issues and classical music.

Based in Brighton, East Sussex, Seventh Art Productions was founded in 1984 by award-winning British filmmaker Phil Grabsky, who continues to write, direct and produce many of its films today.

Seventh Art Productions is behind cinema films such as Muhammad Ali – Through the Eyes of the World, In Search of Beethoven, In Search of Mozart and The Boy Mir – Ten Years in Afghanistan. These films have played in cinemas and festivals worldwide, winning dozens of awards. Many of these have enjoyed exceptional theatrical successes across the globe: in Australia both In Search of Mozart and In Search of Beethoven played in cinemas for months and entered the all-time top grossing documentaries. Click here to continue reading about the label.