SWR Classic is the label of the Southwest German Broadcasting Company (SWR), on which recordings of the internationally renowned SWR orchestras and ensembles, including outstanding archive recordings, are released in cooperation with Naxos Germany. The label celebrated its fifteenth anniversary in October 2015 and is now a well-established competitor in the market; the numerous awards and prizes it has received attest to its success. The SWR is the only German public radio network that presents the activities of its orchestras and ensembles in permanent documentation on CD. The label, so far known as SWRmusic, was renamed as SWR Classic in 2017, according to the new classical music brand of the SWR.

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Album Title Catalogue No.
A Cool Breeze SWR19039CD
Achron: Children's Suite / Prokofiev, S.: Overture On Hebrew Themes / Chajes, J.: Palestinian Suite / Stillman, M.: Fantasy On A Chassidic Theme CD93.209
Akiyoshi: Let Freedom Swing CD93.203
Alban Berg Quartett: Quartet Recital 1978 CD93.722
Alexis Weissenberg: Piano Recital 1972 CD93.710
Amadeus Quartet: Quartet Recital 1977 CD93.706
America CD93.306
Außer Betrieb SWR10665
Bacewicz: Piano Works CD93.034
Bacewicz: Sonatas for Violin and Piano CD93.117
Bach, J.S.: Overture (Suite) No. 1 / Handel: Armida Abbandonata CD93.038
Bach, J.S.: Vocal Music (1953-1959) CD94.201
Bachiana CD93.338
Balladen CD93.906
Baltikum SWR19087CD
Baltikum SWR19107DVD
Baltikum SWR19108BD
Bartok: Bluebeard's Castle CD93.070
Bartok: Miraculous Mandarin (The) / Sonata for 2 Pianos and Percussion CD93.194
Bartok: Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta / Violin Concerto No. 1 CD93.127
Bartók: The Works for Violin and Piano SWR19003CD
Bartok: Wooden Prince Suite (The) / Concerto for Orchestra CD93.184
Beethoven - Brahms: Recital - Concertos SWR19057CD
Beethoven - Brahms: Violin Concertos SWR19018CD
Beethoven & Mozart: Trio Recital 1966 CD93.727