Daphne started as an independent record company with a principle to present unusual and interesting musical repertoire with top quality Swedish musicians. The company was founded by Björn Uddén, former oboist of the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra for almost 40 years. Daphne spare no effort in producing sound, music and performances of the highest possible quality. Among its recordings are compositions by Dag Wirén, Wilhelm Stenhammar, Rolf Martinsson, Gösta Nystroem, Laura Netzel and Valborg Aulin, and performances by Matti Hirvonen, Mats Widlund, Roland Pöntinen, Stenhammar Quartet and Mats Rondin. In October 2021 the label was acquired by Naxos, and is now a part of Naxos Music Group.

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Website: daphne.se.hemsida.eu

Album Title Catalogue No.
ALKAN, C.-V.: Four Ages (The) / 12 Etudes dans les tons mineurs (Lindgren) DAPHNE1034
ANDRÉE, E.: Piano Music (Complete) (Ekberg) DAPHNE1047
BACH, J.S.: Flute Sonatas, 1030-1032, 1034, 1035 (K. West, S. Petersson, M. Mohlin) DAPHNE1058
Bassoon Recital: Sonstevold, Knut - ROSSINI, G. / CRUSELL, B.H. / YUN, Isang / WELIN, K.-E. / CHINI, A. / FEILER, D. / MORTENSEN, F. (Fagottissimo) DAPHNE1007
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Piano Trio No. 5 / RAVEL, M.: Piano Trio in A Minor / SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Piano Trio No. 2 (Trio Mats) DAPHNE1016
BELLMAN, C.M.: Fredmans sånger / Fredmans epistlar (arr. A. Uddén) (Musik i Bellmans hus) (Olsson, Sparf, B. and L.T. Lysell, Malmivirta, Rosengren) DAPHNE1073
BRAHMS, J.: String Quintets Nos. 1 and 2 (Uppsala Chamber Soloists) DAPHNE1045
BUXTEHUDE, D.: Trio Sonatas and Variations (Ensemble Mélero) DAPHNE1083
BYSTRÖM, B.: Games for Souls / A Walk to Biber / BRITTEN, B.: Walk to Britten (A) (Musica Vitae Chamber Orchestra, Broman) DAPHNE1063
BYSTRÖM, B.: Picnic at Hanging Rock / A Walk After Dark / Invisible Cities (Nisbeth, Blendulf) DAPHNE1046
Cello Recital: Rondin, Mats - FAURÉ, G. / PETERSON-BERGER, W. / RACHMANINOV, S. (Till rosorna) DAPHNE1080
Cello Recital: Rondin, Mats - RACHMANINOV, S. / TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I. / PETERSON-BERGER, W. / TAUBE, E. / ALBENIZ, I. / PROKOFIEV, S. (Vocalise) DAPHNE1024
Chamber Music - KREISLER, F. / VALDEZ, C.R. / BACH, J.S. / TOWNSEND, P.D.E. / MENDELSSOHN, Felix (The Strenuous Life) (B. Lysell, P. Lysell, Gardborn) DAPHNE1028
Chamber Music (French) - BOUTRY, R. / DUTILLEUX, H. / POULENC, F. / SAINT-SAËNS, C. (Live à la Française) (Laville, Ekdahl, Crawford-Phillips) DAPHNE1048
Chamber Music (Swedish) - SIDON, S.P. / FORSTER, K. / KINDERMANN, J.E. / BRADE, W. / DUBEN, G. (Music of the Swedish Great Power Period) (Westerberg) DAPHNE1025
COREA, C.: Children's Songs (arr. M. Holmander for clarinet) (excerpts) (Holmander) DAPHNE1077
FERNSTROM, J.: String Quartets - Nos. 4, 6, 7, 8 (Lysell String Quartet) DAPHNE1009
FLYG, M.L.: Chamber Music - Längtan / Bestigning / Du är min renaste tröst / Nära ögat (Longing) (Fuchs, Carlioth, Stockholm Wind Quartet, Malmberg) DAPHNE1075
GEFORS, H.: Tunnelbaneresa / Boye-sånger (Persson, Sterby, Landstrom) DAPHNE1078
GEIST, C.: Vocal Music (Spirit of Geist) (Tillberg) DAPHNE1020
Guitar Recital: Caldas, Sebastian - PUJOL, M.D. / MERLIN, J.L. / PIAZZOLLA, A. / PALACIOS, A.J. / VARAS, S. (Guitarra Negra) DAPHNE1043
Guitar Recital: Härenstam, David - DYENS, R. / OURKOUZOUNOV, A. / FALLA, M. de / GIULIANI, M. / PAGANINI, N. / MURCIA, S. de / PONCE, M.M. DAPHNE1053
HAYDN, J.: Keyboard Trio No. 18 / IRELAND, J.: Phantasie-Trio / BRAHMS, J.: Piano Trio No. 1 (Trio Poseidon) DAPHNE1026
HENRYSON, S.: Vocal Music (Mirrors of Absence) (Fuchs, Christensson) DAPHNE1064
HORATIUS, L.: Distant Land (A) / Dagen Efter / Fairy Story / Spleen (Days of Wine and Roses) (Lindkvist, Ekberg) DAPHNE1069