The brainchild of Jon Mark [of Mark Almond Band fame], this label offers ambient, soft jazz, Celtic and world music, combining both contemporary and traditional styles.

Musicians and composers from the Southern Hemisphere reflect the traditions of their ancestors and the beauty of the landscapes of their home countries.

Album Title Catalogue No.
A Green and Pleasant Land 11104-2
A Tapestry of Enchantment 11128-2
Astral Jazz: Dreams of Flying 11014-2
Astral Jazz: Touch 11042-2
Atkinson, Michael: Gaelic Heart 11023-2
Atkinson, Michael: To the Shores of an Ancient Sea 11015-2
Blake, Peter: Private Dawn 11008-2
Bliss - Music for Deep Meditation 11141-2
Caress - Music for Therapy 11137-2
Celtic Briar, Celia: Her Mantle So Green 11016-2
Celtic Briar, Celia: The Dark Rose 11005-2
Celtic Clark, Mark and Philip Riley: Celtic Collection 11031-2
Celtic Peace at Christmas 11029-2
City of Dreams 11076-2
Clark, David Antony: Australia Beyond the Dreamtime 11013-2
Clark, David Antony: Before Africa 11022-2
Clark, David Antony: Man Who Painted Caves (The) 11041-2
Clark, David Antony: Natural Selection 11058-2
Clark, David Antony: Sacred Sites 11048-2
Clark, David Antony: Terra Inhabitata 11007-2
Desert Spirits 11124-2
Downes, David: Rusted Wheel of Things (The) 11011-2
Dreams within Dreams - Music for Relaxation 11105-2
Earth Spirits 11125-2
Eire - My Celtic Homeland 11107-2