GRAMMY Award-winning Yarlung Records brings fresh musicians to the classical music world using minimalist audiophile recording techniques to deliver sound as close to living performance as possible. Rather than using recording studios, engineer Bob Attiyeh produces these albums in concert halls famous for their acoustics, including Walt Disney Concert Hall and Ambassador Hall in Los Angeles. Yarlung uses both analog tape and high resolution digital media for CDs made with special alloys, high resolution digital downloads, and 180 Gram vinyl LPs, all mastered by Steve Hoffman. Yarlung repertoire ranges from the 11th century through the baroque, classical and romantic eras, with a special focus on new music from the 20th and 21st centuries. Artists include top soloists as well as superstar young musicians at the beginnings of their international concert careers. Yarlung brings artists into your living room; you can hear their music, their breathing, and almost their heartbeats.


Album Title Catalogue No.
BACH, J.S.: Mein Herze schwimmt im Blut, BWV 199 / Brandenburg Concerto No. 4 (Hunt Lieberson, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra) YAR96298
BARTÓK, B.: Violin Sonata / BACH, J.S.: Violin Sonata No. 3 / KORNGOLD, E.W.: Violin Concerto in D Major, Op. 35 (Armstrong) YAR65007
BIGOS, Misha Adair: Misha YAR99438
Cello Music - VILLA-LOBOS, H. / PIAZZOLLA, A. / KODÁLY, Z. / CASALS, P. (South America) (Petanova, Trivisonno, Alberto and Antonio Lysy, M. Dickstein) YAR80167
Cello Recital: Frey, Elinor - FALLA, M. de / MAYUZUMI, T. / BACH, J.S. / ROUSE, C. / STUCKY, S. / BRITTEN, B. (Dialoghi) YAR78876
Cello Recital: Lysy, Antonio - GINASTERA, A. / BRAGATO, J. / GOLIJOV, O. / PIAZZOLLA, A. (Antonio Lysy at the Broad: Music from Argentina) YAR89457-15
Cello Recital: Lysy, Antonio - GINASTERA, A. / BRAGATO, J. / GOLIJOV, O. / PIAZZOLLA, A. (Antonio Lysy at the Broad: Music from Argentina) YAR27517
Cello Recital: Rosselet, Frederic - BACH, J.S. / BERIO, L. / DUTILLEUX, H. / LIGETI, G. YAR07498
Cello Recital: Walz, John - MARTINU, B. / VIVALDI, A. / COUPERIN, F. (A Tribute to Pierre Fournier) YAR96337
Chamber Music - DORMAN, A. / SCHISSI, D. / TOCH, E. / TYWONIUK, D. / RACHMANINOV, S. (Vanish) (Smoke and Mirrors Percussion Ensemble) YAR15195
Chamber Music - PULLOIS, J. / DUFAY, G. / CICONIA, J. / BINCHOIS, G. de B. dit (Music from the Court of Burgundy) (Ciaramella) YAR05785
Chamber Music - SANZ, G. / FALCONIERI, A. / PICCININI, A. / CAZZATI, M. (Dances on Movable Ground) (Ciaramella) YAR96819
Chamber Music (String Trios) - PENDERECKI, K. / BEETHOVEN, L. van / BARABBA, J.V. / LEFKOWTIZ, D. (Debut) (Janaki String Trio) YAR62376
Chamber Music with Clarinet - STUCKY, S. / USTVOLSKAYA, G. / SALONEN, E.-P. / BRAHMS, J. (D. Howard) YAR78874
Choral Music (Sacred) - PÄRT, A. / NYSTEDT, K. / HOWELLS, H. / MCGLYNN, M. (Nostos) (California State University Fullerton Singers, Istad) YAR80173
INDIA - Aditya Prakash: Karnatik Roots YAR54475
INDIA - Sangam YAR84146
Instrumental Ensemble Music - ASSAD, C. / DESSNER, B. / LABRO, J. / NASCIMENTO, M. (Assad, Labro, Takács Quartet) YAR59691
JALBERT, P.: Chamber Symphony / BEETHOVEN, L. van: Piano Concerto No. 1 (Kahane, Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra) (Los Angeles CO 40th Anniversary) YAR05784
LEFKOWITZ, D.S.: Deep Dreams / Building Blocks of the Psyche / E Duo Unum / Inner Voices / At Onement (Inner World) (Lefkowitz) YAR88328
LIFELINE: Music of the Underground Railroad YAR78677
LIVINGSTONE, P. / JACOBSON, P.: Taos Mountain Meditations (Livingstone, Jacobson) YAR54465
MABUCHI, Yuko: Plays Miles Davis YAR78690-15
MABUCHI, Yuko: Plays Miles Davis YAR88171
MAHLER, G.: Symphony No. 5 (Colburn Orchestra, G. Schwarz) YAR41014