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scd Information It was thanks to composer Hugo Alfvén that Sweden got its very first recording label devoted purely to classical music. The bond of friendship that existed between him and the recording enthusiast Hans Peter Kempe proved one of the most important in the history of Sweden's recording industry. The Midsummer Vigil LP, which was the label's very first release, raised Alfvén's profile to an international level.

In 1958 Kempe was contacted by Claude Génetay, a member of the Stockholm Radio Orchestra. He had researched and written out the parts to a long dormant work by “the father of Swedish Music”, Johan Helmich Roman: The Drottningholm Music. Génetay suggested that Kempe record the work. Even in the 1950s Roman’s music was almost unknown, but this new recording, made appropriately in the Drottningholm Court Theatre, found immediate popularity among a large audience.

Today, Swedish Society Discofil is still an important player in the recording of Swedish music and artists. Being considered an audiophile label, it shares its recording philosophy with sister-labels Proprius and Prophone.


Swedish Society

ALFVEN, H.: Bergakungen (The Mountain King), Op. 37 (Rybrant) SCD1106
ALFVÉN, H.: Festspel / Midsommarvaka / Svensk rapsodi No. 3 (Westerberg, Alfvén) SLT33145
ALFVEN, H.: Gustav II Adolf (Swedish Radio Symphony, Westerberg) (1967) SLT33173
ALFVEN, H.: Midsummer Vigil / Den forlorade sonen / Bergakungen / Festspel (Alfven, Westerberg) (1954-1957) SCD1003
ALFVÉN, H.: Skärgårdssägen (En) / Symphony No. 5 (Swedish Radio Symphony, Westerberg) SLT33174
ALFVEN, H.: Symphony No. 1 / Gustav II Adolf (The Alfven Edition, Vol. 1) (Westerberg) SCD1101
ALFVEN, H.: Symphony No. 2 / Uppsala Rhapsody (Rybrant, Segerstam) SCD1102
ALFVEN, H.: Symphony No. 3 / Dalacarlian Rhapsody (Grevillius, Westerberg) SCD1103
ALFVÉN, H.: Symphony No. 4, "Från havsbandet" (Malmborg, Vikström, Stockholm Philharmonic, Grevillius) SLT33186
ANDREE: 2 Organ Symphonies / Chorale with variations / Symphonic Poem SCD1085
ATTERBERG, K.: String Quartet No. 2 / HAYDN, J.: String Quartet No. 62, "Emperor" (Saulesco Quartet) (1973) SLT33220
BABS, Alice: Alice Babs serenading Duke Ellington SLT33233
BABS, Alice: Alice in Israel SLT33210
BABS, Alice: Somebody Cares SLT33255
BACH, J.S.: Mass in B Minor, BWV 232 (Ohrwall) SCD1092-93
BACH, J.S.: Partita No. 3 / 6 Little Preludes / Fantasia and Fugue in C Minor / Chromatic Fantasia and Fugue in D Minor (Svanberg) SCD1077
BACH, J.S.: Selections by the Adolf Fredik Bach Choir SCD1091
BÄCK, S.-E.: Fågeln [Opera] (Sivall, Garellick, Näslund, Stockholm Chamber Choir, Norrköping Symphony, Bäck) SLT33195
BÄCK, S.-E.: Tranfjädrarna [Opera] (Ebrelius, Hallin, Sivall, Norrkoping Symphony, Bäck) (1968) SLT33183
BELLMAN, C.M.: Fredmans epistlar, Nos. 36, 38, 39, 42, 45, 50 and 54 (Sällström, Bengtsson) SLT33142
BELLMAN, C.M.: Fredmans epistlar, Vol. 1 (Sällström, Bengtsson) (1959) SLT33141
BELLMAN, C.M.: Fredmans epistlar, Vol. 3 (Sällström, Bengtsson) (1959) SLT33143
BELLMAN, C.M.: Fredmans sånger (excerpts) (Sällström, Bengtsson) SLT33156
BERWALD, F.: String Quartet No. 3 / MOZART, W.A.: Piano Quartet No. 1 (Leygraf, Saulesco Quartet) (1967) SLT33178
BLOMDAHL, K.-B.: Sisyfos / Chamber Concerto / Symphony No. 3, "Facetter" / Trio for Clarinet, Cello and Piano (1957-1979) SCD1037
BRAHMS, J.: Violin Concerto (Sparf, Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, Mägi) SCD1162
BRANT, P.: Sinfonia / MARCELLO, A.: Oboe Concerto / GRIEG, E.: From Holberg's Time (Stockholm Philharmonic Chamber Ensemble) SLT33202
Brass Music - BOZZA, E. / HAHN, G. / LUNDQUIST, T.I. / DANIELSSON, C. / BERNSTEIN, L. (Stockholm Philharmonic Brass Ensemble) SLT33254
Brass Music - HOLMBOE, V. / PRAETORIUS, M. / PEZEL, J.C. / SCHNEIDER, W. (Stockholm Philharmonic Brass Ensemble) SLT33200
BROSTROM, T.: Orchestral Music (Kaleidoscope) (Gavle Symphony Orchestra, Gustavsson) SSACD1145
Choral Concert: Adolf Fredrik Boys Choir - KOHLER, E. / SIBELIUS, J. / NORDQVIST, G. / GRUBER, F.X. / BRITTEN, B. (In the Bleak Mid-Winter) SCD1139
Choral Concert: Adolf Fredrik Boys Choir - WADENIUS, G.J. / MERCURY, F. / OLOFSON, P. / JAMES, M. / FRY, G. (Sacred and Profane) SCD1146
Choral Concert: Gothenburg University School of Music Chamber Choir - NORGARD, P. / MESSIAEN, O. / IVES, C. (Mouyayoum) SCD1057
Choral Concert: Gothenburg University School of Music Chamber Choir - TAUBE, E. / HYLIN, B. / FORSSEN, S. / ADOLPHSON, O. / OLIN, S. (Invitation) SCD1113
Choral Concert: Latvian Radio Choir - VITOLS, J. / BARISONS, P. / PLAKIDIS, P. (Riga dimd) SCD1068
Choral Concert: Orphei Drangar - ALFVEN, H. / SODERMAN, A. / JOSEPHSON, J.A. / MYRBERG, A.M. / OLSSON, O. (Orphei Drangar and Eric Ericson) SCD1009
Choral Concert: Rilke Ensemble - BACK, S.-E. / WIKANDER, D. / HAKANSON, K. / LINDBERG, O. / AHLEN, W. / ALFVEN, H. / ALMQVIST, C.J.L. (The Short Life) SCD1112
Choral Concert: Rilke Ensemble - PENDERECKI, K. / WHITE, R. / SVENSSON, H. / SIGURBJORNSSON, T. (Mysterium) SCD1058
Choral Concert: Stockholm Academic Male Chorus - PRINCE GUSTAF / BELLMAN, C.M. / ALFVÉN, H. / TÖRNUDD, H. / PALMGREN, S. / SÖDERMAN, A. / GRIEG, E. SLT33154
CHRISTMAS MUSIC - En klassisk Jul (1937-1987) SCD1018
CHRISTMAS MUSIC - Kring julgran (Oktetten Ehnstedts Eftr.) SCD1151
EKLUND, H.: Music for Orchestra / Fantasia for Cello and Orchestra / String Quartet No. 3 / Smaprat (Norrkoping Quartet, Westerberg, Damgaard) SCD1038
FARINGER, Solveig: Scandinavian Lieder SCD1049
FRYKLOF, H.: Organ Music (Complete) (Swedish Romantic Organ Music, Vol. 9) (Gustafsson) SCD1129
GRIGNY: Veni Creator / MAGE: Suite du premier ton / CLERAMBAULT: Suite du premier ton and deuxieme ton SCD1059
HAGG: Complete Works for Organ SCD1080
HAMBRAEUS, B.: Fresque sonore / Transfiguration (Sveriges Radios Symfoniokester, Gielen, Hambraeus) (1966-1967) SLT33181
HANDEL, G.F.: Messiah (Ohrwall) SCD1063-64
JORDIN, A.: Between Always and Never (Jormin) SCD1154
KARKOFF, M.: 7 Pieces / 6 Chinese Impressions / Vision / Excerpts from 6 Serious Songs / Symphony No. 4 SCD1023
KOCH, E. von: Lapplandmetamorfoser / Impulsi-trilogin (Stockholm Philharmonic, Westerberg) SLT33259
KOCH: Oxberg Triology (excerpts) / Impulsi Trilogy SCD1024
KOKKONEN: Laudatio Domini / FISSINGER: Dover Beach (Where Love Reigns) SCD1050
LARSSON, L.-E.: God in Disguise / Missa brevis / Songs of the Naked Trees (Ericson) SCD1096
LARSSON, L.-E.: Orchestral Variations / KARKOFF, M.: Symphony No. 4 (Stockholm Radio Orchestra, Ehrling, Westerberg) (1963-1964) SLT33164
LARSSON: Pastoralsvit / En vintersaga / Liten serenad / Orkestervariationer SCD1051
LIDHOLM, I.: Poesis / Riter (Rites) / Ritornell (1957-1965) SCD1027
LIDHOLM, I.: Poesis / ROSENBERG, H.: Symphony No. 2 (Stockholm Philharmonic, Blomstedt) SLT33160
LIDHOLM, I.: Rites / ROSENBERG, H.: Marionetter: Overture / BLOMDAHL, K.-B.: Chamber Concerto (Leygraf, London Symphony, Ehrling) SLT33262
LINDBERG, N.: Noaks Ark [Musical] (Babs, Malmsjö, Asmussen, Jupither, Linderholm, Lindberg) SLT33216
LINDBERG, N.: Speglingar / Mytologiska bilder (Paulsson, Dalarna Sinfonietta, Ostgota (Speglingar - Mytologiska Bilder) (Engeset) SCD1140
LINDBERG: Complete Works for Organ SCD1081-82
LINDBLAD: Espanordica / 2 Songs / Hommages (Frendahl) SCD1069
LINDE, B.: Orchestral Works, Vol. 1 (Sundkvist) - Violin Concerto / Cello Concerto SSACD1131
LINDE, B.: Orchestral Works, Vol. 2 (Sundkvist) - A Merry Overture / Musica concertante / Suite variee / Suite boulogne SSACD1132
LINDE, B.: Orchestral Works, Vol. 3 (Sundkvist) - Symphonies Nos. 1 and 2 / Pensieri sopra un cantico vecchio SSACD1133
MAHLER, G.: Symphony No. 1, "Titan" (Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, Magi) SCD1149
MARTIN, F.: Ariel / Ode a la musique / Mass for Double Choir (Yngwe) SCD1118
MOZART, W.A.: Piano Quartet No. 1 / NORMAN, L.: String Quartet No. 6 (Leygraf, Saulesco Quartet) SLT33190
MOZART, W.A.: Violin Concertos Nos. 1-5 (Sparf, Uppsala Chamber Orchestra) SCD1158
MUSIC OF A ROYAL FAMILY - Bernadotte in Sweden SCD1041
NORGARD, P.: Choral Music (Rilke Ensemble sings Per Norgard) (Nielsen) SCD1090
NYSTROEM, C.: Sinfonia del mare / Sinfonia concertante (Soderstrom, Bengtsson, Stockholm Radio Symphony, Westerberg) (1958-1971) SCD1015
NYSTROEM, G.: Sinfonia concertante / KOCH, E. von: Nordic Capriccio (Bengtsson, Stockholm Radio Orchestra, Westerberg) SLT33136
NYSTROEM, G.: Songs by the Sea / New Songs by the Sea / The Merchant of Venice / The Midsummer Dream (Mann) (1955-1973) SCD1039
OLSSON, O.: 6 Latin Hymns / LARSSON, L.E.: Missa brevis (Adolf Fredriks Kyrkokor, Eric Ericson Chamber Choir, Brundin, Ericson) SLT33130
OLSSON, O.: Organ Music (Complete) (Gustafsson) SCD1127-28
OLSSON, O.: Organ Music (Complete) (Swedish Romantic Organ Music, Vol. 7) SCD1125-26
OLSSON, O.: Te Deum / Du helge ande, kom till oss in / Advents-och julsanger (Gustav Vasa-Kyrkans Förstärkta Kor, Stångberg, Björk, Levén) (1964) SLT33169
OLSSON: Complete Works for Organ: The Early Years 1897-1902 SCD1121-22
OLSSON: Complete Works for Organ: The Years 1903-08 SCD1123-24
Opera Arias (Soprano): Martinpelto, Hillevi - CILEA, F. / VERDI, G. / BEETHOVEN, L. van / MOZART, W.A. (Io son l'umile ancella del Genio creator) SCD1141
Opera Arias (Soprano): Nordin, Lena - MOZART, W.A. / VERDI, G. / GOUNOD, C.-F. (Arias and Overtures) SCD1062
Orchestral Music - AGRELL, J.J. / LINDE, B. / CARLSTEDT, J. / BORTZ, D. / LARSSON, L.-E. (Orebro Chamber Orchestra, Nilson, Hedwall) SCD1034
Orchestral Music - LARSSON, L.E. / WIRÉN, D. / HEDWALL, L. / KOCH, E. (Torge, Örebro Chamber Orchestra, Hedwall) SLT33224
PERGOLESI, G.: Maestro di musica (Il) (Gardelli) SCD1029
PETERSON-BERGER, W.: Frosoblomster / 6 Latar / Ran / 3 Sanger / 3 Nya dans-poem / 4 Danspoem (Froso Flowers and Other Pieces) SCD1109
PETERSON-BERGER: Complete Piano Music (The), Vol. 4 SCD1089
PETERSON-BERGER: Complete Piano Music , Vol. 2 SCD1087
PETERSON-BERGER: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 1 SCD1086
PETERSON-BERGER: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 3 SCD1088
PETERSON-BERGER: Frosoblomster SCD1097
PETERSON-BERGER: Frosoblomster / NIELSEN: Humoreske-Bagateller / SIBELIUS: Pensées lyrique … (Nordic Spring) SCD1067
Piano Music - SCHUMANN, R. / LISZT, F. / CHOPIN, F. / TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I. / GRIEG, E. (Famous Swedish Pianists) (Roos, Scheja, Wikstrom) SCD1094
Piano Recital: Funseth, Solveig - CHOPIN, F. / LISZT, F. / SCHUBERT, F. / DEBUSSY, C. / STENHAMMAR, W. (Till Trost, Gladje och Inspiration) SCD1138
Piano Recital: Wikström, Inger - GRIEG, E. / SIBELIUS, J. / NIELSEN, C. / KOCH, E. von (1967) SLT33172
RANGSTRÖM, T.: Kung Eriks visor / Divertimento elegiaco (Westerberg, Sædén, Söderström, Royal Swedish Orchestra, Westerberg) SLT33149
RAVEL, M.: String Quartet in F Major / MENDELSSOHN, Felix: Capriccio, Op. 81, No. 3 / RANGSTRÖM, T.: String Quartet (Crafoord String Quartet) SLT33225
REGER, M.: Mein Odem ist schwach / POULENC, F.: Figure Humaine / SCHOENBERG, A.: Friede auf Erden (Liberte) (Hagersten Motet Choir, Mansson) SCD1054
RIMSKY-KORSAKOV, N.: Scheherazade (Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, Magi) SCD1143
ROMAN, J.H.: Drottningholm Music / Sinfonias / Violin Concerto / Trio Sonata (Drottningholm Chamber Orchestra, Westerberg) (1958-1970) SCD1019
ROMAN, J.H.: Overture in G Minor / MOZART, W.A.: Salzburg Symphony No. 1 (Musik på slottet) (Stockholm Ensemble, Liljefors) SLT33242
ROMAN, J.H.: Trio Sonata No. 6 / MOZART, W.A.: Flute Quartet No. 1 / Oboe Quartet / BACH, J.C.: Quintet, W. B73 (Stockholm Chamber Soloists) SLT33204
ROMAN, J.H.: Violin Concerto / LARSSON, L.-E.: Little Serenade / Double Bass Concertino (Berlin, Ossoinak, Filharmonins kammarensemble Orfeus) (1965) SLT33187
ROMAN: Complete Music for Harpsichord SCD1060-61
ROMAN: Songs SCD1066
ROSENBERG, H.: Marionetter: Overture / LIDHOLM, I.: Ritornell / BÄCK, S.-E.: Sinfonia da camera / BLOMDAHL, K.B.: Danssvit No. 2 (1956-1958) SLT33168
ROSENBERG, H.: String Quartets Nos. 5 and 6 (Parrenin Quartet, Kyndel Quartet) (1953, 1956) SLT33122
ROSSINI, G.: Overtures (Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, Magi) SCD1155
SANDSTROM, J.: Vocal and Orchestral Music (Fran Morker Till Ljus) (Sundkvist) SCD1136
SANDSTROM, S.-D.: 7 Days / Nimrud (Footprints) (Bjorkman) SCD1150
SATIE: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 1 SCD1070
SATIE: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 2 SCD1071
SATIE: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 3 SCD1072
SATIE: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 4 SCD1073
SATIE: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 5 SCD1074
SATIE: Complete Piano Music, Vol. 6 SCD1075
SCHUBERT, F.: Violin Sonata, D. 385 / DVOŘÁK, A.: Violin Sonatina, Op. 100 (Bartov and Wikström) SLT33228
SCHUMANN, R.: Gedichte der Konigin Maria Stuart / CARISSIMI, G.: Lamento di Maria Stuarda / DONIZETTI, G: Exceprts from Maria Stuarda (Nordin) SCD1076
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: 24 Preludes / Piano Sonata No. 2 / Concertino / 3 Fantastic Dances / The Bedbug (excerpts) (Wikstrom) SCD1031
SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Symphony No. 15 / ROSSINI, G.: William Tell: Overture (Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, Magi) SCD1148
SIBELIUS, J.: 5 Pieces / STENHAMMAR: Sonata / NIELSEN: 5 Pieces / GRIEG: 19 Norwegian Folk Melodies (Romanza) SCD1048
SIBELIUS, J.: Symphonies Nos. 1 and 7 (Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, Magi) SCD1161
SIBELIUS, J.: Symphonies Nos. 3 and 4 (Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, Magi) SCD1147
SJÖBERG, B.: Fridas Bok (Sällström, Bengtssons) SLT33139
SJOGREN, E.: Piano Sonata / Violin Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 / Elegie / Portrait of Donnie, my little dog SCD1028
SJOGREN: Complete Works for Organ SCD1083-84
STENHAMMAR, W.: Serenade, Op. 31 (Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, Magi) SCD1144
SWEDISH SOCIETY DISCOFILS: Jubileumsskiva 1964 SLT33163
TCHAIKOVSKY, P.: Symphony No. 5 (Uppsala Chamber Orchestra, Magi) SCD1142
TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Sonata in C-Sharp Minor, Op. 80 / Grand Sonata, Op. 37 SCD1053
Violin and Orchestral Arrangements - Ankarblom, K.-J. / OLSSON, J. / ANTONSSON, G. (Symphonic Stomp of Sweden) (Antonsson, Gävle Symphony, Rondin) SCD1160
Violin Recital: Bartov, David - KOCH, E. von / SINDING, C. / MELARTIN, E. / GADE, N.W. (Music for Violin and Piano) SLT33251
Vocal Ensemble Arrangements - KOSMA, J. / SJÖBERG, C.L. / DENZA, L. / ROSSINI, G. / PESTALOZZA, A. (Björling Quartet, Lind) SLT33208
Vocal Music - ALFVEN, H. / SIBELIUS, J. / PETERSON-BERGER, W. / NORLEN, H. / STENHAMMAR, W. (The Swedish Tenors) (Bjorling, Gedda, Winberg) SCD1078
Vocal Music - HEMBERG, E. / LARSSON, L.-E. / RANGSTRÖM, T. / ERIKSSON, J. (Svenska Romanser) (Rödin, Ahnsjö) SLT33218
Vocal Music - STENHAMMAR, W. / RANGSTRÖM, T. / DE FRUMERIE, G. / NYSTROEM, G. (Meyer, Söderström, Eyron) SLT33171
Vocal Recital: Babs, Alice - BACH, J.S. / MOZART, W.A. SLT33170
Vocal Recital: Babs, Alice - DOWLAND, J. / CAMPION, T. / ATTEY, J. / ROSSETER, P. (Elizabethan Love Songs) SLT33206
Vocal Recital: Bjorling, Jussi - ALFVEN, H. / PETERSON-BERGER, W. / NORDQVIST, G. / KORLING, S.A. / SIBELIUS, J. / ALTHEN, R. (Till Havs) (1957-1959) SCD1100
Vocal Recital: Döse, Helena - GRIEG, E. / SIBELIUS, J. SLT33247
Vocal Recital: Lönndahl, Lars - NORDQVIST, G. / DVOŘÁK, A. / MENDELSSOHN, Felix / PETERSON-BERGER, W. / SCHUBERT, F. SLT33212
Vocal Recital: Nilsson, Birgit - BEETHOVEN, L. van / ERIKSSON, J. / BACH, J.S. (Birgit Nilsson at the Churches of St. Jacob and Gustav Vasa) SCD1137
Vocal Recital: Soderstrom, Elisabeth - ALMQVIST, C.J.L. / PETERSON-BERGER, W. / LINDBLAD, A.F. (A Swedish Song Collection) (1957-1967) SCD1117
WIBERGH, O.: Visor (Folksong Arrangements) (Erik and Elizabeth Saedén, Schuback) SLT33244


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