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arc music Information Established in 1976, it is a goal of ARC Music to preserve the ethnic music of world cultures, and to spread traditional and original music with a positive message. The label now offers the largest selection of traditional and contemporary ethnic music from all corners of the world.


ARC Music

2010 World Cup - Welcome to South Africa! EUCD2288
AFGHANISTAN Afghan Ensemble: Songs from Afghanistan EUCD1841
AFGHANISTAN Inside Afghanistan - Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya EUCD2486
AFGHANISTAN Zohreh Jooya: Afghan Music EUCD2310
AFRICA / INDIA Gondwana Dawn: Africa and India - United in Music and Harmony EUCD2442
AFRICA Adzido: Musical Journey (A) EUCD2125
AFRICA Adzido: Ritual Songs and Dances from Africa EUCD1935
AFRICA Adzido: Traditional Songs and Dances EUCD2710
AFRICA African Drums and Voices EUCD2297
AFRICA African Hymns EUCD2249
AFRICA African Journey (An) - Music from Cairo to Cape Town EUCD2811
AFRICA African Reggae EUCD1824
AFRICA Afrika Mamas: Afrika Mamas EUCD2630
AFRICA Afrika Mamas: Iphupho EUCD2771
AFRICA Ancient Civilisations of Southern Africa 3 (The Tswana People) EUCD2132
AFRICA Ancient Civilizations of Southern Africa, Vol. 4 (The Xhosa People) EUCD2203
AFRICA Barry van Zyl: African Heartbeat EUCD2144
AFRICA Batanai: Pan-African Music (Vibrant Acoustics Celebrating the Past and Future of African Ancestral Music) EUCD2290
AFRICA Best of Africa EUCD2526
AFRICA Best of African Mbube EUCD2643
AFRICA Best of Black Umfolosi (Summertime) EUCD2386
AFRICA Blessing Ngo Nkomo: Mbube and Gospel from Southern Africa EUCD2199
AFRICA Bushmen of the Kalahari EUCD1995
AFRICA Discover Music from Africa EUCD2594
AFRICA Drums and Rhythms: Pulse of Africa (The) EUCD2837
AFRICA Emmanuel Nii Okai Tagoe: West to West EUCD2641
AFRICA Finding Graceland EUCD2656
AFRICA Insingizi: Siyabonga (We Thank You) EUCD2607
AFRICA Insingizi: Voices of Southern Africa EUCD1855
AFRICA Kasumai: Senegal, Urban Rhythms EUCD2458
AFRICA Master Drummers of Africa EUCD2280
AFRICA Master Drummers of Africa EUCD2431
AFRICA Mbeng-Ntam: Gabon (Traditional Songs and Dances) EUCD2363
AFRICA Music of the Nile - African Sanctus Field Recordings by David Fanshawe (1969-1975) EUCD1793
AFRICA N'faly Kouyate and Dunyakan: Kora Grooves from West Africa EUCD1892
AFRICA Nii Tagoe: African Roots EUCD1981
AFRICA Sousou and Maher Cissoko: Moo Baalu EUCD2485
AFRICA Tinashe Chidanyika: Sounds of the African Mbira EUCD2233
AFRICA Umoya: Tribal Beatz of Africa EUCD2038
AFRICA Very Best of Africa (The) EUCD2836
AFRICA Voices of Southern Africa, Vol. 2 EUCD2243
AFRICA Vusa Mkhaya: Vocalism EUCD2396
AFRICA West African Blues Project (The) EUCD2591
AFRICA West African Blues Project: West African Blues Project (The) EUCD2873
ALBANIA Tirana Folk Ensemble: Songs and Dances from Albania EUCD1601
ALCAIDE, Ana: Leyenda EUCD2647
ALGERIA Cheb Nacim: Algerian Rai EUCD2037
AMADOR, Andres Fernandez / LOS ALHAMA: Traditional Gypsy Flamenco EUCD2247
AMERICAS Eagle Dance (Ceremonial Music of the American Indians) EUCD2299
ANDEAN Aconcagua: Magical Flutes from the Andes EUCD2633
ANDEAN Harps and Flutes from the Andes EUCD1596
ANDEAN Magic of the Indian Flute, Vol. 2 EUCD1129
ANDES 40 Best of Flutes and Songs from the Andes EUCD2509
ANDES Alpamayo: Magic Flutes and Music of the Andes EUCD1783
ANDES Joel Francisco Perri: The Andean Flutes EUCD2420
ANGOLA Manuel Benedito Diogo: Music Of Angola EUCD2565
ARABIA / SPAIN Best of Flamenco Arabe (The) EUCD2807
ARABIA Flamenco Arabe 2 EUCD2000
ARGENTINA Alfredo Fernando: Tangos and Milongas EUCD2090
ARGENTINA Best of Tango Argentino EUCD1592
ARGENTINA Best of Tango Argentino EUCD2252
ARGENTINA Buenos Aires Tango Trio: Famous Tangos EUCD2311
ARGENTINA Classical Tango Argentino EUCD1997
ARGENTINA Hugo Diaz: Tango Argentino and Baroque Classics EUCD2829
ARGENTINA Instituto El Cimarron: Folk Music and Tangos EUCD2207
ARGENTINA Juanjo Lopez Vidal: Tango de la Docta EUCD2752
ARGENTINA Tango Festival in Granada EUCD2689
ARGENTINA Trio Hugo Diaz: 20 Best of Classical Tango Argentino EUCD2326
ARGENTINA Trio Hugo Diaz: Classical Tango Argentino EUCD1858
ARGENTINA Trio Hugo Diaz: El Motivo - Tango Argentino EUCD1880
ARGENTINA Trio Hugo Diaz: El Motivo - Tango Argentino EUCD2748
ARGENTINA Trio Hugo Diaz: Tango Argentino EUCD2051
ARGENTINA Trio Pantango: Tango Argentino EUCD1685
ARGENTINA Trio Pantango: Tango Argentino EUCD2346
ARGENTINA Trio Pantango: Tango Argentino EUCD2848
ARGENTINA Ultimate Tango Collection (The) EUCD2780
ARGENTINA Very Best of Tango Argentino (The) EUCD2463
ARGENTINA Zum: Gypsy Tango Pasion EUCD1974
ARGENTINA Zum: Tango Argentino EUCD2274
ARMENIA Djivan Gasparian: The Art of the Armenian Duduk EUCD2474
ASIA Journey to Asia EUCD2858
AUSTRALIA Charlie McMahon and Gondwana: Didj Heart EUCD2370
AUSTRALIA Charlie McMahon and Gondwana: Didjeridu Travelling Songs EUCD1876
AUSTRALIA Charlie McMahon: Didjeridu Vibrations - Tjilatjila EUCD1691
AUSTRALIA David Corter: Didgeridoo Dimensions EUCD2308
AUSTRALIA David Corter: Didgeridoo-Mania II EUCD1819
AUSTRALIA Didgeridoo Street Music EUCD2453
AUSTRALIA Kamerunga: Terra Australis EUCD2529
AUSTRALIA Mark Atkins: Dreamtime (Master of the Didgeridoo) EUCD2341
AUSTRALIA Sirocco: Australian Voyage EUCD1826
AUSTRALIA Spirit Man (Aboriginal Music of the Wandijina People) EUCD2746
AUSTRALIA The Didgeridoo of the Australian Aborigines EUCD2268
AUSTRIA Trachtenverien Rossecker: Music of the Alps - Traditional Music and Yodeling EUCD1992
AZERBAIJAN Lok-Batan Folklore Group: Traditional Music EUCD2318
AZERBAIJAN Music of Azerbaijan EUCD2146
BALI Gamelan Music of Bali EUCD1534
BALKAN Discover Music from the Balkans EUCD2637
BALKAN Divanhana: Live in Mostar EUCD2722
BALKAN Divanhana: Lukva, Sevdah from Bosnia's Finest EUCD2620
BALKANS / INDIA / MIDDLE EAST Beronja, Srdjan: Sounds of the East EUCD2696
BALKANS: Gypsy Music of the Balkans EUCD2080
BANGLADESH River Songs of Bangladesh - Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya EUCD1675
BELARUS Dulcimer of Belarus EUCD2149
BELARUS Nataliya Romanskaya and Kirmash: Music of Belarus EUCD2067
BELGIUM Mandolinman: Unfolding the Roots EUCD2705
BOBONE, Maria Anna: Fado and Piano EUCD2423
BOLIVIA Los Rupay: Folklore de Bolivia EUCD2246
BOLIVIA Ruphay (Los): A Cry for Revolution - Earth Healing Music from Bolivia EUCD2795
BOLIVIA Sacambaya: En el alma de los Andes EUCD2376
BRAZIL Aldeia dos Anjos: Music from South Brazil EUCD1736
BRAZIL Aldeia dos Anjos: Music from South Brazil EUCD2640
BRAZIL Best of Capoeira EUCD2456
BRAZIL Best of Gaucho Music EUCD2723
BRAZIL Brazilian Summer EUCD2461
BRAZIL Carnival in Rio EUCD2060
BRAZIL Celebrate Brazil (Songs from Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasilia, Porto Alegre) EUCD2505
BRAZIL Ceumar: Silencia EUCD2564
BRAZIL Ceumar: Sons du Brasil EUCD2408
BRAZIL Discover Music from Brazil EUCD2649
BRAZIL Grupo Bahia: Lambada EUCD2750
BRAZIL Pulse of Brazil (The) EUCD2507
BRAZIL Ravi: The Afro-Brazilian Project EUCD2658
BRAZIL Samba Brazil EUCD2852
BRAZIL Samba Fever EUCD2482
BRAZIL Samba! Samba! EUCD2273
BRAZIL Summer Hits EUCD2535
BRAZIL Ultimate Brazil Hits EUCD2536
BRAZIL: 20 Best Brazilian Capoeira EUCD2828
BRAZO; Rop Carnival EUCD2265
BROUWER, L.: Guitar Music (Cucchi) EUCD1442
BULGARIA Perunika Trio: A Bright Star Has Risen EUCD2409
CANADA Daniel Thonon: Master of the Diatonic Accordion EUCD1881
CANADA Music of Nova Scotia EUCD1998
CARCAMO, Pablo: Fly away home EUCD1128
CARCAMO, Pablo: My Inspiration EUCD1181
CARIBBEAN 20 Best of Caribbean Tropical Music EUCD1698
CARIBBEAN 20 Best of Island Music EUCD1941
CARIBBEAN Best of Caribbean Music EUCD2859
CARIBBEAN Best of Caribbean Tropical Music (40 Latin American Hits) EUCD0220
CARIBBEAN Calypso (Back to mi Home) EUCD2231
CARIBBEAN Calypso Legends EUCD2853
CARIBBEAN Caribbean Steeldrums (20 Famous Tropical Melodies) EUCD1583
CARIBBEAN Caribbean Steeldrums (20 Most Popular Melodies) EUCD1486
CARIBBEAN Discover Caribbean Music EUCD2599
CARIBBEAN Ebony Steelband: Best of Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD1919
CARIBBEAN Ebony Steelband: Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD2298
CARIBBEAN Jamaica Farewell (Best of Caribbean Steel Drums) EUCD2263
CARIBBEAN Lambeth Community Youth Steelband: Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD2213
CARIBBEAN Lambeth Community Youth Steelband: Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD2732
CARIBBEAN London All Stars Steel Orchestra: Latin Steeldrums EUCD2808
CARIBBEAN London All Stars Steel Orchestra: Latin Steels EUCD2373
CARIBBEAN London All Stars Steel Orchestra: Pan Forever - Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD1873
CARIBBEAN Pablo Carcamo: Caribbean Tropical Dance EUCD2742
CARIBBEAN Southside Harmonics Steel Orchestra: Caribbean Steeldrums EUCD1987
CARRIBEAN: Caribbean Summer EUCD2797
CARTER, Jason: Contemporary Spanish Guitar (Kindred Spirits) EUCD1424
CASTELNUOVO-TEDESCO, M.: Guitar Music (Cucchi) EUCD1365
CELTIC Aryeh Frankfurter: Celtic Whispers EUCD2767
CELTIC Best of Celtic Folk EUCD2372
CELTIC Celtic Brittany EUCD2447
CELTIC Celtic Folk from Brittany EUCD2230
CELTIC Celtic Harp EUCD2379
CELTIC Celtic Harp Magic EUCD2279
CELTIC Celtic Visions EUCD2825
CELTIC Celtic Voyage EUCD2621
CELTIC Discover Celtic Music - with ARC Music EUCD2768
CELTIC Gaelic Ireland EUCD2414
CELTIC Golden Bough: Celtic and Original Music EUCD2294
CELTIC Golden Bough: Celtic Christmas Songs EUCD2304
CELTIC Golden Bough: Celtic Festival EUCD2698
CELTIC Golden Bough: Celtic Love Songs EUCD2244
CELTIC Golden Bough: Celtic Music from Ireland, Scotland and Brittany EUCD1458
CELTIC Golden Bough: Celtic Songs for Children EUCD2235
CELTIC Golden Bough: Christmas in a Celtic Land EUCD1409
CELTIC Margie Butler: Celtic Lullabies EUCD2150
CELTIC Music of O'Carolan (The) (O'Carolan's Dream) EUCD1605
CELTIC: Celtic Journey EUCD2870
CENTRAL ASIA: Samarkand and Beyond - Music of Central Asia EUCD2064
CHICAS DEL TANGO (LAS): Tango de norte a sur EUCD2365
CHILE Conjunto Folclorico Danzamerica de Chile: Beautiful Songs of Chile EUCD2313
CHILE Héctor Pavez: Best Songs EUCD2652
CHILE Pablo Carcamo: Best of Chile EUCD2050
CHINA / JAPAN Best of China and Japan EUCD1361
CHINA / JAPAN Best of China and Japan EUCD2559
CHINA Bao Jian / Hu Jianbing / Gao Hong: Chinese Buddhist Temple Music EUCD2783
CHINA Chinese Celebration EUCD2769
CHINA Chinese Masterpieces of the Pipa and Qin EUCD2074
CHINA Chinese Taoist Music EUCD2104
CHINA Classical Chinese Folk Music EUCD1564
CHINA Classical Chinese Folk Music EUCD2193
CHINA Classical Chinese Opera and Folk Songs EUCD2253
CHINA Discover Music from China EUCD2616
CHINA Hanshin Chinese Folk and Dance Ensemble EUCD1734
CHINA Heart of the Dragon Ensemble: Chinese Festivals EUCD2863
CHINA Heart of the Dragon Ensemble: Chinese Love Songs EUCD2823
CHINA Heart of the Dragon Ensemble: Chinese New Year's Music EUCD2055
CHINA Heart of the Dragon Ensemble: Classical Folk Music from China EUCD1908
CHINA Li Xiangting / Cheng Yu: The Sound of Silk Chinese Strings EUCD2846
CHINA Linna Gong: Chinese Folksongs EUCD2129
CHINA Master of the Chinese Dulcimer EUCD2116
CHINA Mei Han: Classical and Contemporary Chinese Music EUCD2665
CHINA Mengmeng Wu: Art of the Chinese Guzheng (The) EUCD2840
CHINA Pan Jind and Ensemble: Classical Chinese Folk Music EUCD2382
CHINA Silk and Bamboo Ensemble EUCD2177
CHINA Silk String Quartet: Contemporary and Traditional Chinese Music EUCD2095
CHINA Very Best of Chinese Music (The) EUCD1947
CHINA Very Best of Chinese Music (The) EUCD2356
CHINA Ying Xiao: Guzheng - The Art of the Chinese Harp EUCD1877
CHINA Ying Xiao: The Art of the Chinese Harp EUCD2692
CHINA Yu Zhou: The Art of the Chinese Erhu EUCD2622
CHINA Yung-ching Tseng: Magic of the Flute EUCD2683
CHINA Zhou Yu Ensemble: Master of the Chinese Erhu EUCD2645
Choral Music (Russian) - CHESNOKOV, P. / TRETIAKOV, A. / FRONZA, A. / KASTALSKY, A. (The Most Beautiful Religious Songs of Famous Orthodox Choirs) EUCD2277
CLANNAD: Christ Church Cathedral EUCD2441
COLOMBIA Grupo Merecumbe: Merengue and Cumbia EUCD2027
COLOMBIA Marta Gomez: Songs With Latin American Soul EUCD2528
COLOMBIA Niyireth: Musica Colombiana Andina (Music from Colombia) EUCD2676
COLOMBIA Son de Pueblo: Traditional Songs and Dances from Columbia EUCD2434
COLOMBIA Son Real Orchestra: Salsa EUCD2136
COSTA RICA Compania Folclorica Matambu: Music of Costa Rica EUCD1940
COSTA RICA Groupo Quelite: Music from Costa Rica EUCD2843
CROATIA: Folklore from Croatia EUCD2190
CUBA Best of Buena Vista EUCD2410
CUBA Best of Buena Vista, Vol. 2 EUCD2506
CUBA Best of Cuba EUCD2626
CUBA Discover Music from Cuba EUCD2593
CUBA Grupo Cimarron de Cuba: The Most Popular Songs from Cuba EUCD2487
CUBA Jorge and Techi: Most Famous Cuban Classics EUCD2844
CUBA Jorge Anibal Mendoza: Bachata and Cachaca EUCD2164
CUBA Live Music from Havana EUCD2321
CUBA Musica Cubana (La) EUCD0313
CUBA Osvaldo Chacon y su Timba: Salsa Afro Cubana EUCD2393
CUBA Osvaldo Chacon y su Timba: Salsa Timba EUCD2421
CUBA Rey Crespo Salsa Conga Loca EUCD2305
CUBA Sergio Alvarez: Cuba, Cuba! - The Most Popular Songs EUCD1920
CUBA Ultimate Salsa Collection (The) EUCD2805
CYPRUS Famagusta Municipality Magem Folk Dance Group: Traditional Songs and Dances EUCD2451
CYPRUS Yeksad Folklore Ensemble: Music of Northern Cyprus EUCD2861
CZECH REPUBLIC Lenka Lichtenberg: Masaryk - Národní písně EUCD2751
DIAZ, Hugo: Master of the Bandoneon (Tango Argentino and Baroque Classics) EUCD1740
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Musica Latina: El Merengue EUCD2360
D'WYN MUGGE: Oktoberfest EUCD2392
EASTERN EUROPE Best Gypsy Music from Eastern Europe (The) EUCD2785
EGYPT Cairo Nights (Bellydance Bar) EUCD2101
EGYPT Classical Egyptian Belly Dance EUCD2242
EGYPT Egypt Unveiled EUCD2316
EGYPT Egyptian Bellydance EUCD2178
EGYPT Egyptian Bellydance (Afrah baladi) EUCD2269
EGYPT From Cairo to Sao Paolo EUCD2336
EGYPT Gypsies of the Nile: Rahhal EUCD2261
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy : The Best of Hossam Ramzy, Vol. 2 EUCD1921
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy Egyptian Ensemble: Best of Om Kolthoum and Mohammed Abdul Wahab EUCD2259
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy Egyptian Ensemble: Ro-He EUCD1844
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy Egyptian Ensemble: Sabla Tolo III EUCD2158
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Baladi Plus EUCD2361
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Bedouin Tribal Dance EUCD2047
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Best of Hossam Ramzy, Vol. 3 EUCD2500
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Best of Saaidi EUCD2457
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Egyptian Rai EUCD2025
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Fadah EUCD1614
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Fadah EUCD2682
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Rhythms of the Nile EUCD2659
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Sabla Tolo - Journeys into Pure Egyptian Percussion EUCD1581
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Sabla tolo 4, "Tak raka takum" EUCD2524
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Secrets of the Eye EUCD1554
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Secrets of the Eye EUCD2580
EGYPT Hossam Ramzy: Source of Fire EUCD2623
EGYPT Mohamed Al Helbawy: Egyptian Sufi EUCD1778
EGYPT Mohammed Naiem: Master of the Arabian Flute EUCD2549
EGYPT Quanun el tarab EUCD2481
EGYPT Rafat Misso / Hossam Ramzy: Egyptian Bellydance EUCD2173
EGYPT Samya (The Best of Farid Al Atrash) EUCD2495
EGYPT Source of Fire EUCD1305
ENGLAND City Waites: The English Tradition - 400 Years of Music and Song EUCD1616
ETHIOPIA Gabriella Ghermandi: Celebrating Emperor Tewodros II EUCD2642
ETHIOPIA Minyeshu: Daa dee EUCD2782
EUROPE Mandolinman: Old Tunes, Dusted Down EUCD2498
EXOTIC STRINGS - Africa, Azerbaijan, China, Egypt… EUCD1823
FAR EAST Sounds of the Far East EUCD1809
FELIX, Rodrigo Costa: Fados de amor EUCD2460
FESTIVAL TROPICAL - 100 Latin American Hits EUCD0511
FIJI Music of the Fiji Islands EUCD1912
FINLAND Art of The Finnish Kantele (The) EUCD2573
FINLAND Finnish Tango, Vol. 2 EUCD2281
FINLAND Matit ja Maijat: Finland Modern Tradition EUCD1815
FINLAND Tango Orkesteri Unto: Finnish Tango EUCD1830
FINLAND Tango Orkesteri Unto: Finnish Tango EUCD2575
FRANCE (Brittany) Bagad du Moulin Vert: Pipes and Drums from Celtic Brittany EUCD1508
FRANCE Enrique Ugarte: Moulin Rouge - Valse Musette EUCD2211
FRANCE Enrique Ugarte: Café Musette EUCD2473
FRANCE Enrique Ugarte: Valse Musette de Paris EUCD1622
FRANCE Enrique Ugarte: Valse Musette de Paris EUCD2525
FRANCE Lous Gouyats de L'Adou: Folk Music from South-West France EUCD2135
GALICIA Celtic Music from Galicia EUCD2237
GAMBIA Musa Mboob / XamXam: Gambia Sessions (The) EUCD2864
GEORGIA Ensemble Kereoni: Traditional Songs from Georgia EUCD1959
GEORGIA Ensemble Kereoni: Traditional Songs from Georgia EUCD2819
GREECE Athena: Syrtaki Dance from Greece EUCD1495
GREECE Athenians (The) EUCD2734
GREECE Athenians (The): 20 Best Syrtakis from Greece EUCD2082
GREECE Athenians (The): 20 Best Syrtakis from Greece EUCD2839
GREECE Athenians (The): Rembetika and Greek Popular Music EUCD2077
GREECE Athenians (The): Rembetika and Greek Popular Music EUCD2860
GREECE Athenians: Greece EUCD1889
GREECE Athenians: Music of Greece EUCD2342
GREECE Best Greek Songs EUCD2669
GREECE Best of Greece EUCD0411
GREECE Best of Greece EUCD1957
GREECE Best of Greece, Vol. 1 EUCD2502
GREECE Discover Music from Greece EUCD2610
GREECE Estia Pieridon Mousson: Traditional Music and Songs from Greece EUCD2256
GREECE Greek Party EUCD2605
GREECE Magic of the Greek Bouzouki (Near the Sea) EUCD1620
GREECE Marcians: Traditional Greek Music EUCD2272
GREECE Michalis Terzis: Bouzouki - The Sound of Greece EUCD2854
GREECE Michalis Terzis: Greek Moods - Aphrodite Era EUCD2589
GREECE Michalis Terzis: Magic of the Greek Bouzouki EUCD2435
GREECE Michalis Terzis: Music of the Greek Islands EUCD1720
GREECE Michalis Terzis: Music of the Greek Islands EUCD2651
GREECE Michalis Terzis: The Art of the Greek Bouzouki EUCD2631
GREECE Michalis Terzis: The Road to Olympia EUCD1879
GREECE Michalis Terzis: The Sound of Greece EUCD1828
GREECE Spirit of Athens (The) EUCD2291
GREECE Vasilis Skoulas / Michalis Terzis: Tribute to Greece (A) EUCD2778
GREECE: Ultimate Greek Collection (The) EUCD2796
Guitar Recital: Cucchi, Flavio - GIULIANI, M. / CARULLI, F. / COMPANY, A. / FERRERO, L. (Italian Guitar Music) EUCD1265
Guitar Recital: Cucchi, Flavio - LAURO, A. / BARRIOS, A. / VILLA-LOBOS, H. (Flavio Cucchi plays Latin American Guitar Masterpieces) EUCD2490
GYPSY Discover Gypsy Music EUCD2578
GYPSY Kal Band: Rock n Roma EUCD2478
GYPSY Laura Riz: Gypsy Soul EUCD2039
GYPSY Legends of Gypsy Flamenco EUCD1624
GYPSY Talisman: Russian Gypsy Soul (Fiery Gypsy Music at Its Best) EUCD2292
GYPSY World of Gypsies EUCD2724
GYPSY Zingaros: Cirkari (Gypsy Music from Eastern Europe) EUCD2266
GYPSY Zingaros: Gitango EUCD2444
HAFIZ, Abdul Halim: Best of EUCD2430
HAITI Compagnie de Ballet Folklorique Nationale d'Haiti: Afro-Caribbean Rhythms from Haiti EUCD2006
HAWAII Halau Hula Ka No'eau: Traditional Hula EUCD2459
HERNANDEZ, Vasco: Luz de Otra Manera EUCD2443
HIROTA, Joji / LOCKETT, Pete: Taiko to Tabla EUCD1856
HUNGARY Andras Farkas Jr. Ensemble: Czárdás! - Best of Hungarian Gypsy Tunes EUCD2663
HUNGARY Csurgo Zenekar: Music of Hungary EUCD2134
HUNGARY Discover Music from Hungary EUCD2603
HUNGARY Hungarian Gypsy Music EUCD1767
HUNGARY Kalman Balogh: Gypsy Music from Hungary EUCD2117
HUNGARY Kalman Balogh: Master of the Gypsy Cimbalom EUCD2172
HUNGARY Kanizsa: Gypsies from Hungary EUCD2284
HUNGARY Khamoro Budapest Band: Hungarian Gypsy Music EUCD2708
HUNGARY Meta Folk Band: Traditional Hungary EUCD1782
HUNGARY World Travel (Gypsy) EUCD2185
ICELAND Islandica: Songs and Dances from Iceland EUCD1187
INDIA / PAKISTAN Songs of Love and Devotion EUCD2127
INDIA Balui Shrivastav: Best of the Balui Shrivastav EUCD2695
INDIA Baluji Shrivastav: Classical Indian Sitar and Surbahar Ragas EUCD1572
INDIA Baluji Shrivastav: Indian World Music Fusion EUCD2371
INDIA Baluji Shrivastav: Indian World Music Fusion (Seven Steps to the Sun) EUCD2412
INDIA Baluji Shrivastav: Shadow of the Lotus - Classical Indian Ragas EUCD2061
INDIA Baluji Shrivastav: The Art of the Indian Dilruba EUCD2446
INDIA Baluji Shrivastav's Re-Orient (Indian World Music Fusion) EUCD2275
INDIA Bapi Das Baul: Sufi Baul (Madness and Happiness) EUCD2208
INDIA Bauls of Bengal - Mystic Songs from India (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya, 2001) EUCD1923
INDIA Chhau and Nagpuri Group: Folk Songs and Dances from India - A Collection of Chhau and Nagpuri Song and Dances from Bihar EUCD1518
INDIA Chhau and Nagpuri Group: Folk Songs and Dances from India - A Collection of Chhau and Nagpuri Song and Dances from Jharkhand EUCD2712
INDIA Classical Music EUCD2334
INDIA Colours of Raga EUCD2730
INDIA Dhoad Gypsies: From Rajasthan EUCD1939
INDIA Dhoad Gypsies: Times of Maharajas EUCD2845
INDIA Discover Music from India EUCD2615
INDIA Goddess (Indian Music in Celebration of Goddesses around the World) EUCD2283
INDIA Gonzaga Coutinho: Traditional and Popular Songs from Goa EUCD2350
INDIA Gurdev Singh: Art of the Indian Sarod EUCD2042
INDIA Indian Vistas - Musical Sceneries of India EUCD2812
INDIA Khiyo: Bengali Music with a London Sound EUCD2581
INDIA Kiran Ahluwalia: Sanata, Stillness EUCD2572
INDIA Krishna in Spring EUCD2745
INDIA Murshidi and Sufi Songs: Field Recording by Deben Bhattacharya EUCD2555
INDIA Music of the Santal Tribe (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya, 1954 and 1973) EUCD2510
INDIA Musical Explorers - Waves of Joy - Bauls of Bengal EUCD2791D
INDIA Pandit Ronu Majumdar: Master of the Indian Bansuri EUCD2056
INDIA Raga Charu-Keshi for Sitar and Veena EUCD2197
INDIA Rang Puhar Carnatic Group: Music of Southern India EUCD2048
INDIA Rangpuhar Langa Group: Tribal Music from Rajasthan EUCD2013
INDIA Rash Behari Datta: 20 Sitars EUCD2312
INDIA Rash Behari Datta: Master of the Indian Sitar EUCD2401
INDIA Ravi: Afro-Indian Project EUCD2749
INDIA Religious Chants from India (Sikh, Buddhist, Hindu) - Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya EUCD2579
INDIA Re-Orient: Baluji Shrivastav and Re-Orient EUCD1982
INDIA Sabri Family (The) EUCD2152
INDIA Sanju Sahai: Sacred Beats of the Tabla EUCD2319
INDIA Sarvar Sabri: Master Drummer of India EUCD2694
INDIA Songs from Rajasthan - The Land of Princes, Gypsies and Tribals EUCD1641
INDIA Srdjan Beronja: The Sounds of Varanasi EUCD2547
INDIA Tarun Bhattacharya: The Best of Indian Santur EUCD2306
INDIA Ustad Khan: Master of the Indian Sarangi EUCD2192
INDIA Ustad Sabri Khan and Kamal Sabri: Best of Indian Sarangi EUCD2020
INDONESIA Gotrasawala Ensemble: Tales of Pangea EUCD2601
IRAN Adib Rostami / Mehdi Rostami: Melodic Circles - Urban Classical Music from Iran EUCD2794
IRAN Dastan Trio: Journey to Persia EUCD1786
IRAN Hossein Farjami: The Art of the Santur EUCD1574
IRAN Hossein Farjami: Traditional Folk Music from Iran EUCD1423
IRAN Hossein Farjami: Traditional Folk Music from Iran EUCD2702
IRAN Music of the Persian Mystics EUCD1792
IRAN Music of the Persian Mystics EUCD2725
IRAN Ramin Rahimi: Percussion from Iran and the Middle East EUCD2678
IRAN Ramin Rahimi: Persian Percussion Electrified EUCD2418
IRAN Ramin Rahimi: The Pulse of Persia (Iranian Rhythms, Global Influences) EUCD2282
IRAN Zarbang: Persian and Middle Eastern Percussion EUCD1969
IRAN Zohreh Jooya : Journey to Persia EUCD2426
IRAN Zohreh Jooya: Persian Nights - Traditional Folk Music from Iran EUCD1916
IRAQ Ahmed Mukhtar: Music from Iraq (Babylonian Fingers) EUCD2571
IRAQ Ahmed Mukhtar: Rhythms of Baghdad EUCD2287
IRAQ Ahmed Mukhtar: Visions of Iraq EUCD2834
IRAQ Masters of Iraqi Music EUCD2154
IRAQ Music from Iraq EUCD2817
IRAQ TAhmed Mukhtar: he Road to Baghdad - New Maqams from Iraq EUCD1937
IRELAND 20 Famous Irish Ballads EUCD2628
IRELAND Aryeh Frankfurter: Celtic Harp (The Morning Dew) EUCD2496
IRELAND Christmas in Ireland EUCD2548
IRELAND Clannad: Nadur EUCD2471
IRELAND Florie Brown: Best of Irish Fiddle EUCD1964
IRELAND Florie Brown: Best of Irish Fiddle EUCD2832
IRELAND Golden Bough: Celtic Folk Songs EUCD2078
IRELAND Golden Bough: Songs of the Irish Immigrants EUCD1900
IRELAND House Devils (The): Irish Folk EUCD2830
IRELAND House Devils: Irish Folk (Adieu to Old Ireland) EUCD2232
IRELAND Irish Uilleann Pipes (Haunting Laments, Slow Airs, Jigs and Reels) EUCD2267
IRELAND Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes from Ireland EUCD2227
IRELAND Johnny Duhan: Irishman's Finest Collection (The) EUCD2763
IRELAND Kieran Fahy: Irish Fiddle - Man from the West EUCD2081
IRELAND Kieran Fahy: Traditional Music from Ireland EUCD1897
IRELAND Legends of Ireland EUCD2781
IRELAND Margie Butler: Carolan's Draught - Celtic Harp EUCD1888
IRELAND Music and Ballads from Ireland EUCD2508
IRELAND Noel McLoughlin Group: Best of Ireland (20 Songs and Tunes) EUCD2220
IRELAND Noel McLoughlin: 20 Best Irish Pub Songs EUCD2324
IRELAND Noel McLoughlin: 20 Best of Ireland EUCD2354
IRELAND Noel McLoughlin: Christmas and Winter Songs from Ireland EUCD1754
IRELAND Noel McLoughlin: Home Is the Rover EUCD2445
IRELAND Noel McLoughlin: Song for Ireland - The Best of Noel McLoughlin EUCD2700
IRELAND Sean Talamh Celtic Ensemble: Traditional Irish Music EUCD1758
IRELAND Sean Tyrrell: Man for Galway - The Best of Sean Tyrrell EUCD2384
IRELAND Tales of our Land EUCD2824
IRELAND Tara: Irish Songs (Paddy Dreaming) EUCD2772
IRELAND World Travel - Celtic EUCD2068
IRELAND: Aryeh Frankfurter: Celtic Harp - Tunes from Ireland, Scotland and Scandinavia EUCD1967
IRISH REPUBLIC Irish Folk At Its Best EUCD2156
IRISH REPUBLIC Noel McLoughlin: Ireland EUCD2143
ISRAEL Atzilut: Music for the Kabbala EUCD2010
ISRAEL Ayalot Ha'Negev: Songs and Dances from Israel EUCD2387
ISRAEL Burning Bush: Folksongs from Israel EUCD1513
ISRAEL London Jewish Male Choir: S'u Sh'orim EUCD2402
ISRAEL Music of Israel - Chassidic - Yiddish - Folk EUCD1991
ISRAEL Shir: Israeli Songs EUCD1840
ISRAEL Shir: Israeli Songs EUCD2798
ISRAEL: Folk Songs from Israel EUCD2661
ITALY Joel Francisco Perri: Mandolins from Italy - 24 Most Popular Melodies EUCD2439
ITALY Legend of the Italian Tarantella (The) EUCD2521
ITALY Matilde Politi: Folk Songs from Sicily EUCD2226
ITALY Traditional and Contemporary Music from Italy EUCD2385
JAPAN Aiko Hasegawa: The Art of the Japanese Koto EUCD1907
JAPAN Ayako Hotta-Lister: The Japanese Koto EUCD2468
JAPAN Clive Bell: Shakuhachi - The Japanese Bamboo Flute EUCD1934
JAPAN Discover Japanese Taiko with ARC Music EUCD2667
JAPAN Discover Music from Japan EUCD2602
JAPAN Japanese Drums EUCD2224
JAPAN Japanese Folk Songs EUCD2103
JAPAN Japanese Folk Songs II EUCD2454
JAPAN Japanese Music by Michio Miyagi, Vol. 1 EUCD2096
JAPAN Japanese Music by Michio Miyagi, Vol. 2 EUCD2112
JAPAN Japanese Thunder EUCD2553
JAPAN Joji Hirota / London Taiko Drummers: Japanese Taiko EUCD2713
JAPAN Joji Hirota and the Taiko Drummers: Japanese Taiko EUCD1885
JAPAN Matsu Take Ensemble: Traditional Japanese Music - Yamabiko (Mountain Echo) EUCD2731
JAPAN Nihon Daiko: Japanese Drums EUCD2374
JAPAN Richard Stagg: Shakuhachi EUCD2541
JAPAN Tomoe-ryu Yutakadaiko: Japanese Drums EUCD2045
JAPAN Tomoe-Ryu Yutakadaiko: Japanese Drums EUCD2552
JAPAN Very Best of Japanese Music (The) EUCD1861
JAPAN Very Best of Japanese Music (The) EUCD2352
JAPAN Very Best of Japanese Music (The) EUCD2611
JAPAN Wadaiko Matsuriza / Joji Hirota / Kyoshindo: Japanese Drums EUCD2866
JAPAN Wadaiko Matsuriza: Japanese Drums EUCD1735
JAPAN Yamato Ensemble: Art of the Japanese Koto, Shakuhachi and Shamisen (A Selection of Old and New Japanese Chamber Music) EUCD2568
JAPAN Yamato Ensemble: Music of the Floating World EUCD2399
JAPAN Yamato Ensemble: The Art of the Japanese Bamboo Flute and Koto EUCD2497
JAPAN Yamato Ensemble: The Art of the Japanese Koto, Shakuhachi and Shamisen EUCD1717
JEWISH / SEPHARDIC Fortuna: Ladino Songs and Sephardic Music EUCD2718
JEWISH Massel Klezmorim: Jewish Travels - A Historical Voyage in Music and Song EUCD1825
JEWISH Massel Klezmorim: Jewish Travels - A Historical Voyage in Music and Song EUCD2727
JEWISH Mike Tabor: Jewish Soul (Lively Jewish Music at its Best) EUCD2286
KENYA Safari Sound Band: Mambo Jambo EUCD1648
KLEZMER / YIDDISH Burning Bush: Klezmer and Hassidic Music EUCD1461
KLEZMER Borsht with Bread Brothers EUCD2102
KLEZMER Burning Bush: Klezmer and Hassidic Music EUCD2540
KLEZMER Discover Klezmer with ARC Music EUCD2584
KLEZMER Frejlechs: Cafe Klez EUCD1911
KLEZMER From Both Ends of the Earth: Klezmer EUCD2034
KLEZMER From Both Ends of the Earth: Klezmer EUCD2820
KLEZMER Jontef: Klezmer and Yiddish Songs EUCD2255
KLEZMER Klezmer Café EUCD2792
KLEZMER Klezmer Festival EUCD2697
KLEZMER Klezmer Festival Band EUCD2317
KLEZMER Klezmer Juice EUCD2477
KLEZMER Klezmer Juice: Klezmer Juice 2 (Yiddish Lidele) EUCD2209
KLEZMER Rubinstein Klezmer Project: Fiddler on the Road EUCD2427
KLEZMER Sandanski's Chicken EUCD2122
KLEZMER She'koyokh Klezmer Ensemble: Busker's Ballroom EUCD2691
KLEZMER Shir from the Heart (Jewish Folk Music) EUCD2546
KLEZMER Shir: Ashk'farad EUCD2378
KLEZMER Transkapela: Klezmer Carpathian Music EUCD2087
KLEZMER Tummel: Klezmerised! Oy! - Joyful, Ecstatic, Spirited, Yiddish Festive Music EUCD2519
KLEZMER Yale Strom: Devil's Brides Klezmer and Yiddish Songs EUCD2345
KOREA Best of Korean Gayageum Music (The) EUCD2097
KOREA Chung Woong Korean Traditional Music Ensemble: Traditional Music from Korea EUCD2465
KOREA Dulsori: Binari EUCD2366
KURDISTAN Dursan Acar: Music of Kurdistan EUCD2118
KYRGYZSTAN Kambarkan Folk Ensemble: The Music of Kyrgyzstan EUCD1689
LATIN AMERICA 20 Best of Tropical Dance Music EUCD2736
LATIN AMERICA Absolute Salsa EUCD2175
LATIN AMERICA Alpamayo: Music from Peru and Ecuador EUCD1857
LATIN AMERICA Alpamayo: Music from Peru and Ecuador EUCD2867
LATIN AMERICA Best of Latin America EUCD2476
LATIN AMERICA Best of Latin America (The) EUCD1943
LATIN AMERICA Best of Latin America (Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Tierra del Fuego, Uruguay, Chile, Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivia) EUCD2262
LATIN AMERICA Best of Latin America, Vol. 2 EUCD2331
LATIN AMERICA Best of Salsa EUCD1319
LATIN AMERICA Best of Salsa EUCD1497
LATIN AMERICA Discover Music from Latin America EUCD2774
LATIN AMERICA Hossam Ramzy and Pablo Carcamo: Latin American Hits for Bellydance EUCD2059
LATIN AMERICA Latin Rhythms EUCD2339
LATIN AMERICA Latin Sextet: Latin Dance EUCD2739
LATIN AMERICA Pablo Carcamo: Aconcagua - Panpipes from Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador EUCD2036
LATIN AMERICA Patricia Salas: Latin Christmas EUCD2475
LATIN AMERICA Tropical Dance - Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Lambada, Mambo EUCD1936
LATIN AMERICA Victor Hugo: Salsa Power EUCD2063
LATIN Rafael and Energia Dominicana: Enamorse en la playa EUCD2715
LATVIA Bagpipes of Latvia EUCD1692
LATVIA Best of Folk Music from Latvia EUCD2128
LEBANON André Hajj Ensemble: Instrumental Music from Lebanon - Amaken EUCD2787
LEBANON Bashir Abdel 'Aal: Modern Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD2040
LEBANON Best of Bellydance Party EUCD2612
LEBANON Emad Sayyah: Lebanese Bellydance EUCD2021
LEBANON Emad Sayyah: Lebanese Bellydance EUCD2191
LEBANON Emad Sayyah: Modern Belly Dance - The Dance of the Princess EUCD2674
LEBANON Emad Sayyah: Modern Bellydance (Lebanese Nights) EUCD2234
LEBANON Emad Sayyah: Modern Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD1731
LEBANON Emad Sayyah: Modern Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD2130
LEBANON Emad Sayyah: Modern Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD2169
LEBANON Emad Sayyah: Modern Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD2344
LEBANON Emad Sayyah: Modern Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD2756
LEBANON Emad Sayyah: Oriental Dance from Lebanon EUCD1944
LEBANON Emad Sayyah: The Dance of Shahraza EUCD2100
LEBANON Instrumental Music from Lebanon EUCD2219
LEBANON Lebanese Bellydance (Best of Emad Sayyah) EUCD2202
LEBANON Modern Belly Dance from Lebanon (Sunset Princess) EUCD1528
LEBANON Modern Belly Dance from Lebanon (Sunset Princess) EUCD2533
LEBANON Modern Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD1854
LEBANON Modern Bellydance from Lebanon EUCD2303
LEBANON Modern Bellydance from Lebanon (Queen of the Desert Nights) EUCD1582
LEBANON Modern Bellydance from Lebanon (The Enchanted Dance) EUCD1661
LEBANON Sayyah, Emad: Belly Dance from Lebanon EUCD2278
LIBYA Dalinda: Songs from Libya EUCD2368
LITHUANIA Dainava: Songs and Dances from Lithuania EUCD1609
MACEDONIA Bellydance EUCD2747
MACEDONIA Džambo Aguševi Orchestra: Brass Like It Hot EUCD2666
MACEDONIA Esma Redzepova: Legends of Gypsy Music of Macedonia EUCD2551
MACEDONIA The Very Best of Macedonia EUCD1822
MACEDONIA Traditional Music from Macedonia EUCD2307
MADAGASCAR Hanitra Ranaivo: Hanitra - Songs from Madagascar EUCD2466
MADAGASCAR Hanitra: Lasa EUCD2688
MARTINIQUE Ballet Exotic du Robert: Caribbean Tropical Music EUCD2201
MARTINIQUE Ballet Exotic du Robert: Music of the French Caribbean EUCD2855
MARTINIQUE Wapa Sakitanou: Martinique - Music of the French Caribbean EUCD1942
MEDITERRANEAN Discover Music from the Mediterranean with ARC Music EUCD2779D
MEDITERRANEAN Enrique Ugarte: Cafe Paris EUCD2106
MEDITERRANEAN Margie Butler: Celtic Harp EUCD2831
MEXICO 20 Best Mariachi and Folk Songs EUCD2327
MEXICO Discover Music from Mexico EUCD2638
MEXICO Estampas De Mexico: Traditional Music from Mexico EUCD2188
MEXICO Fer González: Mariachi EUCD2790
MEXICO Mariachi Azteca EUCD1895
MEXICO Mariachi Azteca EUCD2664
MEXICO Mariachi from Mexico EUCD2229
MEXICO Mariachi Sol: Mariachi Mexico EUCD2847
MEXICO Mariachi Sol: Viva Mexico EUCD2422
MEXICO Trio Azteca: Folk Songs and Ballads EUCD1975
MEXICO Trio Azteca: The Best of Mexico EUCD2302
MEXICO Yuly Tovar: Songs from Mexico EUCD2714
MIDDLE EAST Alan Shavarsh Bardezbanian: Oud Masterpieces EUCD2085
MIDDLE EAST Azeri Project (The) EUCD2388
MIDDLE EAST Bashir Abdel Aal: Master of Arabian Flute EUCD2367
MIDDLE EAST Charbel Rouhana: The Art of the Middle Eastern Oud - New Perspectives on Trad. Maqams EUCD1863
MIDDLE EAST Discover Music of the Middle East EUCD2632
MIDDLE EAST Discover Sufi Music EUCD2668
MIDDLE EAST Ecstatic Dances of the Whirling and Howling Dervishes of Turkey and Syria EUCD1580
MIDDLE EAST Hossam Ramzy: Hafla - Bellydance Party EUCD2065
MIDDLE EAST Journey to the Middle East EUCD2835
MIDDLE EAST Music of the Middle East - Iran, Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Turkey, Armenia, Lebanon … EUCD1930
MIDDLE EAST Music of the Oriental Jews from North Africa, Yemen and Bukhara (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya, 1957) EUCD2513
MIDDLE EAST Songs from Kurdistan EUCD2493
MONGOLIA Bayarbaatar Davaasuren: The Art of Mongolian Khöömii EUCD2613
MONGOLIA Chinbat Bassankhuu: The Art of Mongolian Yatga EUCD2516
MONGOLIA Egschiglen: Sounds of Mongolia EUCD1652
MONGOLIA Mongolian Music from Buryatia EUCD2153
MOROCCO / EGYPT / LEBANON / TURKEY Best of Bellydance EUCD1211
MOROCCO Abdesselam Damoussi / Nour Eddine: Jedba - Spiritual Music from Morocco EUCD2821
MOROCCO Altaf Gnawa Group: Gnawa - Music from Morocco EUCD1922
MOROCCO Chalf Hassan: Arabic Songs from North Africa EUCD1993
MOROCCO Chalf Hassan: Artam El-Arab EUCD2105
MOROCCO Chalf Hassan: Moroccan Bellydance EUCD2035
MOROCCO Chalf Hassan: Rhythms of Morocco EUCD2383
MOROCCO Journey to Morocco EUCD2849
MOROCCO Moroccan Gypsies EUCD2413
MOROCCO Nour Eddine: Traditional Songs and Music EUCD2289
MOROCCO Rachid Halihal: Arabian Music from Morocco EUCD2225
MOZAMBIQUE Yinguica: Marrabenta Music from Mozambique EUCD2250
MOZAMBIQUE Yinguica: Sounds of Africa EUCD2868
NAMIBIA Elemotho: Beautiful World EUCD2721
NAMIBIA Elemotho: My Africa EUCD2432
NATIVE AMERICAN Pow Wow - Round Dances and Sacred Ceremonies EUCD2672
NAVAJO American Indian Pow Wow EUCD2390
NEPAL Bishwo Shahi: Folk Songs and Soundscapes from Nepal EUCD2425
NEPAL Folksongs and Sacred Music from Nepal (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya) EUCD2711
NEW ZEALAND Kahurangi: Maori EUCD2347
NIGERIA Routes To Roots (Yoruba Drums From Nigeria) EUCD2469
NORTH AFRICA / ARABIA Noor Shimaal: Where Africa Meets the Orient EUCD1802
NORTH AFRICA / ARABIA Noor Shimaal: Where Africa Meets the Orient EUCD2726
NORTH AMERICA (Indian) Native Flute Ensemble / Mesa Music Consort: Wind Riders EUCD2639
NORTH AMERICA (Indian) Native Flute Ensemble: Spirit Wind - Native American Flute EUCD2079
NORTH AMERICA Music of the Plains Indians - Field Recordings from the 1975 Kihekah Steh Powwow EUCD2440
NORWAY Gjesdalringen: Traditional Music from Norway EUCD2007
NORWAY Lief Sorbye: Folk Music from Norway EUCD1456
NORWAY Lief Sorbye: Folk Music from Norway EUCD2686
PACIFIC Discover Music from the Pacific EUCD2662
PAKISTAN Asif Bhatti Ensemble: Traditional Music from Pakistan EUCD2033
PARAGUAY Elenco Ko'eti: Traditional Songs and Dances EUCD2323
PARAGUAY Oscar Benito: Best of the Paraguay Harp EUCD2531
PERU Flutes and Panpipes from the Andes EUCD2179
PERU Joel F. Perri and Cedric Perry: The Very Best of Andean Flutes EUCD1988
PERU Wayna Picchu: Folk Music from Peru EUCD2675
PHILIPPINES Fiesta Filipina: Music of the Philippines EUCD1748
PHILIPPINES Music of the Philippines EUCD2569
POLAND Karolinka: Songs and Dances EUCD1551
POLAND Song and Dance Ensemble of Warsaw University of Technology: Traditional Songs and Dances EUCD2285
POLAND Ziemia Myslenicka Song and Dance Ensemble: Traditional Music from Poland EUCD2355
POLYNESIA Voix des Iles: Polynesian Chants EUCD2084
PORTUGAL Amália Rodrigues: Best of Fado EUCD2670
PORTUGAL Amalia Rodrigues: The Queen of Fado II EUCD2364
PORTUGAL Catarina dos Santos: Radio Kriola - Reflections on Portuguese Identity EUCD2802
PORTUGAL Coimbra Folk Group: Traditional Songs from Portugal EUCD1925
PORTUGAL Coimbra Folk Group: Traditional Songs from Portugal EUCD2799
PORTUGAL Cristina Branco: Live in Amsterdam, Netherlands EUCD2351
PORTUGAL Custodio Castelo: InVentus EUCD2416
PORTUGAL Custodio Castelo: The Art of the Portuguese Fado Guitar EUCD2315
PORTUGAL Discover Fado with ARC Music EUCD2609
PORTUGAL Fado de Lisboa EUCD2335
PORTUGAL Francisco Fialho: Best of Fado EUCD2131
PORTUGAL Legends of Fado EUCD2357
PORTUGAL Linda Leonardo: Eterno Fado EUCD2804
PORTUGAL Linda Leonardo: Mystery of Fado EUCD2073
PORTUGAL Male Voices of Fado EUCD2523
PORTUGAL Ricardo Dias Ensemble: Coimbra, Fado EUCD2530
PORTUGAL RosaNegra: Fado Ladino EUCD2046
PORTUGAL Verdes Anos: Coimbra Fado EUCD2187
RAMZY, Hossam / TACHUELA, Rafa El: Flamenco Arabe EUCD1785
RAMZY, Hossam: Bellydance Workshop EUCD2398
RAMZY, Hossam: Rock the Tabla EUCD2349
Ramzy, Hossam: Sabla Tolo II EUCD1806
RODRIGUES, Amalia: Queen of Fado (The) EUCD2337
ROMANIA Ana Hossu and Group: Traditional Music from Transylvania EUCD2017
ROMANIA Doina Timisului: Romanian Tradition EUCD2470
ROMANIA Fanfara din Cozmesti: Gypsy Brass EUCD2001
ROMANIA Gypsies of Romania EUCD2333
ROMANIA Romanian Gypsy Music EUCD2162
RUSSIA Arinushka: Old Faith EUCD2492
RUSSIA Balalaika Ensemble Wolga: Best of Russian Folk Songs EUCD2494
RUSSIA Balalaika Ensemble Wolga: Kalinka EUCD1499
RUSSIA Balalaika Ensemble Wolga: Songs of the Taiga EUCD2330
RUSSIA Balalaikas and Songs EUCD2196
RUSSIA Discover Music from Russia With ARC Music EUCD2618
RUSSIA Otava Yo: Do You Love EUCD2862
RUSSIA Popular Music from Russia EUCD2518
RUSSIA Red Army Choir: Most Beautiful Folk Songs of Russia EUCD2217
RUSSIA Russian Balalaika Folk Ensemble (The) EUCD2624
RUSSIA Russkaya Muzyka: Traditional Music from Russia EUCD2200
RUSSIA St. Petersburg Ensemble of Russian Folk Instruments: Carousel (The Music of Russia) EUCD1784
RUSSIA St. Petersburg Optina Pustyn Male Choir: Orthodox Chants from Russia EUCD1846
RUSSIA St. Petersburg Optina Pustyn Male Choir: Orthodox Chants from Russia EUCD2850
RUSSIA St. Petersburg Optina Pustyn Male Choir: Russia's Most Beautiful Songs EUCD1953
RUSSIA St. Petersburg Optina Pustyn Male Choir: Russia's Most Beautiful Songs EUCD2693
RUSSIA Stars of St. Petersburg: Russia's Most Beautiful Tunes EUCD2369
RUSSIA Valentina Ponomareva: Gypsy Romances from Russia EUCD2394
RUSSIA Very Best of Russia (The) EUCD2764
RUSSIA Vitaly Romanov: The Most Beautiful Songs of Russia EUCD2260
RUSSIA Wolga: Best of Russian Folk Songs EUCD1146
SAKHA (YAKUTIA) REPUBLIC Traditional Music from East Siberia EUCD2099
SARDINIA Music of Sardinia EUCD1914
SAUDI ARABIA Aboud Abdel Al: Best of Modern Arabian Bellydance EUCD1978
SAUDI ARABIA Music from the Arabian Gulf EUCD2023
SCANDINAVIA Discover Music from Scandinavia EUCD2614
SCANDINAVIA Septentrio: Nordic Folk Music EUCD2472
SCOTLAND 1st Battalion Queen's Own Highlanders: Pipes and Drums EUCD2375
SCOTLAND Best Of Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD0410
SCOTLAND Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD1407
SCOTLAND Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD2359
SCOTLAND Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums (Scotland the Brave) EUCD0216
SCOTLAND Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums (The) EUCD2655
SCOTLAND Discover Music from Scotland EUCD2595
SCOTLAND Gaelic Scotland EUCD2532
SCOTLAND Golden Bough: Songs of Scotland EUCD2428
SCOTLAND Grampian Police Pipe Band: Pipes and Drums of Scotland EUCD1956
SCOTLAND Isla St. Clair: The Voice of Scotland EUCD2397
SCOTLAND Journey of the Scottish Pipes EUCD2254
SCOTLAND Kinross and District Pipe Band: Pipes and Drums of Scotland EUCD2009
SCOTLAND Mary Ann Kennedy: Glaschu EUCD2833
SCOTLAND Mary Anne Kenney: An Dàn - Gaelic Songs for a Modern World EUCD2737
SCOTLAND Noel McLoughlin: 20 Best of Scotland EUCD1979
SCOTLAND Pipes and Drums of Scotland EUCD1213
SCOTLAND Police Pipe Bands of Scotland EUCD2448
SCOTLAND Pride of Murray Pipe Band: Flower of Scotland - Best of Pipes and Drums EUCD2089
SCOTLAND Pride of Scotland - Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD2786
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Battle of Kings EUCD2788
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Best of Saor Patrol - The Clan's Favourites EUCD2841
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Duncarron EUCD2389
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Early Years (A Collection of Songs from Esspee and Black Bull) EUCD2511
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Open Air Asylum EUCD2499
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Outlander EUCD2515
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Scottish Pipes and Drums Untamed (The Stomp) EUCD2270
SCOTLAND Saor Patrol: Two Headed Dog EUCD2395
SCOTLAND Scotland Pipes and Drums EUCD2542
SCOTLAND Scotland the Brave (Pipes and Drums) EUCD2295
SCOTLAND Scots Guards: Pipes and Drums (From Helmand to Horse Guards) EUCD2338
SCOTLAND Scots Guards: Pipes and Drums (Spirit of the Highlands) EUCD2161
SCOTLAND Stonehaven Pipe Band: Scotland the Brave EUCD2044
SCOTLAND Waltham Forest Pipe Band: Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD1887
SCOTLAND Young Scottish Pipers EUCD1999
SCOTLAND: Best of Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD2415
SENEGAL Seckou Keita Quartet: Afro-Mandinka Soul EUCD2489
SENEGAL Seckou Keita: 22 Strings EUCD2585
SERBIA / MONTENEGRO Branko Krsmanovic Group: Music of Serbia and Montenegro EUCD2765
SERBIA Folk Dance Ensemble Vila: Music of Serbia EUCD2121
SERBIA Traditional Music EUCD2329
SERBIA Traditional Songs from Serbia and the Balkans - Svod EUCD2687
SLOVAKIA Folklórny Súbor Lipa: Traditional Music from Slovakia EUCD2520
SLOVAKIA Urpin Folklore Ensemble: Songs and Dances EUCD2314
SLOVENIA: Traditional Music of Slovenia EUCD2075
SOUTH AFRICA Goema Music from Cape Town, South Africa EUCD2133
SOUTH AFRICA Traditional Zulu Music (Songs of King Shaka) EUCD2340
SOUTH AMERICA Cedric Perri: Master of the Andean Flutes EUCD2223
SOUTH AMERICA From the Heart of South America EUCD2119
SOUTH ASIA Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Sufi Qawwalis EUCD2719
SOUTH PACIFIC Music of the South Pacific - Recordings by David Fanshawe (1978-1992) EUCD1709
SOUTH PACIFIC Pacific Chants - Traditional Music of Eastern Polynesia (Recordings by David Fanshawe) (1978-1988) EUCD2729
SOUTH PACIFIC Traditional Music of Eastern Polynesia - Recordings by David Fanshawe (1978-1992) EUCD1743
SOUTH SEAS Magic of the South Seas (Tahiti, Tonga, Fiji, Marquesas Islands, Tokelau…) EUCD1597
SOUTHEASTERN EUROPE Rodopi Ensemble: Thraki - Thrace - The Paths of Dionysus EUCD2822
SPAIN Andres Fernandez Amador: Absolute Flamenco EUCD2574
SPAIN Best of Gypsy Flamenco from Andalusia EUCD1612
SPAIN Best of Rafa El Tachuela: Flamenco EUCD2707
SPAIN Chanela: Flamenco Latino EUCD2276
SPAIN Codigo de Barros EUCD2566
SPAIN Danza Fuego: Flamenco Andalucia EUCD2677
SPAIN Danza Fuego: Gypsy Flamenco, Leyenda Andaluza EUCD2124
SPAIN Enrique Ugarte: Music of the Basques EUCD1712
SPAIN Flamenco Passion EUCD2793
SPAIN Grupo Macarena: Gypsy Flamenco EUCD2083
SPAIN Grupo Macarena: Gypsy Flamenco EUCD2838
SPAIN Grupo Macarena: Gypsy Flamenco Rumba EUCD1905
SPAIN Jaleo: Flamenco Live EUCD2043
SPAIN Jason Carter: Contemporary Spanish Guitar EUCD1336
SPAIN Jose (La): Espiral EUCD2596
SPAIN Korrontzi: Tradition 2.1 EUCD2538
SPAIN Manuel El Chachi Lopez-Ruiz: Gypsy Rumba Flamenco EUCD1683
SPAIN Manuel Lopez-Ruiz: Gypsy Rumba Flamenco EUCD2534
SPAIN Mondao (El): Flamenco EUCD2646
SPAIN Muthiko Alaiak Fanfarrea: Music from the Basque Country EUCD1976
SPAIN Os Rosales: The Bagpipes of Celtic Galicia EUCD1602
SPAIN Os Rosales: The Bagpipes of Celtic Galicia EUCD2681
SPAIN Rafa El Tachliela: Flamenco Nuevo EUCD1971
SPAIN Rafa El Tachliela: Flamenco Romantico EUCD2029
SPAIN Rafa El Tachuela: Gypsy Rumba Flamenco EUCD2184
SPAIN Rafa El Tachuela: Gypsy Rumba Flamenco EUCD2816
SPAIN Rumba Catalan EUCD2381
SPAIN Songs and Dances EUCD2320
SPAIN Tango Festival - International Festival of Tango (Granada, 1973) EUCD1904
SPAIN Tariq EUCD2545
SPAIN Ultimate Guide to Spanish Folk EUCD2450
SPAIN Vigüela: Temperamento EUCD2635
SPAIN Vigüela: Tiempo Real (A) - A New Take On Spanish Tradition EUCD2806
SUDAN Sound of Sudan (The) EUCD2550
SUFI Shafqat Ali Khan: Sublime Sufi - New Perspectives on Ancient Sufi Roots EUCD1798
SWEDEN Blekinge Spelmansforbund: The Music of Sweden EUCD1718
SWEDEN Kurbits: Folk Music from Sweden EUCD1617
SYRIA Maqams of Syria - Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya EUCD1765
SYRIA Zein Al-Jundi: Traditional Songs from Syria EUCD2685
TACHUELA, Rafa El: Flamenco EUCD2404
TAHITI Tahiti Here: Music from the South Pacific EUCD2740
TAIWAN Musical Explorers - Taiwan Silk and Strings (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya, 1973) EUCD2773D
TANGO ARGENTINO - Trio Pantango EUCD2437
TANGO Tango Enrosque: Histoire du Tango EUCD1931
TANGO Tango Enrosque: Histoire du Tango EUCD2543
THAILAND / LAOS Music from Thailand and Laos EUCD2588
THAILAND Music from Thailand (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattarcharya, 1973) EUCD1557
THAILAND Music from Thailand (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattarcharya, 1973) EUCD2757
TIBET Music of the Sacred Temples (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya) EUCD2325
TIBET Musical Explorers - Music of Tibet (Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya, 1975 and 1979) EUCD2758
TIBET Techung: Lam la che (On the Road) EUCD2462
TIBET Techung: Songs from Tibet EUCD2014
TRANQUILITY - Music for Relaxation EUCD2814
TUNISIA Amine and Hamza: Band Beyond Borders (The) - Fertile Paradoxes EUCD2704
TUNISIA Ez-Zouhour: Music of Tunisia EUCD2403
TURKEY / GREECE Du-Sems Ensemble: Music from Turkey and Greece EUCD2592
TURKEY Anadolu University Folk Dance Ensemble: Traditional Music EUCD2301
TURKEY Bazaar Istanbul - Music of Turkey EUCD1884
TURKEY Discover Music from Turkey EUCD2604
TURKEY Du-Sems Ensemble: Traditional Turkish Sufi Music EUCD2424
TURKEY Ensemble Tahir Aydogdu: Turkish Traditional Music EUCD2072
TURKEY Erkan Dedeoglu: Music of the Ottoman Empire - Turkish Classical Music EUCD1677
TURKEY Gulizar Turkish Music Ensemble: Music of the Whirling Dervishes EUCD2086
TURKEY Hüseyin Türkmenler / Günay Türkmenler: Music of Turkey EUCD2653
TURKEY Huseyin Turkmenler Ensemble: Bellydance from Turkey EUCD2123
TURKEY Huseyin Turkmenler Ensemble: Oriental Dance from Turkey EUCD1915
TURKEY Huseyin Turkmenler Ensemble: Traditional Songs from Turkey EUCD1927
TURKEY Olcay Bayir: Rüya - Dream for Anatolia EUCD2827
TURKEY Popular Turkish Folk Songs EUCD2391
TURKEY Shahrazat: Turkish Bellydance EUCD1994
TURKEY Shimal: Turkey Modern Tradition EUCD1963
TURKEY Sufi Music from Turkey EUCD1741
TURKEY Sufi Music from Turkey EUCD2813
TURKEY Traditional Music from Turkey EUCD2501
TURKEY Traditions of Turkey EUCD1776
TURKEY Turkish Bellydance EUCD2380
TURKEY Turkish Bellydance (Desert Night Dance) EUCD2411
TURKEY Turkish Gypsy Music EUCD2236
TUVA Ay-Kherel: The Music of Tuva EUCD1860
UGANDA Rachel Mgoola: Songs from the Source of the Nile EUCD1973
UGARTE, Enrique: 20 Best of Tango Argentino EUCD1629
UGARTE, Enrique: Classics on Accordion EUCD2650
UKRAINE Songs and Dances EUCD1604
UKRAINE Veseli Muzyky: From Kiev to the Black Sea - Folk Music from Ukraine EUCD2002
UNITED KINGDOM 20 Best Irish Songs EUCD2556
UNITED KINGDOM Beeston Pipe Band: Amazing Grace (Pipes and Drums of Scotland) EUCD2189
UNITED KINGDOM Best of Scottish Fiddle EUCD2098
UNITED KINGDOM Clan Sutherland Pipe Band: Scottish Pipes and Drums EUCD2148
UNITED KINGDOM Discover Music from Ireland EUCD2570
UNITED KINGDOM Kieran Fahy: Haunting Slow Airs from Ireland EUCD2171
UNITED KINGDOM London Jewish Male Choir: 80 Years of the London Jewish Male Choir EUCD2015
UNITED KINGDOM London Jewish Male Choir: Best of the London Jewish Male Choir EUCD2775
UNITED KINGDOM Saor Patrol: AfterMath the Ballads EUCD2560
UNITED KINGDOM Saor Patrol: Highlander Outlander Unplugged EUCD2558
UNITED KINGDOM Saor Patrol: XV 15 Year Anniversary Edition - Total Reworx, Vol. 1 EUCD2597
UNITED KINGDOM Saor Patrol: XV 15 Year Anniversary Edition - Total Reworx, Vol. 2 EUCD2608
UNITED KINGDOM Scottish Folk at its Best EUCD2151
UNITED KINGDOM Songs of Wales EUCD2145
UNITED KINGDOM Tara: Irish Songs (Paddy Dreaming) EUCD2180
UNITED KINGDOM Very Best of Irish Ballads (The) EUCD2567
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / CANADA Eagle Song - Pow Wows of the Native American Indians EUCD2803
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / CANADA Eagle Song (Powwows of the Native American Indians) EUCD1952
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / CANADA Sacred Dance (Pow Wows of the Native American Indians) EUCD1847
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 20 Best Folk Songs of America EUCD2194
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Alice Gomez / Jessita Reyes: Sacred Wind - Native American Flute EUCD2738
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Gary Stroutsos: Night Chants - Native American Flute EUCD2777
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Jessita Reyes / Alice Gomez: Best of Native American Flute - Spirit Prayer EUCD2706
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Longhouse: Native Chants EUCD2872
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Matthew Nelson / Clark Tenakhongva / Gary Stroutsos: Öngtupqa - Sacred Music of the Hopi Tribe EUCD2851
UNITED STATES Paul Espinoza / Margie Butler: 40 Most Popular American Folk Songs EUCD2464
UNITED STATES Rolando Sanchez and Salsa Hawaii Band: Salsa EUCD2003
UZBEKISTAN Ochilbek Matchonov: Music from Central Asia - Uzbekistan on the Silk Road EUCD2728
UZBEKISTAN The Music of Uzbekistan - Field Recordings by Deben Bhattacharya (1970) EUCD2438
VENEZUELA De Norte a Sur: Traditional Songs EUCD2467
VIDAL, Juanjo Lopez: Tango EUCD2407
VIETNAM Tri Nguyen: Art of the Vietnamese Zither (The) EUCD2826
WALES Best of Welsh Choirs EUCD2865
WALES Best of Welsh Folk EUCD2842
WALES Celtic Folk from Wales EUCD2222
WEST AFRICA Chidinma Okafor: Modern Gospel from West Africa EUCD2186
WOMAN'S WORLD (A) - Songs of Resilience and Hope EUCD2815
WORLD MUSIC - Best of Flamenco EUCD2343
WORLD MUSIC Best of Bellydance EUCD2137
WORLD MUSIC Masters of Percussion EUCD2155
WORLD MUSIC Miguel Castro: World Percussion (Rhythm Journey) EUCD2115
YIDDISH / KLEZMER / SEPHARDIC: Best of Yiddish Songs and Klezmer Music EUCD2636
YIDDISH Best of Yiddish Songs and Klezmer Music EUCD1404
YIDDISH City of the Future - Yiddish Songs from the former Soviet Union EUCD2617
YIDDISH Hilda Bronstein Sings Yiddish Songs Old and New EUCD2684
YIDDISH Hilda Bronstein: Yiddish Songs EUCD2296
YIDDISH Music of the Old Jewish World EUCD2627
YIDDISH Yale Strom's Broken Consort: Shimmering Lights EUCD2809
YIDDISH Yiddish Journey - The Music Of Lenka Lichtenberg EUCD2625
ZIMBABWE African Homeland (Voices and Rhythms from Zimbabwe) EUCD2271
ZIMBABWE Dumisani Ramadu Moyo: Izambulelo - Traditional and Contemporary Music from Zimbabwe EUCD1704
ZIMBABWE Dumisani Ramadu Moyo: Izambulelo - Traditional and Contemporary Music from Zimbabwe EUCD2717


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