From its very beginning in the year 1998, ArcoDiva Recording Company from Prague has become the most important independent producer of classical music in the Czech Republic and the Middle-European territory established after the 1989 political changes. The catalogue of the company includes more than a hundred titles, many of which received awards abroad. The ArcoDiva Company releases about 12 new projects per year, very often in co-production with influential institutions such as Czech Radio and International Prague Spring Festival. ArcoDiva exports its own CDs overseas including to Japan, China, South Korea etc., and regularly takes part at MIDEM in Cannes. ArcoDiva works with the progressive 24-bit 96-KHz recording technology producing also for other foreign companies such as PRAGA DIGITAL. The ArcoDiva catalogue includes big prestigious projects such as the oratorio Svata Ludmila by Dvořák (SACD in co-production with the Prague Spring Festival), Symphonies by Gustav Mahler and many others with the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Radio Symphony Orchestra, Prague Symphony Orchestra, Brno Philharmonic Orchestra, Prague Chamber Orchestra, Prague Philharmonia, Quattro Orchestra and Pilsen Philharmonic Orchestra.


Album Title Catalogue No.
BACH, J.S.: Cello Suites Nos. 1-3, BWV 1007-1009 (Vlašánková) UP0173-2
BAND OF THE CASTLE GUARD AND CZECH POLICE: Gustav Mahler and Military Music in Jihlava 1875 UP0129-2
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Cantata on the death of the Emperor Joseph II / Cantata on the accession of Emperor Leopold II (Petrdlik) UP0148-2
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Cello Sonatas Nos. 2 and 3 / Variations on Ein Madchen oder Weibchen (Páleníček, Čechová) TR0001
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Piano Concerto No. 5, "Emperor" / Piano Sonata No. 24 (Mašek, Czech Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Pardubice, Svárovský) UP0109-2
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Piano Trio No. 1 / DVORAK, A.: Piano Trio No. 4, "Dumky" (Max Brod Trio) UP0098-2
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphony No. 1 / MARTINŮ, B.: Oboe Concerto / KABELÁČ, M.: Symphony No. 4, "Camerata" (Veverka, Ivanovič) UP0123-2
BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphony No. 2 / SMETANA, B.: Triumph Symphony / MARTINŮ, B.: Sinfonietta La Jolla (Tomoko Asahina, Ivanovič) UP0136-2
BENDA, G.: Ariadne auf Naxos (Molavcová, Strejček, Mecerodová, Czech Chamber Philharmonic, Pardubice, Krček) UP0066-2
BODOROVÁ, S.: Concerto dei Fiori / LUKÁŠ, Z.: Concerto grosso / FIŠER, L.: Amoroso / MÁCHA, O.: Variations (Quattro Orchestra, Stilec) UP0100-2
BODOROVÁ, S.: Ja Ra Laj (Margita) UP0110-2
BODOROVÁ, S.: Juda Maccabeus [Oratorio] (Válek) UP0065-2
BODOROVÁ, S.: Terezín Ghetto Requiem / Concierto de Estío / STEVENSON, R.: Voces vagabundae (Cliffe, Siewers, Martinu Quartet) UP0052-2
BRAHMS, J.: Symphony No. 3 / KRČEK, J.: Symphony No. 5, "Renaissance" (Prague Symphony, Kout) FOK0002-2
Cello and Guitar Recital: Nouzovský, Petr / Brüllová, Miriam Rodriguez - FAURÉ, G. / VIVALDI, A. / FALLA, M. de / SCHUBERT, F. (Après un rêve) UP0189
Cello Recital: Ericsson, Mikael - KOCH, E. von / PETRÁŠ, M. / CARLSTEDT, J. / KUKAL, O. / ERICSSON, M. (Cello M.E.) UP0138-2
Chamber Music - BODOROVÁ, S. / KUKAL, O. / DUŠEK, J. / PÁLKA, T. / KUČERA, J. / SHULMAN, A. (Crossover) (Venys, Epoque Quartet, Pavelka) UP0147-2
Chamber Music - FRANCAIX, J. / BORDES, C. / INDY, V. d' / PIERNE, G. / JOLIVET, A. (Englichová, Jans, Martinu Quartet) UP0104-2
Chamber Music - HAYDN, J. / HAVEL, V. / BRANKA, F. / MOZART, W.A. / KROMMER, F. / SALIERI, A. (Armonia della Notte) (Ensemble Philidor) UP0096-2
Chamber Music - MARTINŮ, B. / JANÁČEK, L. / SMETANA, B. / DVOŘÁK, A. / SUK, J. / BODOROVÁ, S. (Czech Chamber Music) (Vlachova) UP0146-2
Chamber Music (Clarinet Trio) - STRAVINSKY, I. / BARTÓK, B. / SCHOENFIELD, P. / HURNÍK, L. / BRUNNER, M. / FILAS, J. (Trio Clavio) UP0204
Chamber Music (Guitar Quartet) - FALLA, M. de / MORENO TORROBA, F. / RODRIGO, J. (Nights in the Gardens of Spain) (Prague Guitar Quartet) UP0198
Chamber Music (Piano and Wind Quintet) - MARTINŮ, B. / MOZART, W.A. / POULENC, F. (I. Klánský, Prague Philharmonia Wind Quintet) UP0227
Chamber Music (Piano Trio) - RACHMANINOV, S. / FRANCK, C. / SUK, J. (Petrof Piano Trio) UP0183