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Launched in 2002,
the Naxos Music Library

has grown into an invaluable, world-beating online musical resource. Students, professionals and armchair enthusiasts alike are now able to access the contents of more than 100,000 discs from the entire Naxos and Marco Polo catalogues, plus those of almost 700 other major and independent labels.

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“In my work as a music director and guest conductor, I have come to rely on the Naxos Music Library for assistance in programming and in discovering new repertoire and soloists. The breadth and depth of the offerings of the Library are astounding, and the quality extremely high. I have found it to be an invaluable tool in my musical life”

JoAnn Falletta
Music Director, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and Virginia Symphony Orchestra.

Streaming millions
of tracks each year,

the Naxos Music Library is the world's most comprehensive online music library, with recordings of works ranging from mediaeval to contemporary. It also contains jazz, world, pop and rock music. Altogether, subscribers have access to music from almost 700 labels, comprising around 1.5 million tracks from 100,000 discs.

Thank you so much for the access to this amazing collection! Thumbs up
and five stars.

Penny Siganou
Just discovered the Naxos Library and I'll be never wanting for interesting music! Spent the night with Philip Glass, then Sufi music from Turkey and Pakistan with a bit of Piazzolla thrown in. Thanks for that!

Annamaria Magnus,
Your site is simply fantastic! Thanks for all of the work you put into it.

Andrew Dunning,
University of Toronto, Canada

The Naxos Music
Library is not just an
audio-streaming service.

It also offers academic resources that include composer biographies, a glossary of musical terms, a pronunciation guide, analyses of major classical works, plus opera libretti and synopses. There are also more than a hundred podcasts on ground-breaking Naxos recordings along with artist interviews.

“The Naxos Music Library has become one of my most trusted tools and inspirations. Within seconds I can find out all the information I need in order to make program decisions—composer dates, opus numbers, keys of works, playing time, instrumentation, informative notes on works and composers, cross references to other works—everything is there. If I need to compare three or four works of similar length or structure I can do so at the click of a button. Having access to many different labels allows comparison of the same works and Naxos Historical is becoming a treasure trove par excellence. Besides, my students no longer say: I couldn’t find it!”

Uwe Grodd
Educator, flautist, conductor

The Naxos Music Library
also has resources

for introducing young listeners to the world of orchestral music, while high school students and teachers have access to a study area offering materials that support individual curriculum requirements in North America, UK, Australia, Ireland and South Korea.

So do the students.

Carol Christofferson,
Pima Community College,
Tucson, Arizona
I would like to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful service you are providing for students and teachers with your online library. This has truly inspired students not only to engage in course-related listening, but to explore on their own and discover amazing music.

Alain McCann,
LCVI High School, Canada
I can’t think of any day without using NML. Thank you for providing this wonderful service.

Prof. Young-Han Hur,
Music History Department
of the Korean National University of Arts

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