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This month brings you another bumper crop of great reviews from the leading music magazines, quality dailies and online review sites. There’s no doubt about it: Naxos releases and distributes some of the best CDs and DVDs available!

Naxos CDs

SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Symphonies, Vol. 9 - Symphony No. 4
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Petrenko
Naxos 8.573188


100 Best
Records of the Year:

an absolutely stonking performance - Gramophone

coruscating performance - The Sunday Times, London

ROSSINI, G.: Semiramide [Opera]
Penda, Pizzolato, Regazzo, Osborn, Mastroni, Fogliani
Naxos 8.660340-42

100 Best
Records of the Year:
Classical - #8

Penda is credibly a killer as well as a siren - Opera News

GOEHR, A.: Marching to Carcassonne / When Adam Fell / Pastorals
P. Serkin, BBC Symphony, London Sinfonietta, Knussen
Naxos 8.573052

100 Best
Records of the Year:
Contemporary Composers - #8

Serkin is splendid. - The Sunday Times, London

SIBELIUS, J.: Symphonies Nos. 3 and 5 / Jager March (Kajanus Conducts Sibelius, Vol. 3) (1928, 1932)
Naxos 8.111395

100 Best
Records of the Year:
Classical Reissues - #8

SIERRA, R.: Sinfonía No. 4 / Fandangos / Carnaval
Nashville Symphony, Guerrero
Naxos 8.559738

It’s all done with good taste and a light touch, and as with the other two works the performances by the Nashville Symphony under Giancarlo Guerrero sound very confident. -

HINDEMITH, P.: String Quartets, Vol. 2 (Amar Quartet) - Nos. 5, 6, 7
Naxos 8.572164

Chamber Music

KARABITS, I.: Concertos for Orchestra Nos. 1-3 / SILVESTROV, V.: Elegy / Abschiedsserenade
Bournemouth Symphony, K. Karabits
Naxos 8.572633


MENDELSSOHN, Felix: Violin Concertos / Violin Sonata in F Minor
Tianwa Yang, Descharmes, Sinfonia Finlandia Jyvaskyla, P. Gallois
Naxos 8.572662

Best Collection

PENDERECKI, K.: Piano Concerto, "Resurrection" / Flute Concerto
B. Douglas, Dlugosz, Warsaw Philharmonic, Wit
Naxos 8.572696


WAGHALTER, I.: Violin Concerto / Rhapsody / Violin Sonata
Trynkos, Latsabidze, A. Walker
Naxos 8.572809

Best Collection

GHEDINI, G.F.: Violin and Piano Music (Complete)
Bernecoli, Bianchi
Naxos 8.572828

Chamber Music

SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: Symphonies, Vol. 8 - Symphony No. 7, "Leningrad"
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, Petrenko
Naxos 8.573057

Symphonic Music

GESUALDO, C.: Madrigals, Books 5 and 6 (Madrigali libro quinto e sesto, 1611)
Delitiae Musicae, Longhini
Naxos 8.573147-49

Early Music

CORIGLIANO, J.: Conjurer / Vocalise
Glennie, Plitmann, Albany Symphony, Miller
Naxos 8.559757

Best Classical Instrumental Solo

WHITBOURN, J.: Annelies (chamber version)
A. Zukerman, Westminster Williamson Voices, Lincoln Trio, Chandra, J. Jordan
Naxos 8.573070

Best Choral Performance

WEINBERG, M.: Symphony No. 8, Op. 83, "Tveti Pol'shi", "Kwiaty Polskie" (Polish Flowers)
Dobrowolska, Marciniec, Bartminski, Wit
Naxos 8.572873

SARASATE, P. de: Violin and Orchestra Music, Vol. 4
Tianwa Yang, Navarre Symphony, Martinez-Izquierdo
Naxos 8.572276

Great end to a series - Pizzicato

ZEMLINSKY, A.: String Quartets, Vol. 1 - Nos. 3 and 4
Escher String Quartet
Naxos 8.572813

Exciting! - Pizzicato

GORDON, R.I.: Rappahannock County [Opera]
Walters, Sherman, Tuell, Moreno, Moore, Virginia Arts Festival Orchestra, Fisher
Naxos 8.669028-29

Rappahannock County could not have received a finer performance than that heard here. - Opera News

PAINE, J.K.: As You Like it Overture / The Tempest /
Symphony No. 1

Ulster Orchestra, Falletta
Naxos 8.559747

I enjoyed this disc immensely. - MusicWeb International

See Naxos catalogue

Naxos Blu-ray Audio

PROKOFIEV, S.: Symphony No. 4 (revised 1947 version) / The Prodigal Son (Blu-Ray Audio)
São Paulo Symphony, Alsop
Naxos Blu-ray NBD0038

The hi-res surround reproduction of the audio-only Blu-ray is superb, and the two-channel version is also excellent. - Audiophile Audition

Naxos Audiobooks

HEYER, G.: Grand Sophy (The) (Unabridged)
Naxos AudioBooks NA0142

Best Audiobooks of 2013
a delightful specimen - The Washington Post

See Naxos Audiobooks catalogue

Accentus Music

BRUCKNER, A.: Symphony No. 4 (NTSC)
Accentus Music ACC-20217

DVD Performance

See Accentus Music catalogue

Arthaus Musik

BRITTEN, B.: War Requiem (NTSC)
Arthaus 101659

DVD Performance

See Arthaus Musik catalogue

Basel Symphony Orchestra

SCHUBERT, F.: Symphony No. 9, "Great"
Basel Symphony Orchestra, D.R. Davies
Basel Symphony Orchestra SOB03

perfectly refreshing and satisfying live performance -

See Basel Symphony Orchestra catalogue

BR Klassik

BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphonies Nos. 1-9 / Reflections
Bavarian Radio Symphony, Jansons
BR-Klassik 900119

This is an exceptional realisation of Beethoven’s nine symphonies, one of those rare occasions when one is left with a feeling of having been in the presence of the thing itself. - Gramophone

See BR Klassik catalogue

C Major

SCHUMANN, R.: Symphonies Nos. 1-4 / SCHUMANN AT PIER2 (Documentary) (NTSC)
German Chamber Philharmonic, P. Jarvi
C Major 711908 [DVD] / 712004 [Blu-ray]

this film of Schumann’s symphonies feels true to both man and music, with hungry, questing performances - Gramophone

See C Major catalogue

Cantaloupe Music

BURHANS, C.: Magnificat / Amidst Neptune / Iceman Stole the Sun / Super Flumina Babylonis (Evensong)
Cantaloupe Music CA-21094

NPR Music's 50 Favorite Albums of 2013

emerging fresh with touches of minimalism and mysticism - National Public Radio

See Cantaloupe Music catalogue


String Quartets - BERG, A. / BARTOK, B. / SCHNITTKE, A. (No. 3)
Signum Quartet
Capriccio C5163

Chamber Music

See Capriccio catalogue

Carpe Diem

BACH, J.S.: Violin Sonata No. 1, BWV 1001 (arr. for lute) / Violin Partita No. 1, BWV 1004 (arr. for lute)
Carpe Diem CD-16295

Baroque Instrumental

See Carpe Diem catalogue


SHOSTAKOVICH, D.: String Quartets Nos. 13-15 / SCHNITTKE, A.: String Quartet No. 6 (The Soviet Experience, Vol. 4)
Pacifica Quartet
Cedille CDR90000-145

Best Classical Recordings of 2013

an artistic and technical triumph - Chicago Tribune

See Cedille catalogue


SCHIERBECK, P.: Fete galante [Opera]
Dacapo 6.220637-38

there’s an effervescence and warmth here that are immensely likeable - Gramophone

See Dacapo catalogue


LANG, Margaret Ruthven: Piano Music
(From the Unforgetting Skies)

Delos DE3433

committed and fluent
- MusicWeb International

See Delos catalogue

Dorian Sono Luminus

SURROUNDED BY ANGELS - A Christmas Celebration with Ensemble Galilei
Dorian Sono Luminus DSL-92173

utter delight from start to finish - International Record Review

See Dorian Sono Luminus catalogue

EPC Distribution

TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Iolanta / STRAVINSKY, I.: Persephone (2012) (NTSC)
Teatro Real
EPC Distribution TR97011DVD

See EPC Distribution catalogue


ZIMMERMANN, B.A.: Soldaten (Die) (Salzburg Festival, 2012) (NTSC)
EuroArts 2072588 [DVD]

DVD Performance

On all fronts, this production of Die Soldaten is worthy of the highest praise. This is a difficult work on all levels, but a very crucial one; this release preserves a marvelous rendition of it. - Opera News

See EuroArts catalogue

Grand Piano

TÜRK, D.G.: Keyboard Sonatas, Collections 1 and 2 (1776-1777)
Grand Piano GP627-28

These are discs to listen to from start to finish, and enjoy as one would stroll from artwork to artwork at an exhibition. - Clavichord International

See Grand Piano catalogue

ICA Classics

ELGAR, E.: Enigma Variations (NTSC)
BBC Symphony, Bernstein
ICA Classics ICAD5098

The New York Times Holiday Gift Guide 2013

The rehearsal material is especially entertaining - The New York Times

See ICA Classics catalogue

Idéale Audience

MOZART, W.A.: Symphony No. 25 / BEETHOVEN, L. van: Symphony No. 5 (Verbier Festival, 2012) (NTSC)
Ideale Audience 3079948

DVD Performance

See Idéale Audience catalogue

Oehms Classics

TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Symphony No. 3, "Polish" / The Sleeping Beauty Suite
Cologne Gurzenich Orchestra, Kitayenko
Oehms Classics OC670

Symphonic Music

See Oehms Classics catalogue


SAARIAHO, K.: Passion de Simone (La)
Upshaw, Tapiola Chamber Choir, Finnish Radio Symphony, Salonen
Ondine ODE1217-5


unsurpassable performance -

See Ondine catalogue

Opus Arte

TCHAIKOVSKY, P.I.: Eugene Onegin (2013) (NTSC)
Royal Opera House
Opus Arte OA1120D [DVD] / OABD7132D [Blu-ray]

This is not the big, epic symphonic Onegin of Russian tradition but a most attentive use of Tchaikovsky’s subtle dynamics and orchestral colours that doesn’t lack an ounce of excitement in the stirring symphonic codas to the dances and big choruses. - Gramophone

See Opus Arte catalogue

Other Minds

Piano Recital: Cahill, Sarah - RILEY, T. / MONK, M. / RZEWSKI, F. / GANN, K. / STONE, C. (A Sweeter Music)
Other Minds OM1022-2

NPR Music’s 100 Favorite Songs Of 2013

languid, easygoing new Terry Riley piece - National Public Radio

See Other Minds catalogue

Paladino Music

MOZART, W.A.: Piano Concertos Nos. 12 and 13 / Church Sonata No. 17 (The Mozart Sessions)
M. Schirmer, A Far Cry
Paladino Music PMR0038


See Paladino Music catalogue

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