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This month brings you another bumper crop of great reviews from the leading music magazines, quality dailies and online review sites. There’s no doubt about it: Naxos releases and distributes some of the best CDs and DVDs available!

Naxos Releases

ARENSKY, A.: Chamber Music - Piano Quintet / String Quartet No. 2 / Piano Trio No. 1
Spectrum Concerts Berlin
Naxos 8.573317

‘Splendid playing, marked by perfect intonation, ensemble balance, and tonal warmth, conjoined with emotional engagement, interpretive intelligence, and superior recording, add up to a very strong recommendation for this release.’ – Fanfare

GRAINGER, P.: Saxophone Music
Joyce Griggs
Naxos 8.573228

‘Griggs has brought to fruition with this disc a tribute both to Grainger and to the saxophone family, all while creating a highly impressive demonstration of her own versatility both as musical scholar and as performer’

Guitar Duo Recital: Amadeus Guitar Duo
GARCIA, G. (Images from the South)

Amadeus Guitar Duo
Naxos 8.573442

‘An extremely well executed, and thoroughly entertaining and unhackneyed hour-long recital’ – Classic FM

MAYR, G.S. / DONIZETTI, G.: Gran messa di requiem in G Minor
Thornhill, Ruckgaber, Holzhauser, Schäfer, Sellier, Berner, Mittelhammer, Thoma, Mischok, Simon Mayr Chorus and Ensemble, Hauk
Naxos 8.573419-20 [2 CDs]

‘What is genuinely cheering about the set is the affection that Franz Hauk and his mainly Bavarian forces clearly have for the music of their fellow countryman. The performance has style and panache, and the recording is first-rate. ’

PAULUS, S.: Three Places of Enlightenment / Veil of Tears /
Grand Concerto

Laube, Nashville Symphony, Guerrero
Naxos 8.559740

Piano and Orchestral Works - SEDAKA, N. / EMERSON, K. / ELLINGTON, D. (Manhattan Intermezzo)
Biegel, Brown University Orchestra, Phillips
Naxos 8.573490

‘Let your ear be the guide. There’s no mistaking the Duke’s irresistible swing or the unfiltered breakfast syrup of Sedaka. Go on, ignore the calories and indulge. ’ – La Scena Musicale

SIERRA, R.: Sinfonia No. 3, "La Salsa" /
Beyond the Silence of Sorrow / Borikén / El Baile

Guth, Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra, Valdés
Naxos 8.559817

‘Three highly entertaining orchestral works saturated with Latin rhythms and melodic motives’ –

‘The stellar musicianship and artistry of [Puerto Rico Symphony Orchestra] comes vibrantly through on these tracks.’ –

Vocal and Organ Recital: Brewer, Christine /
Jacobs, Paul - BACH, J.S. / GOUNOD, C. / FRANCK, C. /

Brewer, Jacobs
Naxos 8.573524

‘This is an excellent disc for anyone interested in the sacred music repertoire and in the glorious voice of Christine Brewer.’
La Scena Musicale

ELIOT, G.: Daniel Deronda (Unabridged)
Juliet Stevenson
Naxos AudioBooks NA0160

‘The precision with which narrator Juliet Stevenson brings each character to life is impressive.’ – AudioFile

See Naxos catalogue

Accentus Music

BACH, J.S.: Inventions and Sinfonias
Zhu Xiao-Mei
Accentus Music ACC-30350

‘Zhu is so meticulous and precise in her execution, even a Bach purist can appreciate her skills and ability to make these pieces intellectually and emotionally satisfying.’ –

See Accentus Music catalogue

Arthaus Musik

WEINBERG, M.: Passenger (The) (Bregenz Festival, 2010)
Breedt, Saccà, Kelessidi, Rucinski, Doneva, Voje, Wróblewska,
Wiener Symphoniker, Currentzis

Arthaus 109080 [Blu-ray] | 109079 [DVD]

‘The Bregenz production had the knife-edge atmosphere of a major rediscovery, and it features strong performances from most of the principals and from the Vienna Symphony Orchestra under Teodor Currentzis. The entire thing is superbly recorded and filmed.’ – Gramophone

See Arthaus Musik catalogue


DVOŘÁK, A.: Stabat Mater
Chor und Symphonieorchester des Bayerischen Rundfunks, Jansons
BR-Klassik 900142

‘There are many deep pleasures here.’ –

See BR-Klassik catalogue

Cantaloupe Music

Piano Recital: Moore, Lisa - ADAMS, J.L. / BRESNICK, M. / WOLFE, J. / MAZZOLI, M. (The Stone People)
Lisa Moore
Cantaloupe Music CA-21115

‘Moore is a bonafide star on the ivories...and on this new recording, “The Stone People,” she shines with an almost unbearable intensity.’
WQXR (New York)

See Cantaloupe Music catalogue


RACHMANINOV, S.: Cello Sonata / Elegy / Vocalise / Romance
Krijgh, Amara
Capriccio C5258

‘Sensitive, refined and, above all, tasteful Rachmaninov performances by a well-tuned duo.’s rehabilitation.’ – Pizzicato

See Capriccio catalogue


BURHANS, C.: Excelsior / BATES, M.: Red River /
SHAPIRO, A.: Perpetual Spark / LIMBACHER, J.: Air

Fifth House Ensemble
Cedille CDR90000-148

‘The members of 5HE give each piece vivid treatment. Everything is freshly considered and shaped with expressive finesse.’ – Gramophone

See Cedille catalogue


NIELSEN, C.: Maskarade (Masquerade) [Opera]
Milling, Reuter, Riis, Beck, Dahl, Andersen, Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Choir, Schønwandt
Dacapo 6.220641-42

‘pleasant discovery awaits many listeners.’ – Opera News

See Dacapo catalogue

Grand Piano

GODARD, B.: Piano Works, Vol. 1
Eliane Reyes
Grand Piano GP683

‘Her [Eliane Reyes] playing is flowing, clearly contoured but with a restrained softness and noblesse which is good for the pieces and shifts them in a light and, at the same time, remote sphere. The great sound of the disc also enhances the musical enjoyment.’ – Piano News

‘The assured playing of Eliane Reyes, her energy and warmth, all contribute to make this rediscovery attractive.’ – Diapason

‘Eliane Reyes interprets a wide selection of his [Godard’s] lyrical piano works with insight and great clarity and shows the genius of a composer who was forgotten too quickly.’ – Crescendo


See Grand Piano catalogue


DVOŘÁK, A.: String Quintet in E-Flat Major /
BRAHMS, J.: String Quintet No. 2

Garlitsky, Jaha Lee, Kyoungmin Park, Kovalev, Graham
OehmsClassics OC1829

‘Loving readings, superb execution, and a beautifully clean, transparent recording earn my highest recommendation.’ – Fanfare

See OehmsClassics catalogue

Opus Arte

WAGNER, R.: Tannhäuser (Bayreuth Festival, 2014) (NTSC)
Kerl, Nylund, Breedt, Eiche, Kwangchul Youn,
Bayreuth Festival Orchestra and Chorus, Kober

Opus Arte OA1177D

‘Conductor Axel Kober seizes upon every lyrical theme. It’s all worth watching.’ – Opera News

See Opus Arte catalogue

Sono Luminus

GREGSON, Peter: Touch
Peter Gregson
Sono Luminus DSL-92191

‘The musicianship is of a very high caliber, and the recording is of the highest standards of the recording art…’ – Audiophile Audition

See Sono Luminus catalogue


HAHN, R.: Divertissement pour une fête de nuit /
Le Bal de Béatrice d'Este / Sérénade

Ensemble Initium, Orchestre des Pays de Savoie, Chalvin
Timpani 1C1231

‘This relaxing and very atmospheric program is beautifully performed, with a lot of sensitivity, elegance and serenity, just ‘la douce France’!’ – Pizzicato

See Timpani catalogue

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