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In addition to its own wide-reaching monthly new releases (see, Naxos also distributes several leading labels in many countries around the world. Here is a choice selection of recent releases from some of these distributed labels.

Selected CDs


CORDERO, E.: Estampas Creollas / La Garita del Diablo
Garcia, Lugo, Prieto, Quiros, Romero, Orfeon San Juan Bautista, Sinfonieta Puertorriquena, Figueroa, Valdes
Artek AR-0063-2

Composer and guitarist Ernesto Cordero was born in 1946 in New York and raised in Puerto Rico. He has composed a large rich catalogue distinguished by its Caribbean flavor. To date, there are more than fifty recordings of Cordero’s works. Although now generally known as a composer, the New York Times highly acclaimed his January 1978 Carnegie Hall debut as a guitarist and as a composer. “His technique is impeccable… The colorist variety of his playing is also extensive… a beguiling sensuous wash of sound”.

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Cantaloupe Music

LANG, D.: Difficulty of Crossing a Field (The) [Opera]
Bakari, Burchett, Carrico, Coleman, L. Mitchell, N. Mitchell, O'Regan Thiele, Pringle, Robinson, Sanders, White, Williams, Zippi, Harlem String Quartet, Kinney Frost
Cantaloupe Music CA-21107

Based on a one-page story by Ambrose Bierce, The Difficulty of Crossing a Field is a joint collaboration in musical theater between composer David Lang and playwright Mac Wellman. It recounts, in the words of a recent New York Times performance review, “a strange disappearance and what the neighbors have to say about it.”

Mixing arias with spoken text and emotional melodies with tense drama, the story takes place in 1854 near Selma, Alabama, where a planter named Williamson has vanished without a trace while crossing a field.

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MOSOLOV, A.: Zavod (The Foundry) / Piano Concerto No. 1 /
Legenda / Piano Sonata No. 1

Pschenitschnikowa, Riemke, Schleiermacher,
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra, Kalitzke

Capriccio C5241

Among his contemporary countrymen, the Russian Alexander Mosolov certainly underwent one of the most individual developments. However unknown, most of his compositions have remained both in the Soviet Union and abroad, a single piece has ensured that his name has stayed lastingly present – the Iron Foundry from the ballet ‘Steel’ (1926/27). It clearly ran contrary to the demands of ‘Socialist Realism’ gradually becoming established in the post-revolutionary Soviet Union and finally declared the official dogma by the authorities in 1932. Whereas the state demanded a kind of music that was easy to receive and could be directly accepted by broad sections of the population, some young composers saw themselves facing the challenge of keeping pace with the international avant-garde and adding a separate Russian and Soviet form.

Capriccio catalogue on

CD Accord

BROCHOCKA, K. / WEINBERG, M.: Double Bass Works
Brochocka, Kowal
CD Accord CDAccordACD218

This album’s virtuosic and highly expressive new music for the Double Bass features works written by two Polish composers, the award-winning composer Katarzyna Brochocka (also the pianist on this release) and the forgotten genius Mieczyslaw Weinberg, his only work written for this instrument. Polish double bassist Karol Kawal is an active international soloist and chamber musician. Especially devoted to contemporary music, he has premiered works written for him by composers including Ms. Brochocka, whose three works heard here are all receiving their world premiere recordings.

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NIELSEN, C.: Symphonies Nos. 1-6 / Concertos [4-SACD Box Set]
Langevin, McGill, Znaider, New York Philharmonic Orchestra, Gilbert
Dacapo 6.200003

Raised in the Danish countryside as the son of a poor folk musician, Carl Nielsen possessed indomitable courage and infinite curiosity–qualities that helped him develop into one of the greatest symphonists of the 20th century and eventually Denmark’s national composer. This box set collects the acclaimed live recording series of Nielsen’s complete symphonies and concertos by the New York Philhamonic, Music Director Alan Gilbert, and soloists Nikolaj Znaider, Robert Langevin, and Anthony McGill.

Dacapo catalogue on


Pieczonka, Adrianne - STRAUSS, R. / WAGNER. R.: Vocal Recital
Pieczonka, Zeger
Delos DE3474

Praised for her “impeccably pure and iridescent voice” (Financial Times), soprano Adrianne Pieczonka is primarily known for her vocally opulent and interpretively intense Richard Strauss and Richard Wagner opera performances–though her vocal and stylistic versatility enables her to be at home in dramatic operatic roles by Verdi, Puccini and others. Her first Delos release constituted a varied program of Richard Strauss and Wagner songs.

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CILEA, F.: Arlesiana (L') [Opera]
Antonucci, Caradja, Golovnin, Saitta, Sicilia, Strano, Vestri, Coro Lirico Marchigiano V. Bellini, Marchigiana Philharmonic Orchestra, Marchigiana Philharmonic Orchestra, Cilluffo
Dynamic CDS7688

Francesco Cilea’s rarely heard or produced opera L’Arlesiana (1897, rev. 1898) is the story of Federico, the older son of the widow and farm owner Rosa Mamai, and his insane passion for a mysterious woman who, in the opera, is never shown. Federico wants to marry her desperately, dreams of her, suffers for her, and step-by-step his mind begins to waver. The people around him try in vain to prevent this love from becoming a damning obsession. The end result for Federico, however, is tragic.

The opera's famous aria “Il lament di Federico” has been a favorite with tenors throughout the ages, including Enrico Caruso. This recording also features the aria for tenor “Una mattina” in world premiere recording. It was written by Cilea for the opera’s first version and then lost.

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MOZART, W.A.: Piano Sonatas, Vol. 2 - Nos. 2, 9, 12 and 16
William Youn
OehmsClassics OC1824

Following CD releases for Sony Korea and ARS Productions, the first of pianist William Youn’s CD series of Mozart’s piano works was released by OehmsClassics in 2013, and honored with the Pizzicato Supersonic Award (Luxembourg). Now, OehmsClassics and William Youn proudly present the second album in their Mozart series.

OehmsClassics catalogue on

Paladino Music

KAM, D.: Chamber Music
Ashkenazy, Harbaugh, Tarantino-Trafton
Paladino Music PMR0063

This Paladino label CD is a collection of chamber music by the Hawaiian composer Dennis Kam (b. 1942), Prof. Emeritus of the University of Miami. Written between 1979-2006, these works not only show Kam’s stylistic development but also reflect his interest in philosophy and science. Kam’s clarinet sonata from 2004 is one of a series of works that have the addition of one or more instruments to an existing work as the compositional principle: it is a new version of his first piano sonata from 2002.

Paladino Music catalogue on

Sono Luminus

(Chamber Music)

Bjarnadottir, Jonsdottir, Sigfusdottir, Stefansdottir, Nordic Affect
Sono Luminus SLE-70001

Clockworking represents collaboration, connection, and passionately fierce creativity. Written by María Huld Markan Sigfúsdóttir, well-known for her work with Icelandic band amiina, the album’s title track – for violin, viola, cello and electronics – can be seen as an encounter of the human and the machine. She also composed “Sleeping Pendulum,” the last track which received honorary recommendations at the 2012 rostrum for composers.

The second composer on the album, Hildur Gudnadóttir, views her work “2 circles” as a part of an ongoing observation of the relationship between a musician and his instrument, where one person becomes two sound sources. Hafdís Bjarnadóttir’s “From Beacon to Beacon” is designed as a conversation between two lighthouses; the instrumental parts are based on her transformation of a weather forecast for the Garskagaviti lighthouse into music. “Shades of Silence,” by widely acclaimed composer Anna Thorvaldsdóttir, explores the “inwards and outwards escape to the subtle nuances of silence,” as put by Anna herself.

Sono Luminus catalogue on


BROCHUS, J. / BUSNOIS, A. / ALBIZZI, F. degli / CARON, F. / BELCARI, F.: Alma, svegliate ormai (Vocal Music)
Anonima Frottolisti
Tactus TC400006

Anonima Frottolisti Ensemble, a group specializing in Early and medieval music, confronts a little performed yet interesting repertoire: the “contrafacta”, compositions in which the lyrics and the melodies are a blend of the sacred and profane. Starting from the 12th century, these two seemingly opposed worlds diverged in the custom of secular text usage on sacred melodies. Later, the trend is the opposite: popular melodies in vogue at the time are filled with liturgical and spiritual texts, thus becoming an effective means of leading people to faith and knowledge of the scriptures.

Tactus catalogue on


KOECHLIN, C.: Vocal and Choral Works
Behr, Jouve, Morel, Calliope Women's Chorus, Théodoresco
Timpani 1C1234

After Florent Schmitt, Gustav Holst and many others, the Calliope choir, conducted by Régine Théodoresco, turns to a celebration of Charles Koechlin. His catalog is immense and, as Régine Théodoresco appreciates diversity, has drawn from it not only the repertoire of works for female chorus but also of songs, creating a thematic and poetic journey.

Timpani catalogue on


American Classics for Independence Day
The President's Own U.S. Marine Band, U.S. Air Combat Command and Air Force Heritage of America Band, U.S. Air Force Academy and Reserve Band, U.S. Air Force Band, U.S. Army and Field Band, The U.S. Coast Guard Band, U.S. Military Academy Band; U.S. Navy Band, Bourgeois, Buckley, Gambone, Graham, Grimo, Grogan, Holtan, Klein, Lamb, Lang, Layendecker, Megan, Monroe, Phillips, Rotondi, Thompson
Altissimo 75442203112

American Classics for Independence Day combines your favorite marches, patriotic tunes, and familiar melodies, to form a phenomenal collection of music for your 4th of July festivities. These expert performances by America’s military bands feature all the classics from the Altissimo! Recordings catalog and so much more.

Altissimo catalogue on

Selected DVDs

Arthaus Musik

ROSSINI, G.: Aureliano in Palmira (Rossini Opera Festival, 2014)
Belkina, Constantini, Lupinacci, Pkhaladze, Pratt, Rivera, Spyres, Vitale, Bologna Teatro Comunale Chorus, Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini, Crutchfield
Arthaus Musik 109074 [Blu-ray] | 109073 [DVD]

Gioachino Rossini’s Aureliano in Palmira celebrated its first premiere on 26 December 1813 at La Scala in Milan. Soon afterwards the work was played in different theatres all over Europe. Nevertheless Rossini’s piece fell into oblivion more and more compared to its great competitors like “Tancredi” or the “Barber of Seville” for which Rossini recycled musical parts of Aureliano. Conductor Will Crutchfield conducts the Orchestra Sinfonica G. Rossini and a cast of Rossini specialists including Michael Spyres and Jessica Pratt for this performance of the newly edited work.

Michael Spyres as Aureliano “showed immediately that his tenor with marvelous top notes has not only flexibility and agility, but also enough body to provide the Roman emperor great vocal authority.” (Opernglas)

Arthaus Musik catalogue on

C Major Entertainment

OFFENBACH, J.: Belle Hélène (La) (Hamburg State Opera, 2014)
Edri, Galliard, Han, Larmore, Loeb, Miedl, Rud, Hamburg state Opera Chorus, Hamburg Philharmonic Orchestra, Priessnitz
C Major 731004 [Blu-ray] | 730908 [DVD]

Jacques Offenbach’s La Belle Hélène has always been one of his most successful works. Its first performance in Paris was quickly followed by productions in Vienna, Berlin, London, Milan and New York. A satire of middle-class values, this opéra bouffe pillories narrow-mindedness in society. Adopting a pro-active stance, director Renaud Doucet and designer André Barbe treat the piece as a “great show” with numerous choreographic elements, relocating the action of Offenbach’s classical spoof and setting it on a cruise ship in the 1960s, when Flower Power, love and drugs were all the rage.

C Major catalogue on


VIVALDI, A.: Farnace (Il) (Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, 2013)
Castellano, D'Aguanno, Galati, Galou, Mameli, Nesi, Prina, Riccioli, Staveland, Fiorentino Maggio Musicale Orchestra, Sardelli
Dynamic DYN-57670 [Blu-ray] | DYN-37670 [DVD]

Il Farnace is the most re-written and re-proposed of Vivaldi’s operas. It’s like a beloved child who worries his father, and to whom the parent always wants to give the best. Versions of Farnace, two in 1727 and one each in 1730, 1731 and 1732, had been conceived and adapted to the different circumstances for Venice, Prague, Pavia and Mantua, always with a cast to Vivaldi’s satisfaction and with the composer in control of the production.

In 1738, for the Ferrara Carnival season, Vivaldi wrote a new score of the opera. This is the last Farnace, in two acts, as the third was lost.

Dynamic catalogue on


MOZART, W.A.: Così fan tutte (Salzburg Festival, 2013)
Chappius, Finley, Hartelius, Jankova, Mitterrutzner, Pisaroni, Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, Vienna State Opera Chorus, Eschenbach
EuroArts 2072744 [Blu-ray] | 2072748 [DVD]

First performed in the calendar year before his untimely death, Mozart’s masterful Cosi fan tutte is an opera revolving around issues of infidelity and questions of faithfulness. It is an opera house repertoire working around the world on stages large and small. Staged by Sven-Eric Bechtolf, this production of Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte is true to text, humorous and precise. Its classically aesthetic interpretation is good for “a whole lot of laughs.” (Munchner Merkur)

EuroArts catalogue on

Opus Arte

VERDI, G.: Traviata (La) (Glyndebourne, 2014)
Broadbent, Christoyannis, D'Aguanno, Dunn, Fabiano, Gimadieva, Hipp, Molendowska, Wade, Glyndebourne Chorus, London Philharmonic Orchestr, Elder
Opus Arte OABD7169D [Blu-ray] | OA1171D [DVD]

This 2014 Glyndebourne production of Giuseppi Verdi’s masterpiece La Traviata stars soprano Venera Gimadieva, whose ‘huge presence, compelling to watch’, is thrilling (Guardian) in her company debut as the doomed courtesan, well matched by Michael Fabiano’s sharply suited and ‘robustly-sung’ Alfredo (Financial Times), with Tassis Christoyannis delivering an imposing performance as the formidable Germont père.

Opus Arte DVD catalogue on

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