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Featuring a comprehensive collection of thousands of classic audiobooks and high-quality independent publisher audio productions, the Naxos Spoken Word Library (NSWL) provides an online and offline streaming service in English, German, French, and Portuguese for both individual and institutional subscribers. Naxos AudioBooks is an award-winning audiobook publisher producing unique literary classics and educational themed original productions.

NSWL offers the complete Naxos AudioBooks catalogue, many available with text on screen, dictionary, and print features.  Also included are Naxos Educational products with a unique audiobook focus on classical music, reflecting our affiliation with Naxos, the world’s leading classical music group; these titles cover lighthearted introductions to opera as well as biographies of composers and a survey of orchestral instruments.

Access the site anywhere in the world at any given time. Enjoy NSWL on your smart phone and tablet with the NSWL iOS and Android mobile apps.

Introduce yourself to new books, and genres you might not otherwise consider, while improving your critical listening and interpretive reading skills: new vocabulary, difficult proper names and locales, unfamiliar dialects or accents, Old English, and literary styles. NSWL is a read-aloud opportunity to help bridges important topics of discussion for parents and children who can listen together while commuting to school, sporting events, music lessons, or on vacations. New titles are added monthly.

Discover the smooth and intuitive experience of NSWL’s low cost entertainment and uplifting benefits at

Featured Titles
Viginia Woolf
Night and Day
Read by Juliet Stevenson

‘The strange thing about life’, proclaimed Virginia Woolf, ‘is that, though the nature of it must have been apparent to everyone for hundreds of years, no one has left an adequate account of it’. In her novels she set out to do just that. Night and Day is one of her earlier works, and already it moves the novel away from conventional plot lines, into poetic explorations of characters moods. It gives an intriguing picture of a group of young intellectuals in Edwardian London trying to discover the meaning of life—of art, literature, social reform, moral values, and above all, the mystery of love. Sophisticated, lyrical and nostalgic, Night and Day is a vivid memoir of a vanished world.

Henry James
The Europeans
Read by Adam Sims

After the collapse of her marriage to an illustrious German prince, Baroness Eugenia Münster arrives in America with her brother, in search of wealthy New England relatives. The duo have an immediate impact on their American cousins, the Wentworths. The Baroness captures the eye of young Clifford Wentworth, and his girlfriend’s older brother Robert; meanwhile, Felix falls for his American cousin Gertrude. The Wentworths are overawed by their European cousins and their frivolous lifestyle. What unfolds is a delightful comedy of manners that contrasts the apparently sophisticated and light-hearted Europeans with the serious and puritanical Americans. At times reminiscent of Jane Austen, The Europeans contains beautiful and vivid descriptions of mid-19th-century upper-class New England life.

Friedrich Nietzsche
Beyond Good and Evil
Read by Alex Jennings with Roy McMillan

Continuing where Thus Spoke Zarathustra left off, Nietzsche’s controversial work Beyond Good and Evil is one of the most influential philosophical texts of the nineteenth century and one of the most controversial works of ideology ever written. Attacking the notion of morality as nothing more than institutionalised weakness, Nietzsche criticises past philosophers for their unquestioning acceptance of moral precepts. Nietzsche tried to formulate what he called ‘the philosophy of the future’. Alex Jennings reads this new translation by Ian Johnston.

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