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With significant changes in distribution points and customers’ preferences for accessing information, Naxos has taken the decision not to print a physical version of the 2014 Catalogue. The 288-page document may be viewed instead as a Virtual Paper, or downloaded in pdf format.

We would appreciate hearing from customers if this does not meet their expectations for convenience; given sufficient demand, we would consider reverting to a printed version for the 2015 Catalogue. Your valued comments may be sent to

Meanwhile, please contact your local Naxos representative if it is helpful for you to receive a 2013 Catalogue that may still be held in stock; this can be used in conjunction with a pdf supplement detailing the 2013 releases.
Naxos was founded 27 years ago and has developed from being a budget label focusing on standard repertoire into a virtual encyclopaedia of classical music with an unparalleled depth and breadth of repertoire. After humble beginnings in Hungary and Slovakia, the label now works with artists, orchestras and opera companies in more than 30 countries around the world, from New Zealand in the South to Norway in the North and from Japan in the East to the West Coast of the United States in the West. Many of the world's leading artists now record for Naxos and the label’s recordings receive the highest critical accolades, among them more than 20 Grammys.

Naxos 8.559757
Best Classical Instrumental Solo
GRAMMY® Awards 2013
Naxos 8.572482
Best Classical Compendium
GRAMMY® Awards 2012

Despite the general decline in the music market, Naxos continues to release more new recordings of more new repertoire than any other label in the music industry, independent or major. Since we published our last catalogue, Naxos has invested in and released more than 300 new recordings. Every month, Naxos releases at least 20 new titles as well as DVDs, audio books and multi-media products with classical music. The Naxos catalogue now includes more than 7,500 titles and more than 10,000 composers. The label offers something for everyone, regardless of whether you are a newcomer or a collector; whether you are an early music fan, an opera buff or a collector of historical performances.

What’s new in the latest catalogue?

Naxos is famous for its many projects to record the complete works of a composer or complete work cycles. Some of the projects that were completed in 2013 and are listed in this catalogue are the complete four-hand piano music of Brahms on 18 CDs; the complete orchestral works of Grieg on 8 CDs; the Shostakovich symphonies with the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic conducted by Vasily Petrenko on 10 CDs; the complete orchestral works of Debussy, including all or most orchestrations on 10 CDs; and the complete works of Sarasate on 8 CDs.

Edvard Grieg
Pablo de
Maurice Ravel
Aaron Copland

We started a number of new projects including the complete orchestral works of Ravel, including the operas and all orchestrations, with the Orchestre National de Lyon conducted by Leonard Slatkin; the complete orchestral works of Aaron Copland with the Detroit Symphony also conducted by Leonard Slatkin; the complete orchestral works of Zdenek Fibich; and the complete symphonies and tone poems of Saint-Saens with various orchestras and conductors.

And we made good progress with the complete marches of John Philip Sousa, the complete piano works of Liszt, the complete sonatas of Scarlatti and the complete songs of Schumann. 

Lieder and songs are another focus of Naxos. Among the ongoing projects are the complete lieder of Cornelius, Martinu, Pfitzner and Mompou.


Rare French operas come from Opera Lafayette, including operas by David, Philidor and Gretry. Other operatic rarities come from the German Rossini Festival in Wildbad in addition to, eventually, the complete operas of Rossini himself.

We have added to our Chinese composers series with recordings of works by Bright Sheng, Xiaogang Ye and Long Zhou.  Our series devoted to late 19th and early 20th century Italian composers continues to add new releases with works by Casella, Sgambati, Petrassi, Castelnuovo-Tedesco and others. And our acclaimed American Classics series continues to grow.

Interactive and Educational products and services

Naxos continues to invest in educational apps and e-books enhanced with music. Our new, fun children's apps for tablets and other mobile devices are loved by children and parents alike and our First Classical Music app has become one of the best-selling music apps currently available.

Our educational platforms,  the Naxos Music Library, the Naxos Jazz Library, and the Naxos Video Library continue to grow and to provide access to an incredible wealth of music, data and other information. Naxos will continue to invest in new recordings, educational platforms and databases of classical music and to make classical music accessible.

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