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20th Century British Symphonies: Britten, Walton, Bax & Arnold

Arnold ranks among the most sought-after British composers, his marvellous symphonies combining Romantic grandeur, touches of popular music and passages of immense beauty.

The symphonies of Bax contain strong Celtic inspiration within a sound world redolent of Romanticism and Impressionism.

From his joyful Simple Symphony to the tragic yet consoling Sinfonia da Requiem, Britten communicates with listeners both intellectually and emotionally, creating unforgettable music of haunting beauty and tremendous power.

Walton was a master of orchestral colour whose awareness of musical developments in Europe and Russia (for instance, from Debussy and Sibelius to Stravinsky) and innate dramatic flair helped him to create a unique musical language which can both beguile and excite.

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