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The launch of Global Piano Services Ltd

October 10, 2008

For many years, travelling international concert pianists have been aware of the need for an independent network of expert concert piano technicians. All too often, poorly set up pianos mean that the pianist can't give his or her very best in a performance.

The 1st October 2008 saw the launch of such a network—Global Piano Services Ltd. This unique company has been founded by ex-Steinway concert technician Glenn Easley, and boasts what he believes is the most comprehensive team of independent concert piano technicians the world has to offer.

The team (all of whom are ex-Steinway, Bosendorfer or Yamaha employees) consists of seven technicians and two casework specialists. Their combined experience at the top of the piano trade spans some 300 years, having all been involved in the world’s great concert halls, music conservatoires and recording studios. Many of the team have worked on Naxos recordings, Glenn himself recently being involved in the John Chen and Takako Nishizaki sessions in New Zealand where he now resides.

The aim of GPS Ltd is to offer the services of their expert team to venues and homes in all corners of the world. The top piano manufacturers sell thousands of superb instruments every year, yet there is simply not enough world class technical back up to keep all of these fantastic pianos in a first class state of mechanical regulation, voicing and tuning.

The manufacturers each have a small number of travelling technical staff, but GPS Ltd is the first such company to offer this level of worldwide service independent of the factories. Peter Salisbury, one of GPS’ top technicians says "we are able to offer our services to just about any orchestra, concert hall or conservatoire in the world. We can facilitate annual servicing and can also rebuild client's old pianos to factory standards. This means that as with one of our most high profile clients, London's South Bank Centre, we can give a second or third life to older or worn out quality pianos."

In addition to the South Bank Centre, members of the team maintain, or have maintained, pianos for such organisations as the Hallé, BBC Philharmonic and Australia's Queensland Orchestras, London's Wigmore Hall, Royal Academy of Music and the BBC Prom Concerts. GPS’ technicians have worked throughout the concert and recording world as far afield as the USA, Canada, South America, the Middle East, China, Australasia, Scandinavia, the UK and Continental Europe. They have looked after the personal instruments of many of the world’s great pianists, including such names as Evgeny Kissin and the late Oscar Peterson.

GPS's services extend beyond technical work. They offer "the complete package" including independent advice on the purchase and selection of quality pianos, setting up servicing and cyclical replacement plans, and even the training of venues' own tuners to address the day to day tuning and voicing to the highest standards.

"Our overall objective is to get pianos to the highest possible level and keep them there"

Visit Global Piano Services website at or contact:

Glenn Easley Piano Services
156 Foley Quarry Road
RD2 Albany
Auckland 0792
Tel / Fax 09 448 5234
Mobile 021 611 391


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