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This 72-page, fully-illustrated hardback adopts a unique approach for its comprehensive introduction to the world of the piano. Integrating performances by professional pianists with the early steps of playing the instrument, the publication includes two CDs and online tracks with music and narration, and follows in the wake of Naxos' internationally successful My First Classical Music Book by the same authors.

My First Piano Book
ISBN 978-1-78198-029-3
Includes: Full-colour
illustrated book plus 2 CDs
Format: Hardback
Extent: 72 pages
My First Piano Book
Written by Genevieve Helsby
Illustrations by Jason Chapman

Bursting with life and humour, My First Piano Book flaunts the piano in all its glory to inspire a new audience. Each page is a treat to explore, as its animal characters show what they know (and what they don’t!). It truly is both informative and great fun.

The piano is an extraordinary invention and, for many music lovers, the greatest instrument of all. My First Piano Book opens a door to loving the sound of the instrument and becoming a pianist: it connects the discovery of brilliant piano playing (Part 1) with that very first go at pressing the keys (Part 2, which contains practical guidance). The joys of the piano are for everybody!

Genevieve Helsby has taught and played the piano for many years, presented children’s concerts, and has previously written for Naxos the hugely successful My First Classical Music Book, My First Orchestra Book and Meet the Instruments of the Orchestra!

Jason Chapman has a busy and varied illustration career. His book Stan and Mabel, inspired by his previous collaboration with Genevieve Helsby on My First Classical Music Book, has been adapted into a successful musical show and performed internationally.

My First Classical Music Book
Written by Genevieve Helsby
Illustrations by Jason Chapman

ISBN: 978-1-84379-118-8

A wonderful curtain-raiser to the world of classical music, designed to engage the attention and imagination of children aged 5-7 years. Readers are asked to think about the different places in which we might hear music. Then, each of the major composers and musical instrument families are introduced and brought to life in a vivid and enchanting way.

My First Orchestra Book
Written by Genevieve Helsby
Illustrations by Karin Eklund

ISBN: 978-1-84379-770-8

A delightful, colourful introduction to the orchestra, aimed to fire the imagination of children aged 4–9 years. There is a special guide in the book: a little green creature called Tormod. He is a troll who has come all the way from the top of a mountain in Norway to discover music. As he searches for the music that will help him to find his way home, readers learn about the different instruments—what they look and sound like, and how they belong in different families.

Meet the Instruments of the Orchestra!
Written by Genevieve Helsby and Dame Evelyn Glennie
ISBN: 978-1-84379-112-6

How can the orchestra make so many different sounds? It can be quiet and gentle, loud and piercing, funny, powerful, beautiful, frightening – and many other things besides. Composers for hundreds of years have used the same instruments in a whole variety of ways. Which instrument belongs to which section of the orchestra? Does a violin really have a belly? What exactly is an ondes martenot? And what do these instruments do when they venture outside the orchestra?

‘My First’ Classical Albums Series
8.509003 [9 CDs]
‘My First’ Classical Albums Series
“The whole boxed set is very valuable.” ★★★★
My First Ballet Album
My First
Ballet Album
My First Beethoven Album
My First
Beethoven Album
My First Classical Music Album
My First
Classical Music Album
My First Lullaby Album
My First
Lullaby Album
My First Mozart Album
My First
Mozart Album
My First Orchestra Album
My First
Orchestra Album
My First Piano Album
My First
Piano Album
My First Tchaikovsky Album
My First
Tchaikovsky Album
My First Violin Album
My First
Violin Album

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