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We cordially invite you to join the Naxos social networking sites on and to share your thoughts with us and interact with everyone!

What are the Naxos social networking sites all about?

Ever since we set up these communities, we have fruitful online interactions with Naxos fans around the world.  We have fans of all ages talking about how they fell in love with classical music; we have parents asking about classical music recordings for new-born babies; we have musicians asking about multi-hand piano sheet music; we have fans suggesting concertos yet to be discovered. We have university professors writing about how excited they are to discover the in-depth podcasts; we have graduate school students telling us how Naxos music helped them concentrate on writing papers; we have fans writing us how they found wonders from our recordings!

We’re so thrilled to have interactions like these. And we want to keep it up!

How do we respond? What are fans saying about Naxos social networking sites?

Among all of the messages from our fans, a fan from the US named Musicbizkid impressed us the most. He understood the heart of our staff’s motivation when he wrote on Twitter, "They Listen and they respond!" Yes indeed! Whenever you want to share your thoughts about classical music, we listen! Whenever you send us inquires about Naxos, we respond! We truly enjoy interacting with the classical music community, and hope you will join us.

Why do we listen and respond?

3,000 years ago, Confucius told the world that “If three of us are walking together, at least one of the other two is good enough to be my teacher.” 3 years ago, Time Magazine named “You” as the Person of the Year because everyone is the center of the online platform! As for February 2010, Naxos has more than 8,000 fans on Facebook and Twitter. Imagine if you contribute ideas, the rest of us will learn and benefit from each other!

Therefore, we believe that your engagement with Naxos matters! We believe your participation in our communities will help us improve your listening experience.

Share your thoughts! Let’s discover the undiscovered and explore the beauty in the world of classical music!

3 reasons why you should join Naxos social networking sites

In the community you can:

  1. Interact and socialize with Naxos and classical music fans and music veterans
  2. Get FREE updates about Naxos' new-release recordings
  3. Download excellent-quality giveaway tracks for FREE occasionally from our online promotions!

2 steps you can take to connect with us

  1. Spend 1 minute to sign up on a Facebook or a Twitter account
  2. Click on and, and click “Become a Fan” or “Follow” to join us!

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