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Classical Symphonies: Mozart, Kraus & Beethoven

Mozart‘s 41 symphonies reflect his versatility, gift for beautiful melodies, dramatic developments, elegance and charm. Most were composed before Mozart was 18 years old and combine Rococo features, Italianate style and contemporary developments in Vienna and Mannheim. The last ten great symphonies are even more expressive works which both summarise Classical style and point towards the Romantic impulse.

Joseph Martin Kraus, often referred to as the ‘Swedish Mozart’, used a similar musical language. After his studies Kraus moved to Sweden and worked at King Gustav’s Court where he was highly appreciated. Discover these long-forgotten musical gems.

Beethoven’s immortal nine symphonies have been a benchmark for composers ever since they shocked and thrilled their first audiences. From his headstrong yet masterfully classical first symphonies through the beloved masterpieces of his middle period, including the ‘Eroica’ and the ‘Pastoral’, to his ultimate symphony with its Romantic power and beloved choral finale evoking the brotherhood of man.

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