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Naxos proudly presents specially chosen collections of symphonies. Collect some of the most beloved symphonies written and discover many rare musical gems. Expand your classical music library with these wonderful titles.

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We present Symphonies on Naxos in two parts:

SYMPHONIES PART 1 – Innovative Traditions

Ever since the time of Haydn, composers have delighted in exploring the opportunities which the orchestra  has offered them as an expressive medium for their music. As new styles evolved and new instruments were developed, composers quickly found ways to exploit them, thereby creating a tradition of innovation that continues to this day.


From the Classical era to our own times, composers have created new worlds of symphonic experience. Each of the composers featured here was inspired to explore and expand the potential of the symphony orchestra, expressing the spirit of their times and bequeathing us an invalubale legacy of creativity and even social commentary. The symphony remains as relevant today as when it first took on its modern form, ever new within an ever-growing tradition.

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