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‘... scrupulous staccato, and unobtrusive legato, and the whole perfect; a classical ideal if ever there was one!’The Strad, 1926

‘... stupendous technique.’ – Carl Flesch (1873–1944)

‘... extraordinary command of the violin.’ – George Bernard Shaw (1856–1950)

This unequivocal praise for the violinist Émile Sauret (1852–1920) reflects his stature on the music scene of the time. His output as a composer was also significant, with more than 250 works to his credit. Nazrin Rashidova's ongoing survey of his 24 Études-Caprices, Op. 64 now reaches Vol. 3. Playing on Sauret's own 1685 Stradivari violin, she combines authenticity with virtuosity once more in her performances of the Caprices Nos. 14–19.

Émile SAURET (1852–1920)
24 Études-Caprices, Op. 64
Vol. 3 (Nos. 14–19)

Nazrin Rashidova, Violin

With a portfolio of over 250 works, including major concertos and technical studies, Émile Sauret – hugely admired by Brahms, Liszt and Tchaikovsky – was one of the most distinguished figures of his time, a violinist with a stupendous technique and a profoundly analytical mind. With its spellbinding effects and exceptional variation of form and dynamics, Volume 3 of his Études-Caprices, Op. 64 continues the exploration of this monumental work’s fusion of virtuosity and expression (Volume 1 is on 8.573704 and Volume 2 on 8.573843). Nazrin Rashidova plays on Sauret’s own 1685 Stradivari violin.

Listen to an extract from Étude-Caprice No. 15
About the Artist
The Azerbaijani-born British violin virtuoso, soloist, recitalist, chamber musician and orchestral director Nazrin Rashidova made her solo debut at the age of three in Baku, and was awarded a Gold Medal by the Cairo Opera House for an exceptional violin recital three years later. Establishing FeMusa in 2008, Britain’s first female chamber orchestra in 60 years, is merely the latest in a series of achievements. A prizewinner at several international competitions, she has broadcast internationally and performed in the US, Japan, Europe and the Middle East.
‘It’s been quite a while since I last heard a young violinist with such a consummate technique and unabashed bravura wedded to a great sense of style.’
American Record Guide
  Listen to an extract from Étude-Caprice No. 3
‘The next volume of this jaw-dropping sequence of 24 Études-Caprices which marry virtuosity with every expressive opportunity available to the instrument. The result is one of the unsung but major cycles for solo violin spanning all twenty-four keys.’
Records International
  Listen to an extract from Étude-Caprice No. 11

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